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Dessert Table for a Vintage Race Car Birthday Party

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These photos of our vintage race car party were just featured on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas and now I am thrilled to be able to feature them on our own blog as well. Our Vintage Race Car party collection is full of party supplies and decorations to make the perfect boy’s birthday party set-up. The goal with this collection was to provide a way to combine a boy’s love of cars with a mom’s love of a vintage aesthetic — and hopefully have both think it is cool! 

Janelle did two versions of our Vintage Car Themed Collection: one that has vintage cars and one that has vintage race cars. We did a promotional dessert table for the vintage car version long ago but I never got around to completing one for this version. So glad that has finally been remedied! While you’re checking out the photos, take a look at the adorable fondant race cars from Edible Details.

A great centerpiece for a birthday party is the dessert table, so Janelle designed this collection with an array of pieces you would need to display all of your delectable goodies. My favorite piece is the food label because it gives you a chance to be clever — you can turn it into a personalized license plate with phrases like CHC TIRES (chocolate donuts) CUPK8KS or  LUVMCRNS (macarons). 

You can also wrap your cupcakes in tire tread wrappers and top them with coordinating 2″ circles or fondant race cars. The tire tread is also found on the party hats, which I decorated with different vintage race car images

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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