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19 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. Have a birthday when the snowflakes are falling? Check out these 19 Winter Birthday Party Ideas!
  2. 1. Snowman Cupcakes 
  3. 2. Polar Bear Cookies 
  4. 3. Polar Bear Hot Chocolate 
  5. 4. DIY Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars 
  6. 5. DIY Paper Icicles 
  7. 6. White Chocolate Polar Bear Pretzel Pops 
  8. 7. DIY Sparkle Snow 
  9. 8. DIY Centerpieces 
  10. 9. Snow Globe Cookies 
  11. 10. Jack Frost Cocktail 
  12. 11. DIY Snowflake Cookies 
  13. 12. Gingerbread Cake 
  14. 13. Hot Chocolate Bar 
  15. 14. Snowball Cake 
  16. 15. DIY Penguin and Polar Bear Balloons 
  17. 16. DIY Snowball Garland 
  18. 17. Snow Globe Balloons 
  19. 18. DIY Marshmallow Snowflakes 
  20. 19. Melted Snowman Cookies
  21. Plan your next winter wonderland party with these great party ideas:
  22. Check out more great winter themed party ideas.
  23. Plus, check out this Boy's Winter wONEderland 1st Birthday Party...

Have a birthday when the snowflakes are falling? Check out these 19 Winter Birthday Party Ideas!

Create your own winter wonderland party with these 19 themed ideas and surprise guests with a snowball cake or polar bear cookies.

Whip up a batch of polar bear hot chocolate. Decorate with a DIY snowball garland or make your own snow globe balloons. Paper icicles hanging from the ceiling? Cool!

The ideas in this post include:

  • Winter party decorations perfect for kids having their birthday party in December, January and February.
  • Themed ideas like snowflakes, penguins, polar bears, snowmen and more.
  • Ideas and party supplies for adults celebrating winter birthday parties.

winter themed birthday party ideas for boys

See Also

Snowman Cupcakes

1. Snowman Cupcakes 

From One Little Project

Transform an ordinary cupcake into an adorable edible snowman with this simple and festive tutorial. It’s easier than you think and you hardly need any supplies.

You can use mini chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and white crystallized decorating sugar to recreate these sweet little snowman faces.

They are perfect for a winter themed party or wintertime bake sale.

Polar Bear Cookies

2. Polar Bear Cookies 

From Everyday Dishes

You will be the talk of the cookie exchange with this easy to make polar bear cookie recipe. Double cream filled sandwich chocolate cookies are dunked in white chocolate candy melts and then decorated to resemble polar bear faces.

Before you know it, you’ve got a den full of the most adorable and delicious sweet treats for the kids.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even add a fuzzy-looking texture with white sanding sugar.

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

3. Polar Bear Hot Chocolate 

From Mom Endeavors

Hot chocolate has to be everyone’s favorite wintertime treat. Classic hot chocolate just got even better with the addition of these super cute marshmallow polar bears.

So easy to make, this polar bear hot chocolate may just become your family’s new go-to winter beverage.

It is perfect for serving at winter themed parties along with dessert or after a day out in the snow.

DIY Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

4. DIY Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars 

From Crafts by Amanda

Make these pretty winter luminaries that look like they are covered with freshly fallen snow using snow texture paint!

Oh so gorgeous and perfect for the holidays or winter themed parties, they are also incredibly easy to make. They would look beautiful all lit up on a tablescape or scattered throughout a dessert table.

Two frosted pinecones, a wrap of lace, and a twine bow are the perfect finishing touches.

DIY Paper Isicles

5. DIY Paper Icicles 

From Instructibles

Inspired by an epic art installation and the movie Frozen, these beautiful paper icicle ceiling decorations are perfect for the winter season.

The whole thing only takes a few hours to create, making it quick in addition to being inexpensive.

They look absolutely beautiful hanging from the ceiling, and make the perfect decoration for oddball spaces like bathrooms or corners of rooms.

white Chocolate Polar Bear Pretzels

6. White Chocolate Polar Bear Pretzel Pops 

From Hungry Happenings

Whether you have kids yourself or you’re just a big kid at heart, you will have a great time this winter making these White Chocolate Polar Bear Pretzel Pops.

They are an irresistible sweet and salty treat perfect for the winter season.

Crunchy pretzel rods are dipped in sweet white chocolate and then decorated with the sweetest modelling chocolate ears and faces.

For these bears you could even use marshmallows for the ears and mini chocolate chips for the face.

DIY Sparkle Snow

7. DIY Sparkle Snow 

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

Freshly fallen snow always looks so peaceful that I wish I could scoop it up to keep forever. My calls have finally been answered.

Make your own sparkle snow for glorious indoor winter play with this super easy recipe. This sensory snow is so fun to play with, your kids won’t be able to keep their hands out of it.

It also makes a beautiful addition to a winter themed tablescape or dessert table. It is purely magical!

DIY Centerpieces

8. DIY Centerpieces 

From Aesthetic Nest

Monochrome color schemes are both modern and timeless, and I think it provides wonderful inspiration for winter entertaining.

