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14 Olympic Party Ideas We Love

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Free Olympic Printables
  2. 2. Olympic Ring Decorated Cookie Recipe
  3. 3. Going For The Gold
  4. 4. Olympic Fun Party
  5. 5. Olympic Torch
  6. 6. Bracelet
  7. 7. Cookie Medal
  8. 8. Olympic Torch Cupcakes
  9. 9. Olympic Birthday Party
  10. 10. Free Printable World Flags Bunting
  11. 11. Barbell Cookies
  12. 12. Olympic Printables
  13. 13. 65 Outdoor Party Games
  14. 14. Olympic Party How-To
  15. Check out more Party Ideas You Will Love:
  16. Plus, don't miss an Olympic 4th Birthday Party

Are you having an Olympics-themed party? We have a roundup of party ideas, theme decorations, food ideas, and more, to help you celebrate going for the gold. Light the torch!

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Olympic Party Ideas

See Also:

1. Free Olympic Printables

Plus, go for the gold with this inexpensive, bright celebration of the Olympics. Healthy snack ideas with lots of fruit have been included in this mini-celebration. An especially clever idea is the edible Oreo gold medals, made with gold Oreos and fruit by the foot.

Olympic Ring Cookies

2. Olympic Ring Decorated Cookie Recipe

Colorful sugar cookies look like the iconic Olympic symbol; learn how to make them.

Olympics Inspired Sports Party Ideas -

3. Going For The Gold

Olympic-inspired party ideas can be found here, including an Olympic rings tutorial, a first-place cake podium, and colorful flags of the world.

Buttons Olympic Party

4. Olympic Fun Party

This warm weather Olympic party inspires with races and treats. What a terrific idea for fun and exercise!

Glowing Tealight Olympic Torch

5. Olympic Torch

Tissue paper, a cardboard tube, and a tea light morph into a (safely) glowing torch.
Olympic Braclet

6. Bracelet

This is a visual only, but it is all you need, so kids can make their own simple, Olympic colors bead bracelet.
Gold Medal Cookies

7. Cookie Medal

A great idea for wearing or eating!
OLYMPIC TORCH CUPCAKES -- Celebrate the Olympics will these fun to make Torch Cupcakes! The flames are made with Candy Clay, it's like fondant, but taste a LOT better!

8. Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Good tips on how to make these especially charming cupcakes for your party.

9. Olympic Birthday Party

Starring cupcakes and cute ideas for a kid-worthy celebration, birthday or not.

World Flag Bunting

10. Free Printable World Flags Bunting

Here’s a simple way to add color and authenticity to your Olympic celebration.

Barbell Cookies

11. Barbell Cookies

Even if you can’t win the weightlifting event, bet you can lift a few of these cute cookies!
13 Olympic Printables

12. Olympic Printables

Welcome signs, cupcake toppers, bottle wraps, and mini food flags are a few of the free printables you’ll find on this site.

Outdoor Party Games

13. 65 Outdoor Party Games

What to do at an Olympic-themed bash? Choose from this line-up of fun ideas.
Olympic Themed Party

14. Olympic Party How-To

Find party ideas from athlete registration to colorful décor to take home the gold favors.

Check out more Party Ideas You Will Love:

Plus, don’t miss an Olympic 4th Birthday Party

Olympic Birthday Party Ideas Boysjpg

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