10 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

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School is back in session and it’s time to get serious about fueling our kids with healthy lunches, made with love of course!  We all know that good nutrition contributes to healthy bodies and the ability to think more clearly. Sometimes coming up with lunch ideas that will be kid approved AND healthy can be hard, so here are some of the best Healthy School Lunch Ideas from around the web

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Healthy School Lunch Idea #1- Meat and Cheese Wrap – Here is a great way to shake up a traditional sandwich, and using a whole wheat wrap and some great, fresh veggies, you can keep the lunch fun and healthy!

Healthy School Lunch Idea #2 – Healthy Taco Salad – This recipe is creative and sure to be a hit with the kids! Pair this yummy recipe with fresh veggies and dip, and your kid will be full and focused for the rest of their day.

Healthy School Lunch Idea #3 – Mini Corn Dog Muffins (Gluten Free!)  – These are great warm or cool, and what kid doesn’t like corn dogs, right?! The super thing about these is they can be made ahead of time (in bulk) so it’s a terrific time saver.

Healthy School Lunch Idea #4 – Homemade Hot Pockets – Kids love Hot Pockets, but they are full of preservatives. Make your own easily with this recipe!

Healthy School Lunch Idea #5 – Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup – Skip the can and grab a thermos with this super yummy (and healthy!) homemade chicken noodle soup recipe.

Healthy School Lunch Idea #6- Kids’ Sushi – Martha Stewart’s recipe is not only fun, it makes sure your kids have fresh veggies in their lunch.

Healthy School Lunch Idea #7- PB&J on a Stick – Sweet, some protein, and you can also add fresh fruit!

Healthy School Lunch Idea #8 – Homemade Lunchables – My little one LOVES Lunchables! These homemade versions are not only easy to make, but way better for your kids, plus they can be customized in many different ways.
Healthy School Lunch Idea #9 – Kids Paleo Lunch Boxes – These are oh-so-yummy and perfect for those that are living the Paleo lifestyle!

Healthy School Lunch Idea #10 – DIY Taco Lunch – This recipe is SO fun: you pack the ingredients, your child assembles them! You could use ground turkey, beans, cheese…whatever your child loves best!

Keep their lunches organized with these great containers and other organization ideas perfect for school lunches hand picked by the Spaceships and Laserbeams crew…

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Which one of these awesome recipes are you looking forward to trying for back to school?

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