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29 Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. Today I'm sharing the ultimate roundup of Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Ideas
  2. 1. Party Invitations 
  3. 2. Caterpillar Balloons 
  4. 3. Honeycomb Fruit 
  5. 4. Caterpillar Centerpiece 
  6. 5. Butterfly Party Decoration 
  7. 6. Caterpillar Balloon 
  8. 7. Caterpillar Age Sign 
  9. 8. Caterpillar Sandwich 
  10. 9. Caterpillar Sandwich 
  11. 10. Caterpillar Grapes 
  12. 11. Apple Cheese Caterpillar
  13. 12. Very Hungry Caterpillar Dessert Table 
  14. 13. Chalkboard Table 
  15. 14. Honeycomb Fruit Skewers 
  16. 15. Caterpillar Dessert Table 
  17. 16. Caterpillar Birthday Cake 
  18. 17. Caterpillar Birthday Cake 
  19. 18. Cherry Pie 
  20. 19. Caterpillar Ice Cream Cone 
  21. 20. Caterpillar Cookies 
  22. 21. Caterpillar Cake Pops 
  23. 22. Caterpillar Hats 
  24. 23. Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft 
  25. 24. Eric Carle Activity 
  26. 25. Big Fruit Shapes 
  27. 26. Caterpillar Cereal Favors 
  28. 27. Hungry Caterpillar Party Favors 
  29. 28. Caterpillar Cocoon Favors 
  30. 29. Caterpillar Party Favor Bags 
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  32. For more bug themed birthday party inspiration check out these great ideas.
  33. Plus, don't miss out on this Boy's Very Hungry Caterpillar 2nd Birthday Party.

Today I’m sharing the ultimate roundup of Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Ideas

Here’s everything you with everything you’ll need for your next Hungry Caterpillar theme birthday party, from invitations and caterpillar balloons to a honeycomb fruit and caterpillar centerpiece.

I’ve found some awesome party decorations and party supplies too, like the Butterfly Party Decorations, Caterpillar Age Sign, Honeycomb Fruit Skewers as well as cupcakes and cake ideas.

1. Party Invitations 

From Pottery Barn Kids

Wow your guests with these Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired invitations delivered in a canning jar! Using red and green craft pom-poms and brown pipe cleaners you’ll create your own little hungry caterpillar and tuck in a green cardstock leaf invitation with cute hole punched “bites” out of it.

2. Caterpillar Balloons 

From Traci via Catch my Party

You will love this genius idea for creating your very own Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired balloons! Each caterpillar requires one red balloon and 3 green balloons, plus colored cardstock to create the facial features.

3. Honeycomb Fruit 

From The House that Lars Built

Grab fruit colored honeycomb tissue paper balls and hearts, plus some green colored crepe paper for crafting some leaves and get ready to make the cutest honeycomb fruit!

Hang this adorable fruit all around your party space to look like the fruit straight from the Very Hungry Caterpillar book!

A group of colorful flowers

4. Caterpillar Centerpiece 

From Shabby Chic Shaddock

Dress up your Very Hungry Caterpillar party with a cute caterpillar centerpiece! Use mini paper lanterns in red and green (or paint paper lanterns red and green) attached to sucker sticks to create the caterpillar.

Display your cute creation from a container of grassy plants.

5. Butterfly Party Decoration 

From Papalotes Etsy shop

You can create your own butterfly party decorations using paper! Use several different colors to create beautiful wings and details.

6. Caterpillar Balloon 

From Sunitha via Apartment Therapy

Bring the theme of your Very Hungry Caterpillar party to the forefront of guests’ minds with cute caterpillar inspired balloons!

Using a red balloon to recreate the head only, add paper pieced facial features cut from cardstock or construction paper.

7. Caterpillar Age Sign 

From Crafts by Courtney

Craft up a wood age sign inspired by the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Whether your birthday child is one or five, paint the first letter read to represent the caterpillar’s head and the remaining letters green to represent the body.

Add chenille stem antennae for a completed caterpillar look.

8. Caterpillar Sandwich 

From Mini Mocha

Instead of serving up plain old sandwiches, use a circle cookie cutter to create round ham and cheese sandwiches.

Turn dozens of sandwiches on their edges and line them up to create a caterpillar, complete with an edible head made from a tomato, oval cheese slices and basil!

9. Caterpillar Sandwich 

From Creekside Learning

If you need something impressive for your Very Hungry Caterpillar party food table, recreate this caterpillar sandwich.

Simply layer individual sandwiches in a curvy pattern across your table adding carrot stick legs and olive eyes.

10. Caterpillar Grapes 

From Craftaholics Anonymous

Transform red and green grapes into caterpillars reminiscent of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book! Simply add a red grape, followed by green grapes on a skewer to create this edible caterpillar.

11. Apple Cheese Caterpillar

From Cute Food for Kids

Kids at your Very Hungry Caterpillar party will go crazy for this apple cheese caterpillar. He’s made from Babybel cheese, a green apple, piece of cheese slice and pieces of fruit leather.

