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17 Beach Hacks

Table of Contents
  1. 1. DIY Beach Towel Blanket with a Pillow
  2. 2. Fitted Sheet Sand-Free Lounging Space
  3. 3. Sunscreen Bottle Valuable Holder
  4. 4. ChapStick Money Holder
  5. 5. Homemade Sunshade
  6. 6. Talcum Powder Sand Remover
  7. 7. Mesh Bag Sand Toy Storage (Leave the Sand at the Beach)
  8. 8. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes
  9. 9. Freeze Your Drinks
  10. 10. Waterproof Your Phone on the Cheap
  11. 11. Pocketed Beach Towels
  12. 12. Kid’s Beach Pool
  13. 13. Homemade Sunscreen
  14. 14. Outdoor Drink Holders
  15. 15. Beach Vacation Kit
  16. 16. Beach Games
  17. 17. DIY Duct Tape Beach Bag
  18. Keep organized this summer with these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  19. Check out these great summer ideas perfect for kids.
  20. Plus, check out 21 Frozen Treats for Summer...

With the weather heating up, hitting the beach is a popular way to spend the day. Make sure you are really prepared for the sand, sea and sun with these 17 beach hacks.

While I love the umbrella hack and the fitted sheet hack, we promise you, with every beach hack, your trip will get just a little more enjoyable.

17 Beach Hacks to make your time on the beach even better, collated by Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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What’s your favorite hack? I love the pocketed beach towels and homemade sunshade. Can’t wait to try some of the great beach games too.

This cleave DIY Towel Blanket with a Pillow beach hack will ensure you can sunbathe in comfort.

1. DIY Beach Towel Blanket with a Pillow

From DIY Enthusiasts

If you’re a beach lounger rather than a swimmer, then you’ll absolutely love this towel blanket with a pillow. It’s perfect for reading and lounging on the beach. It’s doesn’t require too much sewing skill to put together, so it’s also a great beginner’s project.

What to know how to keep sand out of your bags on the beach? For a sand-free beach lounging experience, use a fitted sheet!

2. Fitted Sheet Sand-Free Lounging Space

From Tesco Living

There are all kinds of great hacks on this post, but this has got to be the simplest one of all. To get a sand-free lounging or picnic space, simply take a fitted sheet with you, and place a heavy item in each corner (like a beach bag or cooler), and pull the corners up over them. No more sand in your sandwiches.

This summer beach hack is a great, free way to recycle and keep your valuables safe.

3. Sunscreen Bottle Valuable Holder

From Good to Know

If you’re running around after kids, trying to have a spot of fun yourself and making sure that everyone is safe, you don’t need the added hassle of trying to keep track of your stuff. To avoid your valuables becoming easy pickings, stash them in the least obvious place — your sunscreen bottle.

This clever summer hack will keep your money safe while you're enjoying the sun and sand.

4. ChapStick Money Holder

From Thrillist

This beach hack is actually also a great travel hack, especially if you’re going somewhere a little unfamiliar and possibly unsafe. Make sure you always have cash on you by keeping a few dollars rolled up in an empty ChapStick tube — no-one will ever guess!

This flexible Homemade Sunshade is the ultimate summer beach hack. It's easy to carry and adjustable!

5. Homemade Sunshade

From Source Unknown

Ever tried to take an umbrella to the beach? It’s a tight fit in pretty much any car! This Homemade Sunshade folds up really small, so it’s way easier to fit into your boot than a giant beach umbrella.

Sick of sand in your car? This amazing Talcum Powder hack works as a Sand Remover!

6. Talcum Powder Sand Remover

From Good to Know

Beach feet trailing sand into your car? This beach hack is definitely good to know. Just rub talcum powder over the sandy area, and the grains of sand will dry out and fall straight off.

Use a mesh bag to store toys, to make sure the toys come home, but leave the sand by the ocean.

7. Mesh Bag Sand Toy Storage (Leave the Sand at the Beach)

From The Idea Room

If you have young kids with lots of beach toys, then this is an excellent tip. Just buy a mesh bag to store the toys both at the beach and in the car, and just shake it out before leaving the beach. No more bags full of beach sand!

Beat sunburn this summer with these clever Aloe Vera Ice Cubes.

8. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

From Examiner

We all know that protecting ourselves from the sun is of paramount importance, but sometimes, somehow, we manage to get sunburnt every now and again. For those times, these Aloe Vera Ice Cubes are just what you need — cooling, healing and soothing.

This beach hack will help you keep your drinks cool all day this summer.

9. Freeze Your Drinks

From Sandy Toes and Popsicles

If you’re taking a picnic for your day at the beach, get clever and freeze your drinks the night before. When you pack your cooler, there’s no need to add an ice-pack, as the drinks will keep everything cool and will be ice-cold and ready to drink when you arrive.

Use a ziplock bag to keep your cellphone dry and sand-free this summer.

10. Waterproof Your Phone on the Cheap

From One Good Thing by Jillee

This is definitely a short term beach hack, but it works! If you’re worried about your phone getting wet at the beach, just pop it into a resealable plastic bag — the touchscreen will work through the plastic.

This DIY beach hack results in Pocketed Beach Towels to keep things organized while you relax.

11. Pocketed Beach Towels

From Making it With Danielle

If you really want to relax at the beach, then these Pocketed Beach Towels are the hack you need. Just take an oversized beach towel and sew pockets into the bottom (much simpler than it sounds). No more rummaging in giant beach bags, hunting down now-crumpled books, headphones or sunscreen — they’re all right there.

Let kids safely enjoy the water in their own beach pool. The ultimate mom beach hack.

12. Kid’s Beach Pool

From Baton Rouge Moms

Setting up a Kid’s Beach Pool is a great idea. This way, little kids can play safely and have fun while you relax a little.

This amazing beach hack for Homemade Sunscreen will change how you spend money this summer.

13. Homemade Sunscreen

From One Good Thing by Jillee

If you’re worried about the chemicals in your sunscreen, why not try making your own? The recipe is much simpler than you’d think.

Use this Outdoor Drink Holder hacks and never spill your drink again.

14. Outdoor Drink Holders

From Positively Splendid

These outdoor drink holders would be great for the beach, as well as for picnics, as they keep your drinks stable and out of the way. You can change the fabric decoration up to suit your style, making them perfect for a beach party.

A DIY Beach Essentials Kit will mean you're prepared whenever you want to hit the beach

15. Beach Vacation Kit

From The Tiptoe Fairy

Beach vacations are super fun, but they can also get a little bit difficult, as cuts, bruises and other little injuries are common, and you don’t necessarily have the tools to deal with them like you normally would. I love the idea of this beach vacation kit — it will definitely make holidays less painful.

These innovative Beach Games will keep your family entertained for hours!

16. Beach Games

From Mom.Me

Beach games are a great way to make a day at the beach even more fun than it already is (which is pretty darn fun, if I say so myself!). Beach bowling, cup castle and beach blow all sound like an absolute ball!

Make your own Ductape Beach Bag. This DIY bag is water proof, colorful and fun!

17. DIY Duct Tape Beach Bag

From Fiskars

Colorful duct tape has really made hacks a whole lot brighter — this Duct Tape Beach Bag included. It’s great because it’s waterproof and quick to make, but looks stylish.

Keep organized this summer with these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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  • Mesh Beach Tote Bag
  • Kids’ Snorkle Set
  • Sand Socks
  • Kids Backpack Beach Chair
  • Outdoor Beach Blanket
  • Shark Kickboard
  • Beach Pail with Toys

Check out these great summer ideas perfect for kids.


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