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12 Dinosaur Birthday Cake Ideas We Love

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Table of Contents
  1. Aren't these Dinosaur Birthday Party Cakes Amazing?
  2. 1. AWESOME dinosaur fossil cake 
  3. 2. Dinosaur cake on a budget
  4. 3. Dinosaur party cake 
  5. 4. Dinosaur birthday cake fondant toppers 
  6. 5. Dino birthday cake + dessert table 
  7. 6. Dinosaur Cupcakes
  8. 7. Dinosaur birthday cake 
  9. 8. Dinosaur Pet Cake 
  10. 9. Dinosaur Slab Cake 
  11. 10. Dinosaur cupcakes
  12. 11. Dinosaur birthday dessert table 
  13. 12. Dinosaur train cake 
  14. Check out these dinosaur cake making supplies:
  15. Be sure to check out more dinosaur birthday party ideas here.
  16. Plus, you don't want to miss 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas You'll Love...

Aren’t these Dinosaur Birthday Party Cakes Amazing?

Last month, I did a post called 30 Dinosaur Birthday Parties You Will Love.

Given the popularity of dinosaur birthday parties as a theme for boys’ parties, I thought I would follow it up with a post showcasing some of our favorite dinosaur birthday cakes.

These birthday cakes represent a range of budgets — from the homemade to the ordered from professional cake decorators — and a variety a variations on the dinosaur theme itself — from pop art dinosaurs to realistic dinosaurs and everything in between.

We even have dinosaur cupcakes — because who can ever ignore cupcakes?

12 Dinosaur Birthday Party Cakes from Spaceships and Laser Beams.


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1. AWESOME dinosaur fossil cake 

From Mama Makes from Scratch

Construction trucks dig into this cake and unearth some pretty awesome dinosaur bones in this dinosaur fossil cake. The cake is an actual edible excavation site.

With the help of some fondant and some cake crumbles, you can have a dino dig site right on top of your cake too.

Everyone will be fighting over who gets which dinosaur bones.

2. Dinosaur cake on a budget

From Wild Rose Sweets & Styling

What’s not to love about this budget-friendly dinosaur cake?

Although simple, it looks adorable and would be perfect for any dinosaur lover!

It not only looks great, but will taste divine as well. Guests will drool over this caramel mud cake topped with cream cheese frosting, crushed Oreo dirt, chocolate candy rocks, and a toy dinosaur.

3. Dinosaur party cake 

From Alexandra Bolos Artísticos

A dinosaur party cake with fondant dinosaurs? You bet! This cake not only has a fondant river and dinosaurs, but it even has a fondant volcano topper.

All of the details on this cake look wonderful from the dinosaur popping his head out of the water to the lava coming out of the volcano.

4. Dinosaur birthday cake fondant toppers 

From Beautiful Kitchen

The cutest quad of fondant dinosaurs top this cake! Plus, the personalization for name and age in fondant really makes this cake special. This cake would be perfect for any little lover of dinosaurs in your life.

5. Dino birthday cake + dessert table 

From Kristy Dips via Bella Cupcake Couture

Three tiers of cuteness make this dino birthday cake perfect inspiration for your next dinosaur party.

Don’t you love the darling dinosaur that accompanies each tier? The second tier also includes the birthday boy’s name in a lovely chevron print that goes along perfectly with the rest of the cake. Plus, the entire dessert table is full of fun preppy details!

6. Dinosaur Cupcakes

From Fantasy Cupcake

The great thing about these dinosaur cupcakes is the variety of fun dinosaur-inspired fondant toppers guests can choose from. There won’t be any fights over which one will get a certain dinosaur.

Not only dinosaurs adorn these cupcakes, but there are also eggs, bones, and dinosaur prints. Which would you choose?

7. Dinosaur birthday cake 

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

This gigantic purple-spiked dinosaur birthday cake may just inspire you to make your own cake! Handmade by the birthday boy’s parents, it’s a show stopper.

Even though this delightful dinosaur cake may seem like a daunting task, this cake could come together easily with the use of fondant.

Definitely keep this adorable and homemade cake in mind for your party!

8. Dinosaur Pet Cake 

From Cake Walk

Chances are, you’ll want a dinosaur as a pet when you see this darling dinosaur pet cake.

Molded out of Rice Krispies and covered with fondant, this dinosaur is so cute with his teal polka dots, yellow collar and green fondant spikes from head to tail. Or, create your pet dinosaur with your very own color scheme for a more personalized cake.

9. Dinosaur Slab Cake 

From Jelly Cake

This dinosaur slab cake is awesome! It uses layers of textured fondant pieces to create the coolest dinosaur scene on a cake we’ve ever seen.

From the grass throughout the cake to the volcano on top with the amazing shading, this cake doesn’t spare any detail.

Also, if you’re looking for a menacing dinosaur, then this is the way to go, as this T-Rex is mid-roar.

10. Dinosaur cupcakes

From A Baked Creation

These dinosaur cupcakes are the cutest. Adorable fondant dinosaurs sit atop cupcakes with grass frosting. Pick these cupcakes for a sweet addition to your dinosaur party.

11. Dinosaur birthday dessert table 

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

You’ll not only get a great simple dinosaur birthday cake idea, but also ideas for an entire dinosaur dessert table.

We love that this cake is doable, even last minute! A toy dinosaur topper, candy eggs arranged around the base, and a printable label make this dinosaur cake easy to implement.

12. Dinosaur train cake 

From Little Dance Invitations

An electric train really moves atop this “Dinosaur Train” themed cake! Sweet little dinosaurs made from sugar paste AND a volcano made from layers of red velvet and vanilla cake really set this cake apart.

All of the little details throughout this cake make for a truly show-stopping dessert that the birthday boy will absolutely love.

Check out these dinosaur cake making supplies:

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  • Dinosaur Cupcake Kit
  • Chocolate River Rocks and Jelly Dinosaur Eggs
  • Chocolate Dinosaur Mold
  • Dinosaur Cakelette Pan
  • Plastic Toy Dinosaurs

Be sure to check out more dinosaur birthday party ideas here.

Plus, you don’t want to miss 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas You’ll Love

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