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14 Fun and Creative Entertaining Hacks

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Planning a boy’s party can be a really great opportunity to unleash your creative powers and try things that you’ve never done before.

These 14 entertainment hacks will help you plan your next event in a fun way, while producing something completely unique.

14 Creative Hacks for Entertaining, collected by Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Whether you’re looking for ideas for a dessert table or how to serve different foods, keep drinks cold on a hot day, or decorate your party inexpensively, you’ll find everything you need right here.

DIY Personalized Napkins with this incredible entertaining hack. Your guests will be impressed.

1. Inexpensive DIY Personalized Napkins

From Tradewind Tiaras

This is such a great idea! These DIY personalized napkins are cheap, super easy and really classy — a great way to add a personal touch to any party. You can customize the stamp to suit your needs, so this is great for all ages and occasions

This S'mores Bar is an excellent entertainment DIY hack.

2. How to Create a S’mores Bar 

From Martie Knows Parties

Does anything sound better than a s’mores bar? If you think of anything, let me know, because I think that this s’mores bar is the best entertaining hack.

It’s great to prep ahead, and cleanup will be an absolute breeze, as there are no plates or cutlery to wash. 

And the best part is that guests can customize their s’mores to their taste, so dealing with picky customers at your boy’s birthday party just got a whole lot easier.

This is the easiest way to cook corn for a party!

3. The Best Way to Cook Corn on the Cob for a Crowd 

From Bon Appetit

This is such a great entertaining hack, I can’t believe that we’re only coming across it now! The best way to cook corn on the cob for a crowd is in a cooler — Cooler Corn. Who thought of this ingenious method?

We have no idea, but we wish we’d come across it sooner — we can’t wait to try this out come summer barbecue season.

Use a Muffin Tin to organize condiments - easy to store and easy to clean.

4. Muffin Tin Condiment Organizer 

From Yesterday on Tuesday

Make serving condiments a piece of cake by using a muffin tin. Fill it up with your favorite condiments, veggies and spoons and let your guests help themselves.

Make your own Popsicles in a loaf pan. This entertainment hack will definitely impress your guests.

5. Sliceable Popsicles Made in a Loaf Pan 

From The Kitchn

Want to make homemade popsicles for your kid’s birthday party, but only have a few popsicle molds? No problem. Just make these sliceable popsicles — no molds required. This is such a great entertaining hack for kid’s birthday parties — this way you control how much sugar goes into the popsicles, and you can even sneak some fruit in too!

Use apothecary jars to serve salads - this trick is attractive, and keeps bugs out of the food.

6. Serve Salads in Apothecary Jars 

From Cookie Mondays

These salads in apothecary jars are absolutely stunning, and a great way to entice kids to help themselves. These salads act as a decoration in and of themselves, and we’ll definitely be trying this entertainment hack out this summer.

Use Duct Tape to incorporate water bottles into your theme the next time you entertain.

7. Duct Tape Water Bottles 

From Taryn Williford

Using decorative duct tape to decorate water bottles is a great way to liven up any party, and you can easily customize it to suit your party’s theme. It’s a great, cheap, do-ahead decoration that doubles as a healthy way to make sure that everyone stays hydrated — perfect for summer.

Use frozen water balloons to keep drinks cool and decorate your table.

8. Cool Your Drinks with Frozen Water Balloons 

From A Subtle Revelry

This is definitely a great way to keep the grown up side of your party entertained, but it can also be used to cool down juice and other non-alcoholic drinks. This is a perfect entertainment hack if you love entertaining outside, but live in a hot climate, making cool drinks an absolute essential.

Use cupcake wrappers as popsicle anti-drip catchers! Moms and kids alike will love this entertainment hack.

9. Popsicle Drip Catcher 

From A Subtle Revelry

Love popsicles, but hate the sticky trails of drips that they leave? This is a great life hack, and is perfect for anyone whose kids love popsicles (whose kids don’t?) — just make a tiny slit in the bottom of your cupcake paper and pop the popsicle stick through.

Use muffin pans to make giant citrus ice cubes for keeping drinks cool on long summer days.

10. Muffin Pan Citrus Cubes 

From Industrious Justice

Using a muffin pan to make citrus ice cubes is a super cheap and easy way to keep your drinks cool while adding a little bit of zest. They’re gorgeous, and really simple to make ahead of time.

Easy Cherry Tomato Slicing Entertainment Hack

11. Easy Cherry Tomato Slicing 

From Food52

This is a great entertainment hack, but it’s also a great life hack for summer. If you love having huge summer salads, but hate spending time cutting up what seems like hundreds of cherry tomatoes, then take a look at this entertainment hack for easy cherry tomato slicing — it’s absolutely brilliant.

Make Your Own Yogurt Pops with this quick and easy trick.

12. Make Your Own Yogurt Pop 

From One Good Thing

This is so low effort, it’s almost no effort, and it’s a great way to get kids eating something a little bit healthier this summer. Wouldn’t this be great for a boy’s summer birthday party? We think so!

This simple self-service beverage station will make sure your guests have everything they need.

13. Beverage Station 

From Lil’ Luna

This is a great entertainment hack if you’re a bit of a DIY diva, and it’s really simple once you read through the instructions.

Pre-serve and portion ice-cream with cupcake cups.

14. Easy-Serve Ice Cream 

From 7 on a Shoestring 

Ever tried to serve ice cream at a kid’s birthday party? Yeah, it can get pretty messy… This is a great entertainment hack to keep those ice cream drips contained, and it’s great to prep ahead.

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