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Soaring to New Heights Back to School Party

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As school resumes and your children begin their new learning adventures, help them prepare for “take off” with an exciting airplane-themed back-to-school party. At Banner Events, we know that the end of summer often brings mixed emotions for children. We’re sharing some fun ideas for your little flying aces that will surely lift their spirits and get them excited about soaring to new heights this school year. From an incredible airplane cake to cloud cupcakes and “jet fuel” juice to luggage-style favors and a real airplane, this back-to-school party is sure to send spirits soaring. Don’t miss any of the high-flying details captured beautifully by Karina of A Fresh Take Photography.

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Plane Themed Back to School Party

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Guests at our party received “First Class” boarding passes inviting them to hop aboard Carver Airlines. We were thrilled with the printable boarding pass invitations and coordinating printables, custom designed for us by Bird of Bird’s Party.

The retro-style plane and classic color palette looked amazing paired with our party set-up next to a real plane, near the runway of an operational airport. A big thank you to David Thomas of Thomas Aerospace for use of his plane and the Thun Field Airport runway.

Our cute guests arrived in style, wearing custom outfits. Our female guests sported skirts by the talented SookEe Designs. Male guests were decked out in t-shirts. Before they could officially travel, printable learning passports were filled out with all of the required data. Once completed, each child was cleared for take-off.

To keep our pilots-in-training fueled up for the celebration, we set up an “in-flight” snack area. First, guests picked up their shiny silver aviator lunch boxes from “Baggage Claim”. The cute customized printable lunchbox labels and hang tags we added. Each lunchbox contained a healthy assortment of food options to help pilots navigate their new school territory.

Dressing up the snacks was a must! We wrapped sandwiches in red and white airmail striped parchment paper and topped them off with twine and a printable tag with fun, flying-inspired phrases. Juice boxes got a makeover with a darling printable “Jet Fuel Juice” wrapper. Granola bars had custom “soaring to new heights” packaging. Even the apples received a special custom seal!

In addition to our healthy “in-flight” snacks, we added fun-themed treats to the mix. An impressive school and airplane-inspired dessert spread were established in front of a classic plane. A “soaring to new heights” banner hung between two dowel rods and swayed gently in the breeze. Centered beneath the sign, a stunning two-tiered cake was proudly displayed. With cloud and pilot wing fondant accents and a plane sculpted out of chocolate, we couldn’t imagine a more impressive cake.

Matching cloud cupcakes in printed wrappers accompanied the cake. Aren’t those 3-D fondant airplanes by Edible Details awesome? Our favorite airplane-inspired refreshments consisted of “propeller push-up pops” decked out in printable wings and labels and filled with yogurt pretzels. There were delicious “up and away” themed cake pops by Oh My Cake. Bakeshop and even flying ace cookies by Flour-de-Lis, decorated to match our printable décor.

Additional snacks consisted of crackers stored away in school-inspired milk cartons with “aviator fuel” labels. Bags of pretzels were neatly packaged in bags with cute treat topper labels. Even mini luggage favor boxes from Whimsically Detailed made the perfect place to display peanuts!

More drinks were included with the desserts to help keep travelers hydrated. In addition to the “jet fuel juice”, we served up “pilot fuel” (water). Each glass was embellished with a printable wrapper and preppy paper straws (Toadally Cute) topped off with printable propellers.

An activity center rested under the span of the airplane wings. Place settings included airplane coloring sheets and new school supplies that were appropriately decked out for the fun learning adventure. Supplies included propeller pencils, glue bottles with custom labels, boxes of crayons wrapped in pilot wing-inspired wraps, and flight log journals. Landings and take-offs were practiced over and over again with foam airplanes.

Each guest even got to hop inside the cockpit and check out the control panel. Following their flight training, each received “official” pilot wings from the resident pilot, Mr. Thomas. The excited kids loaded up all of their take-off treats and school supplies in personalized school bags, also from Pocketbaby. Make sure you end your summer flying high and help your children soar into their new year of school!

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Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

This recipe was developed, tested, cooked and photographed by the Spaceships Kitchen. From our dinner table to yours, we hope you think it's out of this world!

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