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23 PAW Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

Table of Contents
  1. Throwing a PAW Patrol birthday party can be made so much easier with some inspiration
  2. 1. Dog Food Dish Place Settings
  3. 2. Bone-Shaped Rice Krispy Treats 
  4. 3. Puppy Party Playdate on a Budget 
  5. 4. PAW Patrol Birthday Hat Favors 
  6. 5. Puppy Paw Cupcakes 
  7. 6. Marshmallow Paw Print Cupcakes 
  8. 7. Bone-Shaped Meat and Cheese 
  9. 8. Homemade Dog Bone-Shaped Tortilla Chips
  10. 9. Puppy Chow Favor 
  11. 10. Fetch Sticks 
  12. 11. Paw Print Balloons and Runner 
  13. 12. DIY Cardboard Doghouse 
  14. 13. Puppy Party Dessert Table (“Barkery”) 
  15. 14. Paw Print Refreshment Table Backdrop 
  16. 15. Puppy Adoption Center 
  17. 16. Pup-eroni Pizza 
  18. 17. Pin the Badge on Marshall Game 
  19. 18. Dog Collar Activity 
  20. 19. Pup Cakes 
  21. 20. Candy Bar Party Pups 
  22. 21. Dog Balloons 
  23. 22. PAW Patrol Cake 
  24. 23. Doggie Bags Paw-ty Favors
  25. Plan a PAW Patrol birthday party with these party supplies:
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Throwing a PAW Patrol birthday party can be made so much easier with some inspiration

Chase may not be on the case, but I am with 23 PAW Patrol birthday party ideas!

Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, Everest—if you know all those names, chances are you or someone you love is a PAW Patrol fan.

Throwing a PAW Patrol birthday party can be made so much easier with some inspiration.

Scroll the list for my favorite ideas for party favors, birthday decorations, place settings, puppy inspired party games, food, cake, treats and more.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

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Dog Food Dish Place Settings for a PAW Patrol-themed birthday.

1. Dog Food Dish Place Settings

From Katie via Pizzazzerie

A Paw Patrol birthday party definitely calls for some new party planning tricks.

Forego regular plates and place settings in favor of adorable dog food dishes, like those seen here.

Party guests will have so much fun eating like their favorite puppy from PAW Patrol. “Bone appetite!”

Buy the dog bowls (Amazon affiliate link) here.

Bone Shaped Rice Krispy Treats for a PAW Patrol-themed party.

2. Bone-Shaped Rice Krispy Treats 

From Dolled Up Design via Spaceships and Laser Beams

These bone shaped rice krispy treats make an adorable treat idea for a Paw Patrol party. Use a cookie cutter to easily create the bone shape.

For added fun, dip one end in colored candy melts and/or sprinkles.

You can display them in a dog dish bowl on a PAW Patrol birthday party dessert table or even wrap them in clear cellophane and send them home with guests as a party favor.

Get the cookie cutter (Amazon affiliate link) here.

Puppy Party Playdate on a Budget for a PAW Patrol-themed party.

3. Puppy Party Playdate on a Budget 

From Frog Prince Paperie

If you’re combing the internet looking for budget-friendly ideas for a PAW Patrol birthday party, we’ve found a goldmine of awesome ideas.

This puppy party playdate is adorable and won’t break the bank.

Some of our favorite budget-friendly puppy party ideas include a DIY doghouse out of cardboard and spray paint, free printable birthday party invitations, and DIY puppy cupcakes.

PAW Patrol Birthday Hat Favors

4. PAW Patrol Birthday Hat Favors 

From Over the Moon Events via Kara’s Party Ideas 

Get inspired to craft up your own PAW Patrol birthday hat favors.

We love the birthday hat favors pictured here made from plastic hard hats dressed up with felt ears and embellishments.

You can create blue and pink versions for both boy and girl party guests.

Buy kids’ fire chief hats (Amazon affiliate link) here.

Puppy Paw Cupcakes for a PAW patrol birthday party

5. Puppy Paw Cupcakes 

From Gottaget Baked

Puppy paw cupcakes, known as “pupcakes” are so easy to make.

