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17 LEGO Valentine’s Day Cards and Fun Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. LEGO Accessory Valentine Tutorial 
  2. 2. LEGO Crayons 
  3. 3. Ninja Valentine Box 
  4. 4. Homemade LEGO Valentine's Cards
  5. 5. LEGO Friendship Bracelets
  6. 6. Free Printable LEGO Valentines
  7. 7. LEGO Heart Friendship Necklace 
  8. 8. Ninjago Printable Valentine Mini Candy Bar Wrappers
  9. 9. Free LEGO Movie Valentines
  10. 10. LEGO Valentine Factory
  11. 11. Free LEGO Printables
  12. 12. LEGO Movie Valentine
  13. 13. LEGO Valentine Treat Boxes
  14. 14. Star Wars Framed LEGO Figures
  15. 15. LEGO Mini Jars
  16. 16. LEGO Valentines with Free Printable
  17. 17. DIY LEGO Valentine Hearts 
  18. Celebrate Valentine's Day with these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  19. Need more ideas for Valentine's Day parties and crafts? Don't miss these great ideas full of inspiration perfect for Valentine's Day.
  20. Plus, don't mis sout on 100+ Free Valentine's Day Printables...

Boys love LEGO, so of course they need them to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Any Kids would be thrilled to give or receive these LEGO-inspired ideas. There are several free LEGO and LEGO Movie valentine cards to choose from plus the LEGO accessory valentine, ninjago mini candy bar wrappers, LEGO crayons, friendship bracelets and necklaces and DIY LEGO valentine hearts are also boy approved.

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Any guy would be proud to hand out the LEGO treat boxes and the ninja valentine box is awesome for classroom valentine collections. Star Wars framed LEGO figures would be a cute surprise for teachers. The LEGO Valentine Factory project might convince any boy that Valentine’s Day is cool-and not too mushy after all!

See Also

1. LEGO Accessory Valentine Tutorial 

From Chez Beeper Bebe

Let your kids get creative by crafting LEGO accessory valentines! A heart-shaped card with a fun LEGO-inspired sentiment like, “Let’s build something beautiful together Valentine” pairs well with a package of LEGO pieces to build a cool LEGO jewelry accessory.

2. LEGO Crayons 

From I Heart Naptime

There will be no broken hearts over broken crayons when you transform them into LEGO crayons. Free printable toppers complete the gift. 

3. Ninja Valentine Box 

From Just a Girl and Her Blog

LEGO Ninjago lovers will get a kick out of this ninja valentine box! Check out the simple supply list and let your little ninja-in-training get crafting.

4. Homemade LEGO Valentine’s Cards

From Jenn Maple Handmade 

The LEGO obsessed will love handing out these homemade LEGO Valentine’s cards! The homemade dot candy piped onto freezer paper is genius.

5. LEGO Friendship Bracelets

From The Centsible Life

Friendship bracelets just got even cooler with the addition of a LEGO block! This LEGO valentine requires a little parent help to drill the holes, but the rest of the assembly is child-friendly and quick.

6. Free Printable LEGO Valentines

From I heart Naptime

Help promote the love of engineering with these free printable LEGO valentines. Simply print the free valentine bag topper and let your kids do the rest. Who wouldn’t love receiving a bag full of LEGO for building?

7. LEGO Heart Friendship Necklace 

From Bitsandbadges Etsy Shop

These LEGO heart friendship necklaces allow you (or your kids) to literally share a little piece of your heart. They are made from two attached LEGO plates to form a heart.

8. Ninjago Printable Valentine Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

From Over the Big Moon

Print off these free kickin’ LEGO Ninjago valentine mini candy bar wrappers for an easy treat idea. Package them in a small cellophane bag or attach them to the coordinating printable LEGO Ninjago cards.

9. Free LEGO Movie Valentines

From Kiki and Company 

Everything is awesome about these free LEGO Movie-inspired valentines. You can print the boy or girl version—or both.

10. LEGO Valentine Factory

From The Rockin Boys Club 

Create your own LEGO valentine factory! This idea features a conveyor belt with the cutest tiny handmade valentines.

11. Free LEGO Printables

From I Should be Mopping the Floor 

These free LEGO printables are a great gift idea for any LEGO lover. Frame them to hang in a bedroom or play room.

12. LEGO Movie Valentine

From MTV News 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a printable LEGO Movie card. Now everything can definitely be awesome!

13. LEGO Valentine Treat Boxes

From Atta Girl Says 

A treat box that looks like a LEGO? Yes, please! This fun idea utilizes the Silhouette cutting machine and transforms a basic treat box into a LEGO lover’s dream-come-true.

14. Star Wars Framed LEGO Figures

From PrettyPeculiarUK Etsy shop 

These cute frames feature Star Wars mini-figures mounted in a relief design. What a great way to say “I love you” to the special Star Wars fan in your life.

15. LEGO Mini Jars

From Non-Toy Gifts

What child wouldn’t be thrilled to receive small jars filled with red or pink LEGO? And the mini figures on top are as sweet as frosting on a cupcake! 

16. LEGO Valentines with Free Printable

From Mom vs The Boys 

Kids will go crazy for these LEGO valentines! Not only does this idea include free printable bag toppers with cute sayings like, “Best friend on the block” and “You’re a friend I won’t LEGO of”, the candy blocks that look just like LEGO are sure to be a hit!

17. DIY LEGO Valentine Hearts 

From Julie Chats 

Children will love DIY  LEGO valentine hearts to give to friends and classmates. Packaging them for delivery is made easier with a free printable tag.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Need more ideas for Valentine’s Day parties and crafts? Don’t miss these great ideas full of inspiration perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Plus, don’t mis sout on 100+ Free Valentine’s Day Printables

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