Different depths of white beautifully accentuate the textures and shapes of these do it yourself centerpieces.

This blogger created her own bleached centerpieces by painting different pieces found outside, like pussy willow branches and fallen pine cones. Placed in various glass jars, they look gorgeous.

Snow Globe Cookies

9. Snow Globe Cookies 

From Wilton

Bring the beauty of winter  indoors with these sparkling Snow Globe Winter Cookies.

Decorating winter cookies is a fun activity for a cold and blustery day, and these snow globe cookies make for a fun decorating project that you could give out to family and friends as desserts or favors.

Silver pearl dust helps make the base of these snow globes sparkle, and you can create beautiful snowflakes using easy piping techniques.

Jack Frost Cocktail

10. Jack Frost Cocktail 

From Homemade Hooplah

This winter cocktail tastes like a festive version of a pina colada! And who here doesn’t love a good pina colada?

Jack Frost Winter Cocktails are made with Blue Curacao for a little extra something plus a festive blue color, and shredded coconut to help give the drink its wintry flair.

Go ahead and celebrate your event by drinking this beautiful and delicious winter cocktail.

DIY Snowflake Cookies

11. DIY Snowflake Cookies 

From Pear Salad

Need a quick and easy cookie for your winter bash? These snowflake cookies are just what you need. They are dainty and adorable, but only require an hour or so of baking and a semi-steady hand for piping. The basic design starts with three lines, and a series of other shapes to turn the cookies into snowflakes. Don’t forget that all snowflakes are different, so get creative with your designs!

Gingerbread Cake

12. Gingerbread Cake 

From Call Me Cupcake

Now this is one wonderful cake. Three layers of soft gingerbread cake are topped with the most delicious cream cheese frosting and sugared cranberries. A few sprigs of pine branches and a frosted pinecone only add to the pure beauty of this dessert. It looks gorgeous at any wintertime party, nestled on top of pine branches, fresh cranberries, and toasted cinnamon sticks.

Hot Chocolate Bar

13. Hot Chocolate Bar 

From Pen ‘N Paper Flowers

A hot chocolate bar is a fabulous way to welcome in winter and treat guests at your winter celebration.

Get inspiration for setting up your own hot chocolate bar, including ideas for flavored syrups and toppings along with the cutest printable accents.

Make an extra big batch of your favorite hot chocolate recipe, then leave out special toppings like peppermint stir sticks and white chocolate chips.

Everyone will love this simple and inexpensive winter party addition.

Snowball cake

14. Snowball Cake 

From Paging Supermom 

This snowball cake was inspired by Disney’s Frozen movie and Elsa’s magical ice tower. The delicious tower of snowball goodness is made of powdered donuts, which means no baking, no frosting, and no hard work! This dessert really couldn’t be easier to throw together and it looks wildly impressive on display at a winter themed party.

DIY Penguin and Polar Bear Balloons

15. DIY Penguin and Polar Bear Balloons 

From Hostess with the Mostess

Animals have always been one of my favorite types of party inspiration, and a winter party theme has me dreaming of adorable penguins and fluffy polar bears.

These DIY penguin and polar bear balloons would be such a fun accent for any winter themed bash, and the added bonus is that they’re super easy too.

The animal faces are made from printables, so there is no need for fancy art skills to recreate them – just cut, tape, and done!

DIY Snowball Garland

16. DIY Snowball Garland 

From via Brisbane Kids

Cotton balls strung on fishing lines make this DIY snowball garland a magical addition to any winter party. What a fun backdrop for a photo booth too!

Snow Globe Balloons

17. Snow Globe Balloons 

From Val Event Gal

These snow globe balloons are really fun to make and turn out just magical every single time.

They are a cheap and easy decoration for any winter or holiday party. The glittery base is made from a recycled plastic cup and gold glitter, and the snow globe is made from a clear balloon filled with fake snow and white tissue paper.

You could hang them from the ceiling to float using a glittery ribbon tied around the base.

18. DIY Marshmallow Snowflakes 

From Martha Stewart

Create a flurry of homemade marshmallow snowflakes to float in mugs full of steaming hot chocolate.

These festive and tasty little treats are perfect for a winter themed party or hot chocolate bar, and you will never believe how easy they are to make.

You don’t need many ingredients, and after a few minutes of baking all you have to do is let them cool overnight and use a cookie cutter to make the snowflakes.

Melted Snowman Cookies

19. Melted Snowman Cookies

From DIY Cozy Home

Nobody likes a melted snowman, unless it is in adorable cookie form.

Throw a little bit of humor into the dessert spread with these adorably funny melted snowman cookies! Round sugar cookies are topped with a marshmallow to form the snowman’s head, white royal icing, and piped icing details.

These cookies are so much fun for children and adults alike, not to mention they are incredibly delicious.

Plan your next winter wonderland party with these great party ideas:

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Check out more great winter themed party ideas.

Plus, check out this Boy’s Winter wONEderland 1st Birthday Party

Winter Wonderland First Birthday Party

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