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18 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

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Are you looking for ideas to spark your child’s imagination and encourage exploration? These fun science experiments for kids are sure to inspire! Your kids will have a blast creating invisible ink, rainbow jars, fizzy ice and checking out the science of a slushy. Next up: make a homemade bottle rocket, glowing magic milk, color changing chalk, magic balloons and fizzy sherbert. Get outside to enjoy homemade giant bubbles, Mentos & Diet Coke explosions and apple eruptions. Whatever kid’s science experiment you choose first, you’re sure to have a fabulous time!


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Science for Kids Rainbow Jar

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Fizzy Ice Kid's Science Experiment

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Hopping Corn Science

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Slushly Science

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Jello & Vinegar Sensory Experiment

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Homemade Bottle Rocket

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Glowing Magic Milk Experiment

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Color Changing Squirty Chalk

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How to Make Fizzy Sherbert

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Magic Balloons

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How to Make Giant Bubbles

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Color Changing Paper Towel Experiment

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Homemade Aqua Sand

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Apple Eruptions

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Mentos & Diet Cola Explosion

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Cloud Jars

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