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Plane-Themed First Birthday Party

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A child’s first birthday party is a memorable one. Not only do you want to choose a theme that honors all the milestone moments of the first year, but also something that symbolizes hope for the future and the memorable moments that seasoned parents know fly by. This plane-themed boy’s first birthday party by Vania of Canadian Hostess tackles both of these challenges in a beautiful way. Vania styled this party in honor of a friend’s son and his first birthday.

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Choosing a birthday theme for a one-year-old is not an easy feat. A brainstorming session ensued, and party themes evoked joy and smiles. Ultimately, the aviator theme was chosen because it represents the ideas of adventure, journey, and exploration—nostalgic childhood passions. Read on to see how planes were incorporated into the party details.

Everything from the party decorations, birthday cake, cupcakes, and party favors tie seamlessly into this plane-themed first birthday party. Grey, red, and navy were the chosen color scheme for this special first birthday party. After a trip to the local fabric store, Vania settled on some great gray fabric to use for the “in flight” dessert table. It was a nice neutral color to use as a tablecloth because it had a fun texture. It proved to be a great foundation for colorful containers, cake stands, and dessert trays that housed creative plane-themed treats.

Dessert tables are sometimes over-the-top with more desserts than can possibly be eaten by the invited guests. The focus of this dessert table was simplicity. Paper clouds served as the only backdrop on a neutral wall, but gave the illusion of flying high above the horizon. Vania chose to focus on 3 popular desserts for this plane-themed party. Cake, cupcakes, and cake pops were the desserts of choice and effectively tying them into the theme.

Use a  darling plane cake with edible letters spelling out the word “fly” that are displayed front and center on the cake. The cake pops couldn’t be cuter featuring little edible propellers. Popcorn buckets were repurposed and dressed up with cloud embellishments. They made a great display choice for the propeller cake pops. Instead of using craft paper, Vania used red candy to line white dessert trays and add a pop of color. A bed of candy provides a great visual effect and is a great place to display cupcakes with cloud-inspired frosting.

Mini paper suitcases, designed by Crafts by Rosa, serve as a genius color- and theme-coordinating party favor. Fill with treats and plane gliders for each little aviator to take home. Guests will be excited to claim their party favor “baggage” before jetting home from the party. What a fun way to celebrate the first year of adventure with your little one. A plane theme is perfect for a first birthday party. The sky is truly the limit when choosing decorations, cakes, cupcakes, and party favors to coordinate with this creative party theme.

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