A dining room table

12. Very Hungry Caterpillar Dessert Table 

From Kara’s Party Ideas

Guests will enjoy inching their way through every detail of this Very Hungry Caterpillar dessert table. It features the cutest caterpillar cupcake cake and some fun healthy book inspired offerings like cheese, strawberries, apples, pears and watermelon too!

13. Chalkboard Table 

From All the Frills

Using a chalkboard table to display your Very Hungry Caterpillar refreshments is brilliant! Add text and picture snippets from the story in chalk above and below the various snacks and treats displayed.

14. Honeycomb Fruit Skewers 

From A Subtle Revelry

You can whip out a bunch of these honeycomb fruit skewers in no time! You’ll need to cut small circles from honeycomb paper to create apples and oranges and an oval shape for the pineapple.

Add small green paper leaves and glue your cute honeycomb fruit to a skewer!

15. Caterpillar Dessert Table 

From Project Nursery

If you’re itching to do more than just a cake for your party, this Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired dessert table is full of inspiration.

The tissue paper fan caterpillar sets the stage for a display of adorable desserts, including apple cupcakes, fruit shaped candy and cookies, to name a few.

16. Caterpillar Birthday Cake 

From Hostess with the Mostess, Submitted by Lily Chic Events

One way to approach a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday cake is to recreate the star of the book—the caterpillar—out of fondant!

This cake includes awesome fondant fruit embellishments and the cutest fondant caterpillar that seems to have inched his way straight out of the pages of the book!

17. Caterpillar Birthday Cake 

From Bickiboo Party Supplies, Submitted by Kiss my Cakes

This caterpillar birthday cake was surely the star of the Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired dessert table! Two tiers of fondant cuteness are accented with an adorable 3-D caterpillar topper and so many details that kids will recognize from the beloved story.

18. Cherry Pie 

From Learn with Play at Home

A Very Hungry Caterpillar party calls for one slice of cherry pie! Slice mini cherry pies in half for an easy way to serve up pie!

19. Caterpillar Ice Cream Cone 

From How Does She

If you thought kids couldn’t love ice cream any more than they already do, guess again! Layering scoops of red and green ice cream and adding candy eyes and antennae is pure genius!

20. Caterpillar Cookies 

From Polkadots and Puppies

These caterpillar cookies almost look like they crawled right out of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book. Doesn’t the frosting appear to be painted on for that perfect unique look?

21. Caterpillar Cake Pops 

From Pottery Barn Kids via Be Different Act Normal

Need a cute themed dessert to serve up at your Very Hungry Caterpillar party? How about creating a caterpillar from red and green cake pops? A few edible candy and sprinkle embellishments later, and you are set!

22. Caterpillar Hats 

From Toddler Approved

Pre-cut all of the paper pieces for these caterpillar hats for an easy craft that even toddlers can enjoy gluing together at a Very Hungry Caterpillar party! Then let guests wear their hats while they listen to the story.

23. Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft 

From Isle Tri Via Dollar Store Mom

You’ll only need 3 items for this egg carton caterpillar craft: egg cartons, paint and pipe cleaners. Even better, this project is so simple, little ones can do it too!

24. Eric Carle Activity 

From ABC and 123

Add this cute Eric Carle activity to your Very Hungry Caterpillar party! Guests will need red and green paper strips to create links for the caterpillar’s body and a few scraps of orange and brown to add facial features.

A big green paper leaf can be decorated for their caterpillar to sit on complete with paper punched holes from their hungry caterpillar.

25. Big Fruit Shapes 

From A Happy Wanderer

Party goers will love re-enacting the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar using these big fruit shapes. Recycled cardboard boxes and paint are used to make these awesome props!

26. Caterpillar Cereal Favors 

From One Charming Party

Creating these caterpillar cereal favors is easing using a free apple printable. After printing, cut out the apple, punch a hole and make a caterpillar/worm for the hole using a green pipe cleaner and circle shaped cereal (such as Apple Jacks).

27. Hungry Caterpillar Party Favors 

From A Grande Life

Pay a visit to your local dollar store and hunt for bug catchers! It turns out they make darling Very Hungry Caterpillar party favors when dressed up with a cute thank you label and filled with gummy worms.

28. Caterpillar Cocoon Favors 

From Handicraftiness

Prepare yourself for the coolest caterpillar cocoon party favors made using balloons and a papier-mache technique!

While these are definitely time consuming, imagine the look on your guests’ faces seeing the finished favors hanging from tree branches for them to pluck prior to departure!

29. Caterpillar Party Favor Bags 

From Lady’s Little Loves

Favor bags for a Very Hungry Caterpillar party don’t have to be complicated to be cute! Grab a white lunch sack and punch out circles with a craft punch or die cut machine to replicate the famed caterpillar.

A few dabs of adhesive and you’ve got some cute caterpillar party favor bags!

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For more bug themed birthday party inspiration check out these great ideas.

Plus, don’t miss out on this Boy’s Very Hungry Caterpillar 2nd Birthday Party.

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