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17 Beach Hacks

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With the weather heating up, hitting the beach is a popular way to spend the day.  Make sure you are really prepared for the sand, sea and sun with these 17 beach hacks. We promise you, your trip will definitely be more enjoyable!

Beach Hacks

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What’s your favorite hack? I love the pocketed beach towels and homemade sunshade. Can’t wait to try some of the great beach games too!

DIY Beach Towel Blanket with a Pillow

1. DIY Beach Towel Blanket with a Pillow :: DIY Enthusiasts

Fitted Sheet Sand-Free Lounging Space

2. Fitted Sheet Sand-Free Lounging Space :: Tesco Living

Sunscreen Bottle Valuable Holder

3. Sunscreen Bottle Valuable Holder :: Good to Know

Chapstick Money Holder

4. Chap Stick Money Holder :: Thrillist

Homemade Sunshade

5. Homemade Sunshade ::

Talcum Powder Sand Remover

6. Talcum Powder Sand Remover :: Good to Know

Mesh Bag Sand Toy Storage (Leave the Sand at the Beach)

7. Mesh Bag Sand Toy Storage (Leave the Sand at the Beach) :: The Idea Room

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

8. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes :: Examiner

Freeze Your Drinks

9. Freeze Your Drinks :: Sandy Toes and Popsicles

Waterproof Your Phone on the Cheap

10. Waterproof Your Phone on the Cheap :: One Good Thing by Jillee  Examiner

Pocketed Beach Towels

11. Pocketed Beach Towels :: Making it With Danielle

Kid’s Beach Pool

12. Kid’s Beach Pool :: Baton Rouge Moms

Homemade Sunscreen

13. Homemade Sunscreen :: One Good Thing by Jillee

Outdoor Drink Holders

14. Outdoor Drink Holders :: Positively Splendid

Beach Essentials Kit


15. Beach Vacation Kit :: The Tiptoe Fairy

Beach Games

16. Beach Games :: Mom and Me

DIY Ductape Beach Bag

17. DIY Duct Tape Beach Bag :: Fiskars

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