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15 Healthy Kids’ Lunches You Can Freeze Ahead of Time

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It’s hard enough to get a lunch packed for the boys on school days, let alone a healthy one BUT I’ve found some great ideas for 15 healthy kids’ lunches you can prepare and freeze ahead of time that will make your lunch prep time quite a bit shorter.

The Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Meatballs, Homemade Whole-Wheat Pizza, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, and Hamburger Rice Cheese Casserole are great dinner leftover options you can freeze and serve in their lunchbox a few days later.

Be sure to check out How to Freeze Rice to Pack for School Lunches as well. The Homemade PB&J and Grilled Cheese Uncrustables, Mini Martha Stewart Meatloaves, Pizza Muffins, Homemade Pizza Pockets, Ham and Cheese Pockets, and Sweet or Savory Sweet Potato Biscuits are great individual sized options.

There are even some breakfast options: Whole-Wheat Waffles, Sugar Free Baked Oatmeal, French Toast, and Cheddar Bacon Biscuits with Maple Cinnamon Butter.


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Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Meatballs Party Food for Kids

1. Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Meatballs

From 100 Days of Real Food

There’s no reason that lunch can’t be healthy and a comfort food at the same time! This meal checks off both of those. Make the meatballs ahead of time and they’ll be super easy to heat up or even be eaten cold. Your kids will appreciate this cozy lunch!

Cheddar Bacon Biscuits with Maple Cinnamon Butter Food for Kids Party

2. Cheddar Bacon Biscuits with Maple Cinnamon Butter

From The Organic Kitchen

I think that anyone would be delighted to find these scrumptious biscuits in their lunch! The salty cheese and bacon in the biscuits with the sweet maple cinnamon butter are perfect complements to each other. A delightful addition to any lunch.

Kids Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Party Food

3. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

From 100 Days of Real Food

This would be perfect to make ahead of time and break out for those chilly fall days or when someone is home sick. Simply make a big batch and freeze it so it’s always on hand when you need an easy lunch. Full of vegetables, not only is it warm and comforting, but healthy too!

Whole-Wheat Waffles Food For Kids Parties

4. Whole-Wheat Waffles

From 100 Days of Real Food

Not only a great lunch, but these would be an easy breakfast on the run too! Pop them in the toaster or microwave to heat them up and you’ll be out the door with a good start on your busiest days. Breakfast for lunch is also fun! Pair with some fruit for a yummy and healthy meal.

DIY Homemade PBJ

5. Homemade DIY PB&J Uncrusables

From Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Why buy them when you can easily make them yourself? Make a bunch of these ahead of time and freeze for an easy and healthy week of school lunches. By the time your kids get to lunch time at school, these will be thawed out and ready to eat.

6. Mini “Martha Stewart” Meatloaves F

From Dashing Dish, Inspired by Martha Stewart

These mini meatloaves are full of vegetables and goodness, so your kids are sure to enjoy these. Bite-sized and perfect for kids’ little hands. Have a ton of these on hand for super easy meal preparation for the week.

Sugar Free Baked Oatmeal Party Food for Kids

7. Sugar Free Baked Oatmeal

From Money Saving Mom

Breakfast isn’t just for mornings! These would be a delicious sweet treat that kids would be happy to find in their lunch boxes. Use their favorite fruit inside these little oatmeal cups. Not only a great lunch to make ahead of time, but these would be an easy grab and go breakfast or after school snack.

8. Pizza Muffins

From In The Kids Kitchen

Pizza isn’t just for dinner! These fun muffins take those beloved pizza flavors and make them an easy on-the-go lunch. Add in your family’s favorite pizza toppings to personalize them. Toss a few into a lunchbox with some fruit for a healthy and fun lunch.

Kids French Toast Party Food

9. French Toast

From East Coast Mommy

French toast is yummy any time of the day and something your kids are sure to enjoy! Make the traditional breakfast food ahead of time with whole grain bread for a healthy twist. In the morning, pop a few slices in the toaster to heat up and put it in the lunch box. So easy to put together, even during your busy mornings!

Hamburger Rice Cheese Casserole For Kids Party Food Ideas

10. Hamburger Rice Cheese Casserole

From From Aurora at Just A Pinch

This recipe is reminiscent of a traditional school lunch, but you’ll know exactly what your kids are eating. Make a batch of this ahead of time and reheat it for an easy lunch, or even dinner during a busy week. Warm and cheesy, what’s not to love about this meal?

Homemade Pizza Pockets Party Food for Kids

11. Homemade Pizza Pockets

From Money Saving Mom

These would not only be a great lunch, but an after school snack that your kids are sure to enjoy! They can easily grab one with their favorite toppings and microwave. Be sure to make a big batch of these, because they’re sure to go quick.

Party Food for Kids Ham & Cheese Pockets

12. Ham & Cheese Pockets

From The Finer Things in Life

These buns filled with ham and cheese would be a delicious and filling lunch. Make a ton of these ahead of time and heat them up before putting lunches together for super simple meal preparation. If your kids aren’t a fan of ham, switch it out for their favorite lunch meat instead.

How to Freeze Rice to Pack for School Lunch Party food for Kids

13. How to Freeze Rice to Pack for School Lunch

From Momables

Instead of making rice every time you need it, prepare it ahead of time with these easy instructions. This is a great way to get individual portions of rice for when you need it. These packs of rice will be good for a whole month, meaning a month of easy lunch preparation for you!

Sweet or Savory Sweet Potato Biscuits Food for Kids Party

14. Sweet or Savory Sweet Potato Biscuits

From Raising Generation Nourished

Pair these biscuits up with a soup or salad for a delicious side in your kids’ lunch! You could even make these a little on the sweet side for a good breakfast addition or maybe a sweet treat for after lunch. Either way, your kids will be asking for these tasty biscuits again and again.

Homemade Whole-Wheat Pizza Kids Party Food Ideas

15. Homemade Whole-Wheat Pizza

From 100 Days of Real Food

This is a recipe your kids could help out with from start to finish! Let them help make the dough and add their very own toppings. They’re more likely to love their lunch if it’s their very own creation. Make a few ahead of time for some variety aside from a regular peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Keep their lunches organized with these great containers and other organization ideas perfect for school lunches hand picked by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.

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