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21 Fabulous Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

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These Elmo themed birthday party ideas would be perfect for any toddler!

Want to inspire sweet laughter at your child’s next birthday party? Invite Elmo. Elmo is a beloved Sesame Street character, making him the central theme figure in many small-fry birthday parties.

We’ve got 21 fabulous Elmo birthday party ideas to prove it! You’ll be tickled to see the party supplies including cute cupcake, cookie, favor and activity ideas inspired by Elmo’s fun personality.

I especially love the tutorials for making Elmo rice krispy treats and cupcakes!

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

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Elmo Cake Pops 

1. Elmo Cake Pops

From Bakerella

These Elmo Cake Pops are the perfect snack for an Elmo birthday party, plus you can make all the other Sesame Street characters too!

Elmo Macarons

2. Elmo Macarons :: Sugar Coated Candy and Dessert Buffets, as seen on Hostess with the Mostess

I absolutely love these Elmo Macarons. If you’re a bit of a baker, you can make them yourself. If not, just buy them premade and put them together — easy and delicious!

Elmo Rice Krispie Treats

3. Elmo Rice Krispie Treats :: Two Sisters Crafting

This is one of my favorite Elmo birthday party ideas because they’re so easy to put together, but look so impressive! This is a great recipe if you’re a little short on time.

Elmo Birthday Party

4. Elmo Birthday Party :: Centre of Attention, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

There are so many ideas here, I don’t even know where to start! All these ideas are perfect for a first birthday, but would also work really well for kids of any age who just love Elmo.

Elmo Chocolate Covered Strawberries

5. Elmo Chocolate Covered Strawberries :: Horrible Housewife

This is a great way to sneak a little fruit into your Elmo party, and these Elmo Chocolate Covered Strawberries just look divine. They’re cute, easy to put together and almost healthy — what more could you want?

Elmo Marshmallow Favors

6. Elmo Marshmallow Favors :: My Simply Perfect Events, as seen on The Celebration Society

Don’t you just love these Elmo Marshmallow Favors? They’re great to make ahead and give to your guests to take home.

Elmo Cupcakes

7. Elmo Cupcakes :: Two Sisters Crafting

I just LOVE these Elmo Cupcakes — how could anyone resist them?! This is a really great, clear tutorial, and the cupcakes are pretty simple to make once you know your way around a piping bag.

Elmo Birthday Party Cups and Drinks

8. Elmo Birthday Party Drinks & Cups :: Horrible Housewife

This is a really cute and easy way to bring Elmo to your drinks table, and the Party Drinks and Cups are great to make ahead.

Elmo Party Visors

9. Elmo Party Visors :: The Mom Creative

These Elmo Party Visors are ideal for those summer birthdays, and they can double up as favors for your guests to take home after the party.

Pin the nose on elmo game

10. Pin the Nose on Elmo Game :: Night Owl Corner, as seen on Chickabug

This is such a fun idea for an Elmo birthday party game! And the best part is, it’s all done with magnets, so no sharp pins for your little ones to hurt themselves with.

Elmo Pinata

11. DIY Elmo Pinata :: The Kreative Life, as seen on Hometalk

This DIY Elmo Pinata is another fun activity for your Elmo party, and it’s pretty cost effective to make too.

Elmo Inspired Mini Jello

12. Elmo Inspired Mini Gelatin Cups :: Moms & Crafters

These Elmo Inspired Mini Gelatin Cups are the perfect Elmo birthday party snack, plus they’re gluten free, too.


13. Elmo Birthday Balloons :: One Stop Party Ideas

This is a super fun decoration idea, and won’t take much time or planning on your part. All you need is 7 balloons and a sharpie, so it’s pretty budget friendly!

Elmo Paper Lanterns

14. DIY Elmo Paper Lanterns :: One Stop Party Ideas

These DIY Elmo Paper Lanterns are another great way to decorate your Elmo birthday party. Aren’t they cute?

Elmo Treat Boxes

15. Elmo Inspired Treat Boxes :: Moms & Crafters

These Elmo Inspired Treat Boxes are a great DIY favor if you have a bit of time on your hands, and the design is pretty easily adaptable for different themes.

Elmo Tissue Paper Ball

16. Tissue Paper Ball Elmo :: Night Owl Corner, as seen on Chickabug

I love these Tissue Paper Balls, and they’re especially great if you’re having a general Sesame Street themed party, as they show you how to make all the different characters.

Elmo Sugar Cookies

17. Elmo Sugar Cookies :: Two Sisters Crafting

This is another treat that’s perfect if you know your way around a piping bag, but pretty easy to figure out if you don’t.

Elmo Favor Bags

18. Elmo Favor Bags :: Adventures with Little Man

These Elmo Favor Bags are another great idea for treats for guests to take home, and they’re really simple to do.

Elmo Party Games for kids

19. Elmo Party Games for Kids :: Mky’s Teen Entertainment Guide

Struggling for party game ideas? Have a look at these — they’ve got plenty of great game ideas for your Elmo birthday party and more!

Elmo Birthday Cake

20. Elmo Cake :: Cake That Bakery

How could anyone not be absolutely smitten with this cake? It’s adorable, and simple to DIY.

Elmo Jello Cups

21. Elmo Jell-O Cups :: Heidi R., as seen on Catch My Party

Need an easy treat that’s simple to make and easy to clean up? These Elmo Jell-O Cups are exactly what you need.
Ready to celebrate on Sesame Street? This party definitely inspires!

Plan your next Sesame Street birthday party with these great party sources gathered by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.

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