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Plane Themed Boy’s First Birthday Party

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How gorgeous is this plane themed boys birthday party from Vania of Canadian Hostess? Those cake pops are perfect! Vania styled this party for the first birthday in honor of a good friend’s son. I love how Vania says she and her friend decided on the theme “We chose the aviator’s theme because it resembles the idea of an adventure, journey, and exploration – things we loved to do as children.” You can read all about the party in Vania’s own words and the end of the post.


About the party in Vania’s own words!

I styled this party for my friend’s son who turned one this past December. A baby’s first birthday is always something special.

Coming up with a birthday theme for a one-year-old is not an easy thing to do. They are too young to show their passions and interests, so when we brainstormed themes we thought about emotions and things in our childhood that brought joy and smiles.  My friend and I always talk about how time flies and how fast children grow. We chose the aviator’s theme because it resembles the idea of an adventure, journey, and exploration – things we loved to do as children.  We selected the bright colour scheme of grey, red and navy. 


I went to the local fabric store and I came across the gray fabric that I used as a tablecloth. It was a steal for $7 and I loved the texture. I wanted to keep the “in flight” dessert snacks simple, so we chose to display the cake, the cupcakes and the propeller cake pops. For favour boxes, we chose the handcrafted mini paper suitcases, designed by Crafts by Rosa, which matched the colour scheme of the party. We filled them with plane gliders and treats. I repurposed my popcorn buckets and I dressed them up with  cloud embellishments to display the propeller cake pops. Instead of craft paper, I used red candy as plate liners to add some colour. It really added that extra touch to the visual appeal of the sweet table. My friend and I are from Bulgaria, so in our country we have a tradition called proshtapulnikBasically, when the child learns to walk, the parents hold a celebration with family and friends. Then, they set up a low table with different objects and items that represent different professions and let the child walk to the table and select an object. The items the child picks are supposed to represent her or his future interests.  Our little aviator started walking two weeks prior to his birthday, so this was the perfect opportunity to honour the tradition and have some fun. We had many objects – book, iPad, money, calculator, toothbrush…even a plane, but he chose the hockey stick. There is a reason why he was born in Canada:) It was a very fun and memorable event and I am so glad I had the opportunity to plan his first birthday.  


Vendor’s Credits

Styling/Event Planning – Vania Asenova, Canadian Hostess

Cake and sweets – Cakes by Nhi Man

Favour boxes – Crafts by Rosa

Food Cards – Hanka and Petunia

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