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15 Kids Healthy Party Food Ideas for Halloween

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Ghostly Eggs
  2. 2. Cereal Monsters
  3. 3. Witch Fingers
  4. 4. Egg Salad Creatures
  5. 5. Pumpkin Guacamole
  6. 6. Halloween Party Treats for Kids
  7. 7. Monster Fruit Dip
  8. 8. Creepy Spiders on a Log
  9. 9. Skeleton Grahams
  10. 10. Honeydew Bats
  11. 11. Olive Snake
  12. 12. Crunchy Halloween Mummies
  13. 13. Goblin Grins
  14. 14. Cheese Pops for Halloween
  15. 15. Frankenstein Veggie Platter
  16. Plan a spooktacular kids' Halloween party with these great resources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  17. Need more Halloween Party Food Ideas? Check out these great Halloween themed party food ideas perfect for kids.
  18. Plus, check out 32 Halloween Party Food Ideas...

Halloween is just around the corner and kids already have candy on the brain!

I know it seems like candy and Halloween go hand in hand, but I’ve found some kids’ healthy party food ideas for Halloween that are also easy.

The boys will go crazy over the Witch Fingers, Olive Snake, and Crunchy Halloween Mummies. The Goblin Grins and Cheese Pops for Halloween will fit in flawlessly with the party decorations.

The Pumpkin Guacamole and Frankenstein Veggie Platter are ideal for larger parties since they don’t require serving up appetizer portions ahead of time.

You can even forego a cake or cupcakes and just put the Monster Fruit Dip right on the dessert table.

Not throwing a Halloween party this year? No problem.

The Ghostly Eggs, Honeydew Bats, and Cereal Monsters would be so perfectly scary to have for a Halloween breakfast, while the Egg Salad Creatures, Skeleton Grahams, and Creepy Spiders on a Log would be great to pack in a lunch bag.

Healthy Halloween Kids Party Food Ideas

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Ghostly Eggs Healthy Kids Halloween Party Food Idea

1. Ghostly Eggs

From The Gourmet Mama via Serious Eats

These spooky eggs make for a perfect Halloween breakfast or maybe a festive after-school snack! With some black food coloring create your ghost’s spooky faces.

These eggs will give anyone who takes a peek in your fridge a fright.

Healthy Kids Party Food idea Cereal Monsters

2. Cereal Monsters

From Kids Activities Blog

Your kids will love coming home to this silly monster treat.

Not only would they be fun to decorate with kids, but they also taste delicious too. A perfect healthy Halloween alternative to candy.

Witch Fingers Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

3. Witch Fingers

From Mom on Timeout

These witch finger look-a-likes will be the perfect addition to your Halloween party snack table this year.

With carrots, a dollop of peanut butter, and apple skins, these not only look festive, but taste great. Your guests will enjoy these crunchy and creepy snacks.

Egg Salad Halloween Kids Party Food Ideas

4. Egg Salad Creatures

From Egg Farmers of Ontario via The Hamilton Spectator

While egg salad definitely isn’t the first thing to come to mind during Halloween, it creates the perfect canvas for little monsters.

Let kids create their own creatures using fun add-ins for their egg salad.

A healthy after-school snack and it will keep the kids entertained and laughing! A win-win for sure.

Halloween Pumpkin Guacamole Kids Party Food idea

5. Pumpkin Guacamole

From Lil’ Luna

Chips and dip are a necessity for any Halloween party snack table. This is a super easy way to put a fun twist on the traditional snack.

By placing your delicious guacamole in the mouth of the pumpkin, you can get a fun centerpiece for your snack table.

While it may be a little gross, it’s perfect for Halloween and your guests are sure to love it.

Halloween party treat kids party food ideas

6. Halloween Party Treats for Kids

From The Alison Show

Create some creepy claws or terrifying teeth for a sweet party treat.

For a sweet alternative to the traditional candy or cupcakes, try out these tricks using apples and peanut butter instead.

To make it even sweeter, add in the chocolate chips on top for more fun!

Halloween monster dip for kids party food ideas

7. Monster Fruit Dip

From Thirty Handmade Days

This monster fruit dip is sure to catch eyes at your party.

Fruit is already a sweet treat, but this dip makes fruit even better. Toss in some candy eyes for a fun and creepy effect.

You can also make the fruit more fun too but creating different shapes to fit the theme for Halloween.

Halloween party food ideas for kids creepy spiders on a log

8. Creepy Spiders on a Log

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Everyone has heard of ants on a log, but spiders on a log sounds much creepier.

These treats are sure to give your guests a scare. Instead of the plastic spiders, try using raisins for a sweet addition.

Halloween party food ideas for kids skeleton grahams

9. Skeleton Grahams

From Party Pinching

Bring boring graham crackers up a notch and turn them into spooky skeletons for Halloween.

To get your chocolate fix in a little bit healthier way, use chocolate graham crackers as a backdrop for these guys.

With some marshmallows and candies, create your creepy skeletons however you want right on top.

Halloween Honeydew Bats Kids Party Food Ideas

10. Honeydew Bats

From Shaken Together Life

Fruit is always a sweet treat, so try these out!

Using a cookie cutter, cut out your favorite Halloween shapes from honeydew. Try using a pumpkin shape and cantaloupe for another treat.

Olive Snack Halloween kids party food ideas

11. Olive Snake

From Cute Food for Kids

Slithery snakes aren’t something I’d want to find in my food…unless it was made out of olives.

This snake perfectly sits on top of your favorite dip on your party table. This guy would make a perfect centerpiece for your party.

party food ideas for kids Crunchy Halloween Mummies

12. Crunchy Halloween Mummies

From Betty Crocker

Try out a little bit of a savory treat to cut through all the sweetness of Halloween.

These crunchy and tasty treats would make a perfectly themed appetizer for your party. Guests are sure to be in awe of your handiwork creating these snacks.

Kids Party Food Ideas Goblin Grins

13. Goblin Grins

From Spoonful via Listotic

Even though Halloween is all about the candy, you still need your vegetables. This festive snack is the perfect way to do so.

With some vegetables, create these creepy grins that look as if they’ve come right off the face of a goblin.

Healthy Halloween Kids Party Food Ideas Cheese Pops

14. Cheese Pops for Halloween

From Cute Food for Kids

These snacks are perfectly easy to make and any cheese-lover will be sure to enjoy them.

Simply put a stick into a Babybel cheese and decorate, it couldn’t be much more simple.

Create these smiling skeleton faces or try out a spooky ghost instead.

Kids Party Food Ideas Frankenstein Veggie Platter

15. Frankenstein Veggie Platter

From Blue Skies Ahead

Give your guests some variety with this spook-tacular platter!

This creative plate could easily be the centerpiece of your table for Halloween.

Though, with all of the delicious vegetables on the plate, your guests are sure to gobble them up in no time.

Plan a spooktacular kids’ Halloween party with these great resources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Need more Halloween Party Food Ideas? Check out these great Halloween themed party food ideas perfect for kids.

Plus, check out 32 Halloween Party Food Ideas


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