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12 Christmas Ornaments Made with Lego

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It’’s time to put up the Christmas tree! A big, favorite thing in our house this year has been anything Lego. —We have Lego sets, figures, movies, and even a big Lego pillow. Our family loves to make our own ornaments and every year we pick a theme. This year Lego love made the choice easy, especially since I’’ve discovered some awesome Lego Christmas Ornament ideas.


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If Legos are popular at your house too, you’’ll like what I’’ve found: Lego Christmas figurines, reindeer, a Lego filled ornament, a snow globe, a Lego sphere ornament, poinsettia, a Christmas tree, an angel, a present-shaped ornament, a candy cane and even a Lego snowflake ornament. Building these ornaments is not only an opportunity for family fun, they would also make a terrific boy’s December birthday party activity or serve as Christmas party favors. Check out this list, grab a few Legos and let the building begin!


1. Lego Christmas Figures :: Our Forever Home, inspired by Lego Jr. Magazine 
Add a cute Lego Santa, snowman and Christmas tree to your Christmas ornaments this year! You’ll love seeing your Lego creations hanging on your tree all season long.

2. Lego Filled Ornament :: Frugal Fun for Boys 
Clear plastic ball ornaments can be filled with 2×1 red, white and green Lego bricks for a fantastic DIY ornament!

Lego Snowglobe Kids Party craft Idea

3. Lego Snowglobe :: Clean and Scentsible via Design Dazzle 
Combine your child’s love for building with Legos with the fun of crafting a winter snow globe. These Lego snow globes are so much fun!

4. Lego Sphere Ornament :: A Golden Afternoon, inspired by The Tortoise and the Hare
Lego lovers will enjoy adding winter embellishments and Lego people to these spherical ornaments!

5. Lego Poinsettia Ornament :: Chris McVeigh 
Finally, a poinsettia you don’t have to water! This Lego poinsettia ornament uses some fun Lego pieces and will look awesome decking your tree or a gift!

6. Lego Angel Ornament :: Ryan Schreyer
Add a unique angel to your tree this year, crafted from Legos! Kids will love making this Lego angel ornament!

7. Lego Present :: Parent’s Magazine 
Homemade Christmas ornaments are the best! Instead of other gifts, let children gift people with their creativity on display via these cute presents crafted from Lego bricks and tied up with a ribbon bow.

8. Lego Snowflake :: Clever Toys 
Blue and white Legos combine to create a beautiful Lego snowflake ornament! Imagine a tree covered in these beauties!


9. Lego Christmas Tree :: Rust and Sunshine 
This Christmas tree made out of Legos and decked out in mini Lego ornaments is amazing! Recreate the how-to for a fun holiday craft or favor.


10. Lego Candy Cane :: The Taylor House 
Red and white Legos combine for a super sweet Lego candy cane ornament! This would be an easy activity for kids of almost all ages.


11. Lego Ornaments :: Northeast Ohio Family Fun
Get inspired to make your own Lego ornaments with the creativity seen in these 7 ideas all made from a variety of red, green and white ornaments. Add a little ribbon for hanging!

12. Lego Reindeer :: Peter Johnston, Fungineering 
Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the most famous reindeer of all. Craft up this adorable Lego reindeer, complete with his red nose!

Build some holiday fun with these awesome Lego sets everyone will love creating.

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