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11 Circus Birthday Party Games and Activity Ideas

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At a boy’s circus themed birthday, cake and party food will play a starring role! Opening gifts and giving favors will take time, too but what else will you do at your fabulous circus besides look at the wonderful decorations? Enjoy the clowns, play with balloons, talk with all the guests AND add a few of these party game and activity ideas for even more party fun!

circus birthday party activity ideas

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11 Circus Birthday Party Activity Ideas

1. From Moondance Photography via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Circus Themed Birthday. Cartoon characters for coloring by guests young and old? Un-huh! Each character has a thought bubble so guests can leave personalized messages for the birthday boy. Awesome!

2. From Stacie H. via Catch My Party: Cooper’s 5th Birthday – The Clown Relay Race looks good for some laughs! Other games showcased include Spill the Milk, Target Throw, Dunk Tank and Ring Toss.

3. From One Charming Party: Circus Party Face Painting – Face painting is very popular; here’s an easy idea for producing great results even if you’re not an artist.

4. From Always Chasing Life: Maddux Birthday Party – This mom had several exciting circus party ideas, but my favorites are the Ring of Fire toss game made with an embellished hula-hoop and a Kissing Booth that was actually all about guessing how many Hershey kisses were in a jar.

5. From Rashana via Catch My Party: Circus Circus (for twins!) – Potato sack races, musical chairs, pin the nose on the clown, a bounce house and an art station kept guests busily engaged.

6. From Maddy K Weddings and Events Atelier via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Stylish Circus Party – Real pony rides had to have been a party highlight for the birthday boy and his guests!

7. From Bird’s Party Blog:  Big Top Circus – Find six circus booths to visit: The Clown Academy; Ring Toss; Bouncy Ball; Tin Can Alley Knock-Down; Duck Pond; and a photo booth, too.

8. From By Stephanie Lynn: 2nd Birthday Carnival – This busy party-throwing mama had a lot of games up her sleeve: Ring Toss; Pick a Duck; Hungry Clown Bean Bag Toss; Fish Bowl Game; 3 Strike Baseball Game; Tattoo Booth; Face Painting; Kissing Booth; and a Photo Booth!

9. From Martha Steward: Kids’ Carnival – Illustrations for the games: Clothespin Drop; Ball Toss Bonanza; and Spray Away (using a ping pong ball and water gun).

10. From Poppies Parties via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Colorful Circus Party  – See a cut-out lion photo op, decorated cans for knock-downs, ring toss and pin-the-strongman activities here.

11. From Tiny Tots Toy Hire via Catch My Party: Roll Up Circus Carnival – Activities showcased here include a hopscotch mat, bowling, ride n’ play plane and over-sized clown props.

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