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Super Easy Dinosaur Party Dessert Idea

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When planning dessert tables, as much as possible, we like to select desserts that are relevant to the theme in some way. For our new dinosaur party dessert table, which features our Prehistoric Party Dinosaur Collection that Andrew designed, we were really inspired by those fossil/dinosaur dig games you see at a lot of dinosaur-themed parties. We wanted to try and figure out a way to bring that into a dessert. The result was the Brownie Dino Dig.

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Basically, you just baked a tray of brownies and cut them into squares to fit my individual-sized serving dishes. Then pressed nontoxic mini dino’s into the back of each brownie and put them (dino side down) in the dish. We used fossil digging tools that we found at the dollar store with a dinosaur game as the utensils for the dessert. SUPER EASY. But we think girls and boys would find them great fun.

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Plus, don’t miss out on these 30 Amazing Dinosaur Birthday Parties

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