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39 Race Car Birthday Party Ideas

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What is one of the first toys a boy chooses to play with? A car! That’s why a boy’s race car themed birthday party is such a popular idea.

Whether you opt for modern, vintage, original work or commercial characters, you’ll see ideas here that are sure to rev his engine.

Dessert tables, boy-friendly decorations and prized take-home favors are all to be found in this race car round-up.

Race Car Birthday Party Ideas

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  • Look for great activity details including make a license plate (no striped uniforms required!) in this Vintage Race Car Party.

39 Race Car Birthday Party Ideas You Will Love

spaceships and laser beams vintage race car printables collection
1. Boy’s Vintage Race Car Birthday Dessert Table

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Our Vintage Race Car Collection combines a guy’s love of cars and a mom’s love of vintage aesthetic.

Of course I could go on about all of the cool details but for sure notice the cool backdrop, the tire tread cupcake wrappers and the fun license plate food labels.

Little Red Car boy's Birthday party
2. Little Red Car Birthday

From Moments by WL via Celebrations at Home

A first birthday party in an outdoor venue uses fresh blue and zips of red to create a great party that balances between stylish enough for the adults and cute enough for the kids.

With this cute and fun theme, there’s not too much going on.

Pick a few of your favorite desserts to add to the table, making this a sweet party.

Racing Cars Birthday Party
3. Racing Cars Birthday Party

From Mulberry Paperie via Hostess With the Mostess 

Aqua and orange race around at this party. Find some really nice display ideas here including ways to make the treats festive and how to decorate the tables.

The cookies are absolutely adorable and perfectly fit the theme.

Birthday Party Ideas for a Car Themed Disney Dessert Table
4. Birthday Party Ideas for a Cars Themed Disney Dessert Table

From Comemore Sempre Festas E Eventos via The Party Wagon 

The dessert table is set up to actually look like a car, what a thrill for birthday boy and guests alike.

Stop light balloon towers and lots of dessert choices make this look like a party. This is definitely a great idea for not only car lovers, but also Disney fans.

5. Retro Race Car Boy’s Birthday

From Keren Precel Events via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This gorgeous party includes awesome looking desserts, a wishing race car track, and really cool art over the beverage table: must see.

They definitely thought of it all when planning this party.

From the cake, to activities, to food, this party is not only picture-perfect, but something any boy would have an amazing time at.

vintage racecar 1st birthday
6. Vintage Racecar 1st Birthday

From Ruby Red Studio and Kara’s Party Ideas via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Orange and silver star in this very stylish first birthday party. Besides that awesome car centerpiece, I especially like the vintage race car illustrations.

There’s a ton of cute party favors and decorations that you could recreate for your very own party.

7. Aqua and Red Car Birthday Party

From Imprintables via Design Dazzle

This color combo definitely comes across as fresh. I especially like the way the cookies are displayed alongside the centerpiece cake.

Retro Race Car 5th Birthday Party
8. Retro Race Car 5th Birthday Party

From Deco Party Printables via Kara’s Party Ideas

Red, blue and black with stripes and polka dots–looks terrific. This party definitely didn’t miss any of the little details such as the cupcake toppers or food labels.

From big to small, this party planning takes care of it all.

vintage race car birthday party
9. Vintage Race Car Birthday Party

From Kiss Me Kate via Spaceships and Laser Beams

With a raceway that traverses the table and zooms right up the cake, you know this party has interesting details. These ladies always please with their parties.

Every detail here is perfection and will be sure to please the birthday boy in your life.

Race Cars and a 4th Birthday Party
10. Race Cars and a 4th Birthday Party

From Blu Embellish via A to Zebra Celebrations 

I LOVE the banner used at this colorful party. A fun banner for the birthday boy will be the perfect decoration addition to the party.

Use different racing elements and favorite colors to create your very own racing birthday banner.

sugar studio race car birthday party
11. Race Car Party for Boys

From The Sugar Studio via Amy Atlas

A racetrack hanging on the wall? Yeah, that is a terrific backdrop.

Especially paired with the vintage style metal signs. I also like the use of company logos on the dessert table.

All of the unique decorations on this table come together to create the perfect party theme.

Tanner's Radiator Springs Birthday Party
12. Tanner’s Radiator Springs Birthday Party

From Christilina via Hostess With the Mostess 

Orange, aqua and green are used to suggest the desert location. I especially like the giant postcard table backdrop.

Another thing I love: the cone cups! How charming and they’re perfection for this Disney’s Cars party!