Just frost a cupcake with white frosting and add an Oreo and 3 Milk Duds to create the “paw”.

Serve them up in your “barkery” (bakery) and be sure to have plenty of doggie bags on hands for guests who want to take their “pupcake” home.

Marshmallow Paw Print Cupcakes

6. Marshmallow Paw Print Cupcakes 

From Manu’s Menu

Another easy paw print cupcake idea includes baking and frosting cupcakes (although store bought would work too) and using marshmallows to create the paw topper.

Simply frost your cupcakes with chocolate or colored frosting.

Add half of a large marshmallow and 3 mini marshmallows to create your edible paw topper.

Bone Shaped Meat & Cheese for a PAW Patrol party

7. Bone-Shaped Meat and Cheese 

From Kelly Gene

Don’t end up in the doghouse post-party this year! Create a dog inspired menu that everyone is sure to love.

Put to together a meat and cheese “pawty” platter for guests to enjoy at a PAW Patrol party. Meat and cheese can be cut into bone shapes using a cookie cutter.

Get the cookie cutter (Amazon affiliate link) here.

Homemade Dog Bone Shaped Tortilla Chips

8. Homemade Dog Bone-Shaped Tortilla Chips

From Growing Hands-On Kids

You’ve got to see this idea for homemade dog bone shaped tortilla chips! Just use store bought tortillas and a bone-shaped cookie cutter to create some seriously cute chips. Challenge guests to eat their bones without using their “paws” for a fun party activity.

Get the cookie cutter (Amazon affiliate link) here.

Puppy Chow party favor for a PAW Patrol-themed party

9. Puppy Chow Favor 

From Casa Natalia via Catch My Party

While you’d never send guests home with real puppy chow, why not get creative and put together favors inspired by it? Add a cute topper to a clear favor bag and add a mixture of cereal that resembles puppy chow (Kix, Cocoa Puffs and Peanut Butter Puffs works well). You could even package it in a real dog dish (available at most dollar stores).

Pretzel Fetch Sticks for PAW Patrol parties

10. Fetch Sticks 

From Sally M via Catch My Party

Planning for a child’s party means putting on your thinking cap and drumming up a little creativity. When it comes to creating a themed dessert table, a few simple details can go a long way in reinforcing the birthday party theme. Adding theme coordinating treats to your Paw Patrol snack table is a fun idea! Label a jar of pretzel rods with “fetch sticks.”

Paw Print Balloons & Runner for PAW Patrol parties

11. Paw Print Balloons and Runner 

From Crowning Details 

Whether you use paw print wrapping paper as a table runner or use a black permanent marker to DIY your own runner and paw print balloons, we think they add such a fun touch to a Paw Patrol birthday party. Add these ideas to your list of budget-friendly PAW Patrol birthday party ideas. If you choose to go the wrapping paper route, or make your own paw print on white butcher paper, it makes cleanup a cinch with a disposable runner that you spent very little to make.

Buy kids’ fire chief hats (Amazon affiliate link) here.

DIY Cardboard Doghouse for a dog-themed children's party.

12. DIY Cardboard Doghouse 

From Memories by Anna Dawn

With a few simple and inexpensive materials, you can DIY your own cardboard doghouse for your Paw Patrol Party using a recycled refrigerator box! It makes for a great photo op, party prop and activity. Kids will love imaginary playtime in this doghouse! You will love how budget-friendly this party decoration is.

Puppy Party Dessert Table

13. Puppy Party Dessert Table (“Barkery”) 

From WH Hostess via Spaceships and Laser Beams 

Instead of a bakery themed dessert table, create a “barkery” with dog-inspired treats for guests to enjoy. Party guests can fill up doggie bags with treats displayed on a bakery style counter. Printable elements, such as the personalized backdrop, tags, and toppers can help coordinate the look.

