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18 Fishing Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. The Vintage Fishing Party Dessert Table
  2. 2. Cutest Gone Fishin' Party
  3. 3. Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Party
  4. 4. Fish-Themed 1st Birthday
  5. 5. Vintage Fishing Party On A Budget
  6. 6. Rainbow Fish Party
  7. 7. Cool Customer Vintage Fishing Party
  8. 8. Little Outdoorsman Fishing Party
  9. 9. Gone Fishing Party
  10. 10. Fishing Themed Birthday
  11. 11. Reel Fun Gone Fishing Party
  12. 12. Little Fishy First Birthday
  13. 13. Gone Fishing
  14. 14. Vintage Bash Fishing Party
  15. 16. "O-fish-ally" 5 Goldfish Party
  16. 17. Gone Fishing Party
  17. 18. DIY Fishing Game
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Plan a fun fishing-themed birthday party with these hacks, tips, and ideas. There are so many delightful ways to use party decorations for a celebration with sandwiches that look like fish, a cake that looks like a boat, and cupcakes that look like bait–just add water and party supplies and you’ve got yourself a celebration. Fresh air, fresh water, a girl or boy, and a fishing pole–what a way to spend a birthday or dress up for a birthday party!

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1. The Vintage Fishing Party Dessert Table

We are proud of this fishing party! With lots of masculine color, texture, and style, it would work for a 72-year-old as well as a 2-year-old. Along with our super cute printables, this party was styled with rustic-inspired pieces that perfectly complement the party. We love the burgundy plaid tablecloth, aged metal number two, and newspaper-wrapped snacks.

2. Cutest Gone Fishin’ Party

Aqua, green, and brown are combined in a terrific fishing-themed set-up at this Gone Fishin’ Party. The color pallet is brought to life with a piece of bold striped fabric, teal camping lanterns and tackle boxes, and moss-covered accents. Check out the little fish hanging from the rustic-looking cupcake stand.

3. Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Party

Oh my word, this party is filled with fun and clever decorating ideas that will be a huge hit with any little Spongebob fans in your life. My favorite? The take-home favors that say “Chum Bucket”! Also, be sure to pay attention to the crabby patty cupcakes and under-the-sea treats.

4. Fish-Themed 1st Birthday

Bright and festive, this blue and orange fish-themed first birthday party has all sorts of adorable ideas for your under-the-water bash. Amusing fish cake pops (love their lips!), a bubble garland, and a simple but colorful table backdrop caught my eye in this rendition. We also love the simple idea of adding fish crackers to a plain iced cake.

5. Vintage Fishing Party On A Budget

This party host thought of everything when it came to their vintage fishing party on a budget. Sweet printable decorations perfectly complement rustic pieces like a variety of louers, bait boxes, and steel buckets. Festive foods included push-up pops filled with “water” and fish, pretzel fishing rods, whoopee pie fish, and bobber marshmallows, and everything is displayed so wonderfully, too!

6. Rainbow Fish Party

Crissy plumbed the depths with her ideas for colorful decorations, themed food monikers, and fishing-themed activities at this Rainbow Fish birthday party. Party guests feasted on treats like Jello jellyfish and deep blue sea juice while playing Go Fish and a variety of other under-the-sea-themed games.

7. Cool Customer Vintage Fishing Party

This is another party rendition that uses our printable fishing collection, and it is totally terrific! With an amazing cake and cupcakes, a feast fit for hungry little anglers, and the most awesome party favors, guests surely left hooked on the fishing birthday party theme.

8. Little Outdoorsman Fishing Party

This party is a brunch-time celebration “cause everyone knows that’s when the fish are biting! The party set-up will be especially appealing to outdoor enthusiasts as the dessert table is covered with cedar branch swaths, beautiful bird feathers, and outdoor lanterns. We love the natural textures and rustic elements at this party.

9. Gone Fishing Party

Rustic textures and modern patterns make the theme come to life in this Gone Fishing Party. Goldfish crackers “caught” on a pretzel fishing rod make darling cupcake toppers and fish crackers make the perfect filling for buckets to hold up cake pops. The paper fish hanging from twine create a great banner, too.

10. Fishing Themed Birthday

The whole fishing experience, even a bait shop, was created in the living room at this delightful party. Red lanterns and bold blue and red printable signs pull the whole space together and create such a fun environment. We love the rustic feel of the dessert table, which is filled with antique signs and fishing pieces.

11. Reel Fun Gone Fishing Party

Four and six-year-old brothers celebrated their birthdays with this gone-fishing dessert table filled with lots of great ideas. Our favorite is the tackle box with enticing (edible) bait and reels inside, but the whole party is lots of fun and very thrilling.

12. Little Fishy First Birthday

This Gone Fishing birthday party is “reel” cute! Filled with playful fishing activities, a real boat for kids to explore, and an awesome vintage bait shop dessert table this party is a huge catch. Among the adorable details, we especially love the hanging banners made with red and white banners.

13. Gone Fishing

The blue, orange, and mont color scheme makes the overall feel of this gone fishing party incredibly bright and fun. We really love the cake with a fisherboy in a boat as the cake topper. A cardboard boat and open-mouth shark would be terrific for play plus photo ops.

14. Vintage Bash Fishing Party

Hook, line, and sinker, this vintage fishing party was made on a budget but you could never tell. Painted dollar store lanterns made terrific DIY oversized bobbers and the tackle box favors were especially cute in this simple, rustic and masculine version.

16. “O-fish-ally” 5 Goldfish Party

Go fish! This vibrant orange and blue goldfish birthday party are swimming with cute ideas and friendly fish faces. With orange and blue decorations, fun fishy favors, tasty treats and a happy little birthday boy this party looks like an officially good time.

17. Gone Fishing Party

We did a double-take when we first saw the realistic-looking fish at the center of the dessert table at this fishing party. Among the other fish-themed treats are fish-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate roll reeds, and single-serve bait box dirt desserts!

18. DIY Fishing Game

The ultimate party activity for a fishing-themed party is obviously fishing, but if you don’t live near a well-stocked lake this DIY fishing game is the next best thing. Create this matching fishing game then watch as little kids are thrilled by catching the fish with their little fishing rods. Older children can be challenged by playing a matching game with the shapes and colors on the backs of the fish.

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