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17 Genius Desserts Made in a Muffin Tin

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If you are looking for some great recipes for your dessert table this holiday season (or any other time for that matter), look no further than these Muffin Tin Desserts! These desserts are easy to make, delicious, and easy to eat; I love anything bite sized that can be eaten with one hand (I’m sure my fellow moms are with me on that!). This dessert list includes these yummy recipes: Mini Apple Pies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie Bites, Fruit Pizza Cookies, Sweet Mini Monkey Rolls, Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies, White Chocolate Cashew Berry Cups, Muffin Tin Pumpkin Pies, Mini Cherry Pies, Ice Cream Sundaes in Oatmeal Cookie Cups, Cannoli Bites, S’more Cookies, S’mores Muffins, Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, Oreo Turtle Cheesecake, S’mores Cheesecake, Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes, and Donut Muffins.

Muffin Tin Dessert Recipes

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Kids Party Food Mini Apple Pie Muffin Tin Ideas

1. Mini Apple Pies :: Little Bit Funky

Kids Party Peanut Butter Muffin Food Ideas
2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie Bites :: Bakerella via Recipe by Photo

Party Food for Kids Fruit Pizza Muffin Ideas
3. Fruit Pizza Cookies :: I can Teach my Child

Kids Party Food Ideas Monkey Rolls Muffin Tin
4. Sweet Mini Monkey Rolls :: Rhodes Bread and Get Off Your Butt and Bake

Chocolate Lava Muffin Tin Kids Party Food Ideas
5. Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies :: Kevin and Amanda

White Chocolate Berry Muffin Tin Party Food Ideas for Kids
6. White Chocolate Cashew Berry Cups :: Redbook

Pumpkin Pie Muffin Food Ideas for Kids Party
7. Muffin Tin Pumpkin Pies :: Make and Takes

Kids Party Food Ideas Mini Cherry Pie Muffin Tin
8. Mini Cherry Pies :: Adventuress

Party Food For Kids Ice Cream Sundae Muffin Ideas
9. Ice Cream Sundaes in Oatmeal Cookie Cups :: Barbara Bakes

Cannoli Bites Muffin Tin Party Food Ideas for Kids
10. Cannoli Bites :: Cooking Classy, inspired by Cooking With Sugar

S'mores Cookies Muffin Tin Kids Party Food Ideas
11. S’more Cookies :: Fudge Banana Swirl

Kids Party Food Ideas S'Mores Muffin Tin
12. S’mores Muffins :: Spaceships and Laserbeams

Peanut Butter Cup Muffin Tin Kids Party Food Ideas
13. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies :: Brown Eyed Baker

Party Oreo Turtle Cheesecake Muffin Tin Ideas for Kids
14. Oreo Turtle Cheesecakes :: Lauren’s Latest

Kids Party Food S'mores Cheesecake Muffin Ideas
15. S’mores Cheesecakes :: Spaceships and Laserbeams

Kids Party Food Ideas Pineapple Upside Down Muffin Tin
16. Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes :: Instructables

Donut Muffin Tin Ideas for Kids Party
17. Donut Muffins :: The Cherry on Top, slightly adapted from All Recipes

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