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[Inspiration] Aqua & Orange Circus Birthday

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I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous party submission from Mae of Mae Armstrong Designs. She created this orange and aqua circus themed party to celebrate the birthdays of the three most important boys in her life — her twin sons who turned one and her husband. (How special for dad that his sons were born on his birthday!!!) The theme and color palette were inspired by a paper carousel from Meri Meri given to the boys. 

I’ve said before that I love overachievers, but, seriously, Mae has to be the captain of them. Having one young son keeps me on my toes. I cannot imagine the energy it must take to deal with twin boys and do everything else that moms/wives/business owners have to do in the run of a day/night. In addition to designing the invite, Mae sewed a simple elephant themed fabric pennant and a crochet banner. She repurposed old baby food jars into pretty little containers for jelly beans. She whipped up some homemade caramel popcorn as another party favor; made birthday shirts, pj’s and bibs for the boys; and created three giant smash cakes. Let’s not forget, the party hats were handmade, too! I’ll have whatever she’s having. Haha.

Check out some of my favourite photos below and visit her original blog post for all the details…

I loved that she repurposed baby food jars to hold jelly bean favors. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but haven’t got around to it. (I saw a great party that had homemade butter made right in the baby food jar and then given as a favor.)

Adorable cake provided by Sweet Zugar Cakes.

I couldn’t resist including this shot of the three birthday boys  — and the bagpiper they hired for the party. It was an nod to the boys half-Scottish heritage and filled the neighborhood with some pretty cool tunes.

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