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8 Nautical Birthday Party & Baby Shower Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Sailboat-Themed Nautical Party
  2. 2. Nautical-Themed Birthday Party
  3. 3. Nautical Birthday Dessert Table
  4. 4. Nautical-Themed Birthday Party
  5. 5. Vintage Nautical Dessert Table
  6. 6. Nautical First Birthday Party
  7. 7. Nautical First Birthday Party
  8. 8. Nautical Birthday Outfit
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With so many pirates, ocean, and nautical-themed TV shows, movies, and toys, nautical-themed birthday parties and baby showers are all the rage in party planning. Whether it’s a first birthday party, a baby shower, or maybe even a christening or baptism celebration, anchors, whales, fish, and sailboats are sure to dress up your event with charm to spare. Below, you will find a collection of party ideas with a nautical twist. You will see tons of decoration ideas and enough sweetness to give you a toothache.

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1. Sailboat-Themed Nautical Party

The preppy red, light blue, and navy color palette of this sailboat-themed party will help keep your nautical birthday party plans moving full speed ahead. The sailboat shape on top of a cake with blue meringue icing waves is perfect because it is simple. Little desserts with custom party flags that have your name and a sailboat on them are an example of an easy-to-recreate detail.

2. Nautical-Themed Birthday Party

Ahoy! This nautical-themed birthday party was planned for a child’s first birthday, but the preppy decorations and sea-inspired treats are perfect for any age celebration! Don’t miss the hand-folded paper boats that house small candies, or the nautical-inspired pennant flags crisscrossing the dessert table backdrop. There are so many creative ideas for throwing your own nautical birthday party.

3. Nautical Birthday Dessert Table

All aboard for an incredible nautical birthday party featuring an amazing dessert table! The details will astound you. Chocolate seashells in a bed of edible brown sugar sand are beautiful. The centerpiece is a sand pail cake so real-looking that you feel more inclined to play with it than eat it.

4. Nautical-Themed Birthday Party

With seashells, lighthouses, fishnet, and a variety of tasty desserts, this party will make you want to throw your own nautical-themed party. The classic color palette and handmade details pair well with the fun nautical props.

5. Vintage Nautical Dessert Table

Ginger nautical knots, lemon sugar cookie sand dollars, two cakes with nautical-inspired toppers, adorable printable octopus and boat cupcake wrappers, and a sea of darling nautical décor are just a few of the elements that set this vintage nautical dessert table apart.

Boys Nautical Birthday Party Paper Boats

6. Nautical First Birthday Party

There is something refreshing about a simple approach to a nautical first birthday party! A navy and white nautical striped fabric backdrop stand gives way to white cake stands and platters topped with lightly embellished cupcakes, cookies, and cake. Vases are filled with bouquets of color-coordinating swirl lollipops, bringing in that breezy, carefree summer by-the-sea vibe.

7. Nautical First Birthday Party

Nothing screams nautical party quite like red, white, and blue seafaring details! There are a lot of creative DIY projects, like a “Welcome Aboard” wreath that can also be used as a backdrop, gingham and polka dot party hats, paper buntings and pinwheels in party colors, and a sea of treats inspired by the ocean!

8. Nautical Birthday Outfit

Dressing the part for a nautical party or shower can help reinforce the theme. This nautical birthday outfit features boat shoes, a nautically striped sailor sweater, wide-legged sailor trousers, a lightweight pea coat, and nautical bandanas. Your birthday girl or boy will be ready to sail the birthday seas for sure!

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