13. Disney Cars 2 Movie Screening Birthday

From Tala Events via Pizzazzerie

Who doesn’t love a good movie showing? Make a movie moment even more special by jazzing up the table pre-show time.

This festive pizza snack included tires on top of the drink bottles and personalized hubcaps on the back of each chair–fun.

retro race car birthday party dessert table
14. Retro Race Car Birthday Party Dessert Table

From Crackers Art

Bright yellow and red add high energy to this terrific party. Oil change jelly cups are my favorite dessert idea–so perfect for this theme.

In fact each dessert has a little something to make it car-themed, whether it’s the festive cupcake wrappers or the little checkered flags adorning some of the desserts.

Disney's Cars Boy's Birthday Party Ideas
15. Disney Cars Inspired Boy’s Birthday Party

From Lisa via A to Zebra Celebrations

Think you don’t have enough room to host a party? This mom devised a great way to decorate her garage for the perfect themed venue.

Honestly, what better place to have a car themed party?

Vintage Formula 1 Racing Boy's Birthday Party
16. Vintage Formula 1 Racing Boy’s Birthday Party

From Barbara Neely Designs via Hostess With the Mostess

Here’s a nice table display; the car oil product logos catch my attention. See some good menu ideas here also.

Vintage Cars Inspired Boy's Birthday Party
17. Vintage Cars-Inspired Birthday Party

From Triple M Good Parties via The Party Wagon 

Mater stars at this birthday party where his image hangs, complete with old tires. Aged tin cans, metal boxes and rope add atmosphere and texture.

These would be easy to find and incorporate into your very own take on this cute Cars-themed soiree.

Race Car 4th Birthday Party
18. Race Car 4th Birthday Party

From Partylicious

For a little guy who LOVES cars, this celebration is sure to please with its classic colors and bright ideas.

With lots of checkers, this would be the perfect racing or car themed party. The traffic light balloon backdrop would make a fun place for party pictures.

NASCAR Race Birthday Party
19. NASCAR  Race Birthday Party

From Urban Hoot via Design Dazzle

There aren’t many party details here but the cardboard cars are so cute, I had to include them! The “wheels” are even removable for quick pit stops.

If you have the time, this would be a super fun party activity.

Boys will have fun racing each other in their very own race cars. Pick up some tiny trophies for extra fun.

vintage race car birthday party
20. A Vintage Race Car Birthday

From Me and Riley via Anders Ruff

Looking for a switch up from the traditional racing checkered flag?

You’ll see the red, white, yellow and black that is popular with this theme but the difference is the liberal use of stripes.

I especially like the combo of stripes with the oversized yellow car centerpieces.

Race Car Party Ideas

40. Race Car 4th Boy’s Birthday

From Jodie Smith of Treat Boutique via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This party has some seriously cute details! From party pit passes that each guest receives when they arrive to multitudes of fun desserts, this party has it all.

Everything is customized just for the birthday boy, and it’s all perfectly put together.

Fill 'Er Up Birthday Dessert Table
22. Fill-Er Up Birthday Dessert Table

From Pretty Paper Parties via Hostess With the Mostess

This party even looks happy.

Details like painted wooden spoon handles, donut tires topping milk bottles and spare wheel Oreo cookies in personal packets show a lot of caring went into the party prep.

Not only will everything taste good, but it will all look carefully done and will match your theme perfectly.

Modern Car Birthday Party
23. Modern Car Birthday Party

From Festa Com Gosto via The Party Wagon 

With not too much going on, this party remains simple, yet still bright and fun.

A modern party usually means clean lines and often lighter colors; this celebration has both. Refreshing!

Vintage Red Car 1st Birthday Party
24. Vintage Red Car 1st Birthday Party

From Nice Party via Kara’s Party Ideas

If you want to move away from the high-speed race car themes, this one is for you. Brick, wood, twine and wire are the background components at this charmer.

The red and white looks bright and fresh against the textures. Lots of tempting desserts are offered here, too.

Vintage Rac Car Themed Birthday Party
25. Vintage Race Car Themed Birthday Party

From Two Prince Bakery Theatre via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Not only was this attractive party done on a shoestring budget, the desserts are all gluten, casein and soy free.

By using some things you already have around the house, you can create the perfect party without all of the costs.

Don’t worry about breaking the budget with these great tips.

3rd Birthday Race Car Party
26. Theo’s 3rd Birthday Race Car Party

From Juicy Bits via A to Zebra Celebrations

A cool hub cab backdrop, clever refueling station ideas and a great table runner especially caught my eye at this celebration.

