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10 Dinosaur Party Must-Haves

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Alright, let’s talk dinosaur party ideas.

What little boy or girl wouldn’t love to have a dinosaur themed birthday party thrown in their honor?

There are so many fun DIY activities that you could create – from party favors, decorations and activities, right down to the cake. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for ideas on how to plan a dinosaur party, this post is for you.

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We’ve sifted through the web to find you 10 Dinosaur Party Must-Haves that you’ve just got to have for an awesome dino party.

This should also make the planning a little bit easier for party planning too. From fossils, to volcano cakes, even to dino-wear, we’ve got you covered.

Just sit back, relax, and browse through the awesome links below.

And who knows – maybe one of these ideas might inspire you to throw a dinosaur party of your own. And if you try any of these ideas be sure to let us know how they turned out.

1. DIY Dino Feet

From We Have Aars

Stomp around the house with your very own dinosaur feet! This brilliant blogger made her son’s biggest dinosaur dreams come true with this fun DIY project. Repurposing some gift bags that were laying around the house, she created two dinosaur feet that fit perfectly around her toddler’s ankles. I can practically hear this little guy stomping around the house and roaring like a dinosaur.

2. DIY Dino Crayons

From Treasure for Tots

Use a silicone chocolate dinosaur mold to create the cutest and most inexpensive party favors for your dinosaur loving guests. Homemade crayons make a special thank you gift and also help you get rid of all those little bits of crayon that are hanging around your craft table. Two or three of these colorful dinosaur crayons would be perfect wrapped in a plastic gift bag with a fun ribbon tied around it!

3. DIY Dino Eggs

From Projects for Preschoolers

What’s a dinosaur party without dinosaur eggs? This fun and simple do-it-yourself project idea will have your little explores excited for more. Create these eggs ahead of time for a fun and exciting game or favor idea for your little archeologists to explore. Or enlist their help to create these fun eggs to share with their friends.

4. DIY Dino Fossils

From Don’t Mess with Mama

Do you have any budding palaeontologists on your hands? With a salt dough recipe and some toy dinosaurs you can create your very own fossils to excavate and study! Whip up a batch of salt dough, press dinosaur toys into the dough to make an impression, and then bake in the oven or leave in the sun to dry. Once you put the fossils on dirt, it gives the fossils more color and they really start to look like something you’d dig up.

5. DIY Dinosaur Volcano Cake (It Erupts!!)

From Great Fun 4 Kids

Make your little one’s birthday even more special with this amazing and erupting volcano cake. You will never believe how easy it is to recreate, either. A regular slab cake decorated to resemble a wild dinosaur jungle is topped with a round cake made in a ceramic bowl and decorated to look like a towering volcano. Oozing red icing and melted candy shards make it look like a real volcanic eruption.

6. Easy DIY Dinosaur Costume

From Scottsdale Moms Blog

Using just a shirt, a hat and some craft supplies, you can turn your little one into a ferocious dinosaur. Just grab your glue gun and get started. This DIY costume will be perfect for Halloween, dress-up play or just because.

7. Dinosaur Party Activities

From Mama Guru

If you are planning a dinosaur themed birthday party, you will not want to miss out on these dinosaur party activities that will have your guests roaring with excitement. Dig for fossils in the dirt, help thaw your frozen dinosaur out of the ice age, hatch your own baby dinosaur egg, watch an erupting volcano and fun dinosaur craft will help keep your little explorers busy for hours.


8. DIY Dinosaur Egg Jars

From Party Inspiration

Create the perfect dinosaur party favor with these DIY dinosaur egg jars. Create with an empty jar or baby food container, paint the lid and hot glue your favorite dinosaur figure on top. Plus, don’t forget to fill with dinosaur eggs or their favorite candy and complete with a thank you tag.

9. DIY Dinosaur Candle Cake Topper

From The Sweetest Occasion

I am getting a huge kick out of these adorable cupcake toppers being called party animals. Regardless of how cheesy and amazing the name is, these turn out great every time and are a huge hit with kids. Your kid’s favorite animal holds the birthday candle with some special golden flair. For a dinosaur themed party, you can easily pick up some plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store!

10. DIY Dinosaur Tails

From Running With Scissors

Simple and fun, these sewn dinosaur tails are a great toy for any dinosaur-loving kids out there. They are designed with two straps that wrap around your child’s waist, with Velcro in the front making it easy for them to take on and off themselves. Imagine all of your party guests running around with these adorable dinosaur tails? These would be fun for parties or just as a great addition to your dress up chest.

Plan a dinosaur birthday party with these party supplies:

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