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21 Super Cool X-Men Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. X-Men (Wolverine) Gift Wrap Centerpiece
  2. 2. Wolverine Claw Balloons
  3. 4. X-Men Cake
  4. 5. Wolverine Shirt
  5. 6. Wolverine Paper Mache Letters 
  6. 7. Wolverine Mask Set 
  7. 8. Free X-Men Ticket Invitations 
  8. 9. X-Men Charm Necklace Favors 
  9. 10. X-Men Party Favor Bags
  10. 11. X-Men Fondant Cupcake Toppers
  11. 12. X-Men Masks 
  12. 13. Wolverine Face Painting
  13. 14. X-Men Free Printable Logo Stickers
  14. 15. Wolverine Cookies
  15. 16. Wolverine Paper Toy Box
  16. 17. X-Men Party Printables 
  17. 18. X-Men/Wolverine Party
  18. 19. Wolverine Claw Cupcakes 
  19. 20. X-Men Party Supplies
  20. 21. Wolverine Cake
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We’ve rounded up 21 of our favorite X-Men birthday party ideas. And we can’t wait to see how these ideas mutate into something even better. From decorations like Wolverine claw balloons and paper mache letters to yummy treats like an X-Men cake featuring Wolverine to fun party favors like a Wolverine mask set, get ready for some amazing X-Men party inspiration.

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X-Men birthday party ideas from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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This Wolverine centerpiece is perfect for an Xmen-themed party.

1. X-Men (Wolverine) Gift Wrap Centerpiece

A present that serves as a centerpiece? Up your wrapping game by creating a Wolverine gift-wrapped centerpiece that can also function as a party centerpiece until the present opening time!

This Wolverine claw balloon will delight guests at an X-men themed birthday party.

2. Wolverine Claw Balloons

Now you can DIY Wolverine claws from balloons! What a fun X-Men party favor idea!

Wolverine XMen Candy Bag toppers make perfect party favors.

3. X-Men Party Favor (and Printable Tag)

Send party guests home from your X-Men party with a sweet favor! Fill a bag full of color-coordinating candy and add this awesome printable tag letting guests know you hope they “had a blast”.

This tiered XMen Wolverine Cake will impress and delight your guests.

4. X-Men Cake

X-Men fans will love the details of this X-Men cake featuring Wolverine. Two layers of incredible fondant details make this a sure star of an X-Men-themed dessert table.

This Wolverine shirt is the perfect outfit for a birthday boy at an X-men birthday party.

5. Wolverine Shirt

Surprise the guest of honor and/or his party guests with an awesome Wolverine shirt. Dressing up makes an X-Men party even more fun!

These XMen Wolverine Letters are a delightful decoration to celebrate the birthday boy at an Xmen party.

6. Wolverine Paper Mache Letters 

These Wolverine paper mache letters are 8” tall and can be customized to spell out a special name or number. They would make a great prop for an X-Men party table!

Wovlerine Mask and claw set is the perfect outfit for a birthday boy at an XMen party.

7. Wolverine Mask Set 

How much fun do you think can be had with a Wolverine mask set? We think this mask and cuffs set is perfect for an X-Men fan!

These XMen Ticket Invitations will get your guests excited for the party in advance

8. Free X-Men Ticket Invitations 

Generate excitement for your X-Men party with these free X-Men ticket invitations. You can personalize them using the online template.

These XMen charm necklaces are fantastic favors for guests

9. X-Men Charm Necklace Favors 

Made from polymer clay, these X-Men charm necklace favors make a great gift for party guests. X-Men logos are decoupaged to celebrate favorite characters!

These XMen party favor bags are delightful - and you can make them yourself.

10. X-Men Party Favor Bags

Boring favor bags, be gone! These X-Men character party favor bags take favor bags to a whole new level! Check out the detailed paper piecing!

11. X-Men Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Dress up cupcakes with X-Men-inspired logos created out of fondant! Kids love cupcakes!

These XMen Masks will get party guests into character

12. X-Men Masks 

With 7 different X-Men characters to choose from, these X-Men masks will excite partygoers! Cutting these with your cutting machine makes prep simple!

Face-painting is a fantastic activity for any XMen party.

13. Wolverine Face Painting

Wondering how to keep guests entertained at your X-Men party? How about setting up a face painting station? Check out this Wolverine face painting for inspiration!

Get these free XMen printable logo stickers.

14. X-Men Free Printable Logo Stickers

These free X-Men printable logo stickers can be used for all sorts of things. Add them to a toothpick as a cupcake topper. Punch a hole in them and use them as a favor tag. Hodge-Podge them into a wrapped sucker for a cool-themed treat. How will you use them?

How cute are these iced Wolverine cookies? Perfect for an XMen party

15. Wolverine Cookies

Wolverine cookies would make an extra cool addition to an X-Men party dessert table! Or package Wolverine cookies up and send them home as a party favor.

16. Wolverine Paper Toy Box

This Wolverine paper toy box pattern makes for a fun X-Men party activity. Print a copy for each guest to cut and assemble at a craft table.

These XMen party invitation printables are fun and easy

17. X-Men Party Printables 

Decking out your X-Men party just got easier! Use this printable X-Men-themed party printable set to easily decorate your party space and pull your theme together.

18. X-Men/Wolverine Party

Get inspired to decorate your own X-Men/Wolverine party by peeking at this party! Balloons, action figures, and plenty of yellow and blue décor make this one festive party!

These amazing XMen Claw Cupcakes are tasty XMen-themed treats

19. Wolverine Claw Cupcakes 

Serve up the coolest cupcakes in town at your X-Men party! These Wolverine claw cupcakes are awesome!

20. X-Men Party Supplies

Add some pizzazz to your X-Men party table! X-Men-themed party goods like plates, napkins, cups, and balloons are available for purchase!

An amazing tiered Wolverine cake is tasty and theme appropriate

21. Wolverine Cake

Here’s another take on a Wolverine cake! Fondant mask and claws? X-Men lovers will approve!

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