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Got Dirt? A Kid’s Dirt Bike Birthday Party

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  2. And this Motocross Birthday Party
  3. Plus, check out this Motorcross/Dirt Bike Dessert Table

Celebrating with a theme that represents the true passion of the guest of honor is a special party idea. Wendy Larrauri, from Moments by WL, styled this dirt bike birthday party. She shared that Jorgee practices riding his dirt bike on free afternoons because he loves it. We can just imagine his excitement when he laid his eyes on the birthday cake, the dirt bike-inspired dessert table, and the decorations that pulled such a well-loved theme together for one special six-year-old boy!

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Energizing colors of yellow, orange, black and white were combined to form a perfect dirt bike-inspired color palette. Wendy did a great job bringing some outdoor elements in to give the party space a rough and tumble feel. A rustic-looking wood paneled backdrop provided a great place for attaching vinyl dirt bike decals, tissue paper fans, and colorful balloons. A white table was highlighted with a custom birthday banner in the party colors. This is a simple, but effective way to add personalization to the party space!

An abundance of gorgeous desserts filled the dessert table. There were personalized sugar cookies decorated to look like dirt bikes and racing flags, rice Krispy treats embellished with the birthday boy’s initials, and even mini chocolate cupcakes topped off with color-coordinating orange frosting.

Additionally, Mantecaditos bites and Nutella “Dirty” Shots were served. All of the desserts were amazing. They were beautifully displayed on trays and cake stands, accented with checkered racing paper and custom food signage. Equally impressive were the matching cakes with printable cake toppers highlighting the guest of honor’s age and initials.

In addition to the dessert table, a cool refueling station made from wood was on hand with a variety of beverages including custom-wrapped water bottles and refreshing lemonade. Even the cups and paper straws matched the color palette. The printed dirt bike sign was a wonderful addition.

Striped runners and plants decked out in racing flags served as theme coordinating centerpieces and dressed up the party space. Set to look like a “trophies and award” station, complete with handmade signs by Wendy, the party favors were bottled-up treats with darling thank you tags shaped like tires. Guests received their own water bottles filled with all sorts of mini packages of candy.

Most kids like to play in the dirt from the time they are old enough to get outside so it’s no surprise that they love the push of the pedal, popping wheelies, and racing through clouds of dust. If that sounds like your child, they will be riding high with all the dirt bike-themed creativity at this party.

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And this Motocross Birthday Party

A close up of many items on display

Plus, check out this Motorcross/Dirt Bike Dessert Table

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