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17 Wild WWE Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. WWE Wrestling Belt Cupcakes
  2. 2. WWE Ticket Style Invitations
  3. 3. WWE Wrestling Ring Cupcake Display
  4. 4. WWE Party Games
  5. 5. WWE Cake
  6. 6. WWE Logo Cookies
  7. 7. WWE Sugar Cookies
  8. 8. Nacho Libre-Themed Mask DIY
  9. 9. WWE Dessert Table
  10. 10. WWE Cake Pops
  11. 11. WWE Favor Buckets
  12. 12. DIY Wrestling Ring
  13. 13. WWE Wrestling Party
  14. 14. Wrestling Party Ideas
  15. 15. WWE Wrestling Cupcakes
  16. 16. DIY Custom WWE Championship Belt
  17. 17. WWE Wrestling Ring Cake
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An amazing collection of WWE Birthday Party ideas, including cakes, decorations, games, party supplies, favors, and invitations. If you have kids, chances are you’ve walked into the room and found one of them pinning the other to the floor. Wrestle mania is a real phenomenon. Join the crazy by throwing a party using any of these 17 wild World Wrestling Entertainment party ideas we’ve rounded up for your (son’s) viewing (and partying) pleasure. Fun party game ideas, WWE ticket-style invitations, and an awesome WWE dessert table are just a few of the ideas. No headlocks or body slams are necessary.

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WWE Birthday Party Ideas

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WWE Wrestling Belt Cupcakes 

1. WWE Wrestling Belt Cupcakes

To replicate the look of these WWE wrestling belt cupcakes, start by making an appropriately sized template out of cardboard to use for creating fondant pieces for the belt. The fondant pieces are hand-cut and embellished with golden dust.

WWE Ticket Style Invitation

2. WWE Ticket Style Invitations

Guests will be happy to get themselves ready to rumble upon receipt of these clever WWE ticket-style invitations! Instead of the WWE presenting “WrestleMania”, be prepared to invite guests to “JackMania” or “OliviaMania” (insert party guests’ names followed by Mania)!

WWE Wrestling Ring Cupcake Display

3. WWE Wrestling Ring Cupcake Display

This DIY WWE Wrestling ring cupcake display just might be the coolest WWE party idea you’ve ever encountered! The cupcake display looks just like a boxing/wrestling ring and features cupcakes topped with WrestleMania toppers.

WWE Party Games

4. WWE Party Games

Don’t get tied up in knots stressing over WWE party game ideas. Check out this list of great ideas for keeping your wrestling party guests entertained. They can make a championship belt craft, participate in a balloon man “take down”, play “Pin the belt on the champion”, practice their punches with a WWE punching bag, and so much more.

WWE Birthday Party Cake

5. WWE Cake

Looking for a WWE cake idea to put the smackdown on all other WWE cake ideas? This three-tiered cake may be the champion of all champions featuring a championship belt, wrestling ring-inspired top tier and incredible fondant details that scream WWE—including popular wrestling action figures.

A stack of flyers on a table

6. WWE Logo Cookies

If you’re a fan of Wrestle mania, you’re no stranger to the WWE logo! For a fun nod to WWE, have the recognizable logo added to cookies for instant smiles. Your WWE party just got cooler!

WWE Sugar cookies

7. WWE Sugar Cookies

Another take on World Wrestling Entertainment sugar cookies, this assortment features the WWE logo and some custom designs paying tribute to the guest of honor. Hype up the wrestle mania with super cool WWE sugar cookies!

Nacho Libre Themed Mask

8. Nacho Libre-Themed Mask DIY

If you’re feeling crafty, whip up these Nacho Libre-themed wrestling masks. Not only do they make for some fun in-house party entertainment, but they also double as a take-home party favor! These masks were made by tracing a paper template onto inexpensive felt, stitching the two pieces together, and cutting eye holes. Elastic or ribbon is then sewn to the sides to complete the mask.

WWE Dessert Table

9. WWE Dessert Table

Bring you’re A-Show to your WWE dessert table using takeaways inspired by this example. No dud desserts allowed. Highlights include an oversized cutout of the WWE logo used for the backdrop and wrestling ring-inspired dessert stands featuring ringside party treat favorites in red, white, and black embellished with frosted logo designs and toppers!

WWE Cake Pops

10. WWE Cake Pops

Hype up your WWE party theme by including some custom-designed desserts such as these WWE cake pops! Dipped in black candy melts with the WWE logo piped on in white and red, every fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment world will instantly be drawn to the pin-worthy treats!

11. WWE Favor Buckets

There are a lot of smackdowns at WWE events, but your guests will be doing their own smackdownafter the WWE party as they enjoy the gum gifted to them in these WWE gumball party favors. You’ll love how easy they are to assemble! Simply package red gumballs into cellophane packages and attach a WWE circle logo using black and white twine. Let the smacking ensue!

DIY Wrestling Ring

12. DIY Wrestling Ring

If you want the best WWE wrestling party of all time, follow the tutorial for DIYing your own wrestling ring! You’ll need a blue tarp, 4 pool noodles, 4 metal fence posts, and elastic rope to complete this project. Add some blow-up boxing gloves for a fun interactive wrestling party game.

WWE wrestling Party

13. WWE Wrestling Party

Winning WWE wrestling party ideas are what you’ll find at this World Wrestling Entertainment party! Some of our favorite champion ideas include: a wrestling ring cake with plastic wrestling action figures, brigadeiro superstars, championship wrestling belt-topped cupcakes, layered Jell-O cups, and mini cupcakes with fondant WWE logos.

Wrestling Party Ideas

14. Wrestling Party Ideas

Are you ready to rumble? This party mom is sharing some wildly fun wrestling party ideas, including an outdoor wrestling ring water balloon activity! This championship event features the coolest party menu with matchups like rematch ravioli, comeback cheese, smashed potatoes, rumbling raspberry tarts, and championship cookies. Plus, the decorations are winning!

WWE Wrestling cupcakes

15. WWE Wrestling Cupcakes

Create unique WWE wrestling cupcakes for your WWE party! Using a mix of fondant and edible ink markers, you can add championship wrestling belts, wrestling suits, fondant stars, the WWE logo, and even mini wrestling ring to the tops of your cupcakes. The A-team cupcakes are in the house!

A close up of text on a black background

16. DIY Custom WWE Championship Belt

Love to craft? You might consider putting your passion to work DIYing these awesome WWE-inspired contender belts, perfect for a WWE party guest of honor to sport at his birthday party! While a true labor of love, the recipients will love wearing them while they practice their wrestling moves and prowess.

WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

17. WWE Wrestling Ring Cake

It’s not very often that the pros reveal all of their power-packed secrets, but the creator of this WWE wrestling ring cake is laying everything one the line for you. We happen to think the use of licorice for the ring ropes is genius! And can you believe that the WWE logo is hand-painted? Pretty awesome! Almost the entire cake is edible, but you’ll have to read to find out which small details are not!

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