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Knights and Dragons Birthday Party

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Sirs and Ladies flocked to this adorable Knights & Dragons birthday party. Olivia from Invento Festa designed majestic party fit for a king, complete with felt crowns and princess wands. The party was decked out in vibrant colors from the medieval banners to the dramatic dragons.

Olivia filled this party’s two yes two dessert tables with every goodie a six year old would want cupcakes, cookies, cotton candy, candies, cake pops and parfaits. Everything was color coordinated with cute custom images of knights and dragons. The cake had an incredibly detailed fondant dragon nestled atop, and surrounded by eggs made out of gumballs.

The seating area was styled with pops of color around the black tables and chairs. Each table had a cute centerpiece with a felt crown that matched the crown worn by the guest of honor. Upon arrival each guest was given either a knights tunic or a princess wand so they could complete the ambiance of the dragon slaying knights den!

How to Plan Your Own Knights and Dragons Party Like This One

  • At the front door, great guests with a knights and princess be welcome to Gabriels castle!
  • All the girls received a princess wand and for the boys a knight tunic.
  • There were two kinds of centerpieces: dragons nest with gum eggs and felt crowns with chocolate coins.
  • There was two desserts tables with castles, knights, dragons and a lot of chocolates, cupcakes and cotton candy,

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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