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A Dog Themed Second Birthday Party

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A boy’s best birthday party HAS to include a boy’s best friend: his dog! Pupper-dog Mo is a chocolate lab. Wise mama, Kara, of KCUSTOMABLES, included Mo in designing a darling party theme for her son’s second birthday: Boy’s Best Friend.

Kara decided to use lots of blue and brown colors for the party supplies and chocolate (yum!) on the dessert table. Images of a lab and paw prints popped up on all the decorations.

I like what Kara did with the cupcakes, cake, cookies and food choices; she had great activities and favors, too.

Dog Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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As soon as guests arrived at the front door, they were welcomed to come on in with a “Paw-ty Time” banner and a coy reminder to “Wipe Your Paws”.

Beautiful weather cooperated with backyard party plans so the small guests were invited to play and enjoy the bounce house before settling in at the pint-sized table. I love the adorable cardboard doghouses and looks like the kids did, too.

Dog Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Birthday party food included kid-yummy and clever choices: hot dogs, corn dogs, paw-sta salad, pup-peroni rolls and paw-tato chips. The dessert table featured puppy chow, white chocolate pup-corn, pup-cakes and my favorite, chocolate dog cookies.

All of these items were good food choices for young appetites and they’re easy for little hands to hold, too. The “chocolate lab” fondue station was a great addition.

Dog Themed Birthday Party Supplies

Kara had a couple of cute craft activities, including a make-your-own dog puppet station, too.

Activities and games for a dog themed birthday party

Before heading home with doggy bag treats, the small guests got to “adopt” a puppy to take home. This “Boy’s Best Friend” is an idea you can adopt and whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor party, it’s sure to keep you out of the dog house!

Adopt a Puppy Birthday Party Favor Idea

Love This Puppy Themed Party? Get the look with these great ideas gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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A bunch of items that are on display

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