The hub cap backdrop would be a cool backdrop for some fun party pictures to capture memories.

Using simple metal accents such as a cake stand or bowls really stand out on this cool dessert table.

Our Vintage Car Boy Birthday Collection
27. Our Vintage Car Boy Birthday Collection

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

One of the things I especially appreciate about our collection is it leaves room for your versatility.

If you’re a mom with time constraints, you’ll definitely want to check this post!

By using pre-purchased snacks and making them your own, you’ll save tons of time. Any way to make party planning easier is A+ in my book.

Flaming Race Car Birthday Party
28. Flaming Race Car Birthday Party

From Renees Soirees via Hostess With the Mostess

The bright and warm oranges and yellows are a fun and hot theme for the rambunctious boy in your life.

In addition to the swirl of hot color, see stoplight brownies, apple/grape cars and dipstick pretzels at this racing party. These ideas are sure to make your party a show-stopper.

Vintage Race Car Themed Birthday Party
29. Vintage Race Car Themed Birthday Party

From Cutie Putti Paperie via Kara’s Party Ideas

Left in the Dust cotton candy, Stoplight Jello, Coca Cola motor oil—. Get the idea that there are no details left undone?

I love the vintage images used here within the invites to the cupcake toppers. Nothing is left bare at this party.


30. Formula One Style Boy’s Race Car Birthday Party

From Paula of Blugrass Designs via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This has a ton of great ideas for your own racing themed party.

Put customizable labels over your drinks or pop some toppers on the cupcakes for fun little touches that your guests will definitely notice.

The birthday banner is also a fun and great centerpiece over the dessert table.

31. Little Car 1st Birthday Party

From Styled by Belle via The Party Wagon

The small, edible cars created out of candy bars, Teddy Grahams and candy circle wheels are worth going here to see.

Taking a step away from the black and white of most car-themed parties, you’ll be wowed by all of Belle’s creative touches in blue and green.

Though they’re not bright, they still keep the party fun and colorful.

32. Race Car Boy Birthday Party Ideas

From The Cake Boutique via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Grey and white chevron looks great with pops of red and blue. My favorite ideas here include Melissa’s awesome favor bag and the race room activity space.

Put together some fun little prizes for race winners, or make sure everyone gets a prize as a party favor.

Boy Bash Vintage Car Birthday Party
33. Boy Bash Vintage Car Birthday Party

From Studio DIY via Spaceships and Laser Beams

See how to make your table interactive so you can keep those party animals sitting at the table.

This means less mess around the house afterward. This party looks great and it’s filled with budget saving ideas, too.

Cars Birthday Party
34. Cars Birthday Party

From Party Lab Miami via Catch My Party

The gang is all here and it looks like they’re having a roaring good time. A themed bounce house adds to the festivities and there are cardboard racers too.

The cardboard cars would be something fun that kids would love to race around in during the party.

Hot Rod Boy Birthday Party
35. Hot Rod Boy Birthday Party

From Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins via Hostess With the Mostess

Flaming red, yellow and orange are combined for a hot display. From bright desserts to decorations, the color scheme is not lacking at this party.

Incorporate flame designs into your decorations to get your flaming theme across.

Ferrari Themed 3rd Birthday Party
36. Ferrari Themed 3rd Birthday Party

From Sibel via The Party Wagon

A backyard party featuring several stations includes a trophy case with customized trophies for each guest.

Box lunches served in personal red cars had to be a hit! The little details at this party don’t go unnoticed.

Race Car Boy Birthday Party
37. Race Car Boy Birthday

From Party Rite via Spaceships and Laser Beams

How about a birthday dessert table that zooms with energy?! Vicky serves up party yum using the most innovative ideas.

These desserts won’t only be delicious, but beautiful and perfectly themed as well.

38. Race Car Birthday Celebration

From Kids’ Posh Parties via Kara’s Party Ideas

Here’s another outdoor party venue where the tables are dressed for fun.

Not only the tables, but the walkway leading to the party is another cute and fun idea to lead your guests to the right spot. Cardboard cars wait for their drivers and the cake is great!

Father's Day in High Gear
39. Father’s Day in High Gear

From Laura’s Little Party via Catch My Party

My favorite new idea here is the cool serving pedestals Laura uses; they look like giant nuts and bolts.

A fun idea for party favors would be to fill up the little cardboard cars with treats and little toys.



Plan your own race car birthday party with these party supplies:

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