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BMX Bike Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. I think this BMX bike birthday party is perfect for an adventuresome birthday boy!
  2. Planning your own BMX Party? Check out these awesome party supplies:
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  4. Plus, check out a Boy's Dirt Bike Birthday Party...

I think this BMX bike birthday party is perfect for an adventuresome birthday boy!

Strap on your helmet and prepare for a wild ride through an exciting birthday party theme perfect for adventurous boys!

As boys get older, they don’t want to sit around at their birthday party; they want to be doing something thrilling.

At your next birthday celebration, take guests on a wild ride. You can check out this party for inspiration. Don’t miss party guests shredding the track at this epic BMX bike birthday party.

Checkered flags and killer tire tracks set the scene for some extreme birthday party fun! Plus, BMX rider cupcakes, super cool party favor bags, and individually packaged lunch trays were a huge hit too.

Read on to race through the party details with us!

Abigail at Paper & Cake helped her good friend put on this birthday party for her son Lance, who was turning 8.

Abigail says she loved making an outdoor party fun, despite wind and heat challenges. Sounds like an extreme challenge, but we love how this event turned out despite some party planning obstacles.

Party guests were welcomed to the party with directional signs instructing them “this way to Lance’s party”.

The checkered motif with a silhouette of a BMX rider immediately set the biker theme and certainly got little racers excited for the main event.

Pennant flags with tire tracks and biker silhouettes lined the fences too—a fun party detail.

Lunch was provided for the hungry birthday guests in BMX themed “birthday grub” lunch trays.

Printable trays with checkerboard on the inside, and cool tire tracks and BMX racer graphics on the outside were an awesome packaging option! Individually wrapped with cellophane to keep the dust out, they were a simple and practical option.

Each pre-packaged lunch included a package of goldfish crackers, a fruit cup, granola bar, and turkey and cheese sandwich, cut with a round cutter.

The dessert was kept simple, but still festive for this outdoor event. Thought was given to the display since wind and heat were a factor. A “Lance is 8” theme coordinating pennant banner was hung taut across the front of the table.

A windproof cupcake tower was DIYd from hat boxes. They held homemade cupcakes wrapped in custom “Happy Birthday Lance” cupcake wrappers and topped with awesome BMX rider silhouettes. Aren’t those fun?

The riders had their own cooling station which comprised “cool off” spray bottles filled with water.

The kids grabbed their own spray bottles after their ride around the track and had fun spraying themselves and each other! (A few bystanders might have also been casualties to this spray mist fun!)

To keep the “sponsors” (a.k.a. parents) happy and cooled off from the heat of the day, they had a fueling station for the adults featuring iced coffees. Those were a total hit!

For the ride home, goody bags were assembled and included jelly beans, stickers, and custom bottle cap charm wrapped in a cellophane favor bag and topped with a custom BMX inspired printable.

One of my favorite features of the party is the custom printable number plate bike tags that each of the guests received to use on their bikes.

They were simply tied to the handlebars, and with some lamination, can last for many more rides. What a fun way to include the theme in their activities.

Planning your own BMX Party? Check out these awesome party supplies:

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  • BMX Party Supplies

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Plus, check out a Boy’s Dirt Bike Birthday Party

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