Paw Print Refreshment Table Backdrop

14. Paw Print Refreshment Table Backdrop 

From Memories are Sweet via Catch My Party 

When it comes to great party decorations, they don’t have to be expensive. You can make an adorable paw print backdrop like this one using black cardboard paw print cutouts adhered to white fabric. (You could also hand draw paw prints on white butcher paper using a permanent marker.) Look how it adds that pop of pizzazz to this dog refreshment table.

Puppy Adoption Center for a fun activity at a dog-themed PAW Patrol party

15. Puppy Adoption Center 

From Creative Designs by Toni

You’ll win over your PAW Patrol party guests with this fabulous party favor idea. Send guests home with their own puppies!.Setting up a puppy adoption center is a fun idea. Just load up an area with plenty of stuffed pups and printed adoption certificate, plus any newborn pup essentials. Go the extra mile by staging the puppy adoption center with faux grass and a mini fence.

Pup-eroni Pizza is a perfect dog-themed party snack

16. Pup-eroni Pizza 

From Ice Cream off Paper Plates via Kara’s Party Ideas

Create some excitement around your party eats and treats by giving them fun theme appropriate names. We love how pepperoni pizza was changed to “pup-eroni pizza” with a cute food label. And doesn’t the addition of dog bones and stamped paw prints make it even cuter? Kids will dig the cleverness and effort.

Pin the Badge on Marshall Game for PAW Patrol party

17. Pin the Badge on Marshall Game 

From Mommy’s Minions 

Add a fun game to your lineup of PAW Patrol party entertainment. Party guests will love this Paw Patrol inspired twist on a classic game. Played like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” guests will pin the badge on Marshall!

Dog Themed Party Collar Game

18. Dog Collar Activity 

From Melody via Catch My Party

Nothing beats a fun themed activity right at the start to get a birthday party going.

This make-your-own dog collar activity would be perfect for a PAW Patrol party or any dog themed birthday.

Guests can string cereal, candy, noodles, or even beads to make their own collar.

Pup Cakes (puppy-themed cupcakes) for PAW Patrol themed parties.

19. Pup Cakes 

From The Little Nook 

With a little bit of frosting in a variety of colors, some patience and practice, you can transform ordinary cupcakes into these adorable pup cakes.

They are so realistic looking. Create a whole litter of darling pups to add to your party treats.

Candy Bar Party Pups snacks for parties

20. Candy Bar Party Pups 

From Handmade Charlotte

Everyone will go crazy over these candy canines. Made from Twix candy bars, Hershey’s Kisses, Tootsie Rolls and chocolate chips, they are so doggone cute.

Add a little paper party hat on top for the most adorable canine treat ever to grace a PAW Patrol birthday party dessert table.

Dog balloons for puppy parties

21. Dog Balloons 

From Party Pinching 

Need dog balloons for your Paw Patrol Party? No problem! Just use a permanent marker to draw facial features on balloons and attach paper ears with tape. Dog balloons make an adorable party decoration and can double as a take-home party favor when the party is finished.

PAW Patrol Cake for a birthday party

22. PAW Patrol Cake 

From Pretty Things by Design 

No detail was spared in the making of this Paw Patrol cake! The fondant Paw Patrol logo & paw prints paired with the guest of honor’s name look impressive. Plus, how cute is the little pup on top? If your guest of honor is a big PAW Patrol fan, you can let them choose which PAW Patrol character to feature on the top of their birthday party cake.

Doggie Bags Paw-ty Favors for a PAW patrol party

23. Doggie Bags Paw-ty Favors

From Crowning Details

If you want a doggone cute way to send off your PAW Patrol party guests, this is it. Thank guests for coming to the “paw-ty” with cute “doggie bags.” These can be filled with leftover party refreshments or things like sticker sheets, small toys and a fresh supply of treats! Attach a PAW Patrol themed favor tag and add a personalized sentiment.

Plan a PAW Patrol birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • PAW Patrol Party Kit
  • Giant PAW Patrol Wall Decorations
  • PAW Patrol Candle Set
  • PAW Patrol Favor Ideas
  • Fire Hydrant Cups with Straws
  • PAW Party Latex Balloon Bundle
  • Fire Hydrant Cupcake Holder Stand

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