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Back to School Party DIY Ruler Table Runner

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Are you looking for cute decoration ideas for a back to school themed party? I recently featured some apple plates that I made as part of Sam’s back to school party. I thought I would share another easy project that looks great — and looks even greater on the budget. It is the large ruler table runner that I created for $1! It works perfectly on a guest table but it would be a great décor piece for a dessert table, too. Read on for my easy instructions.
Back to School Party

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To make the table runner, I purchased one piece of poster board from my local dollar store. I cut it in half lengthwise and then glued it end-to-end.

The trick to not having an ugly seam when you glue something together is to use a good quality glue stick (a lot of it) and then put a strip of good quality, permanent double-sided tape over it, right at the edge.

School Bus Party Supplies for Back to School Party

Then to create the lines, measure at intervals along the “ruler” and draw the lines with a sharpie.

Once you’ve done that, blow up numbers on your computer to your desired size, with your desired font. Print and cut them out. Then stick them to the ruler using the glue stick, double-sided tape or glue dots.

And that’s it! I’m not sure if the photos do it justice but this project was adorable and added so much to the overall school house party vibe!

You could also make this ruler as a keepsake. Add more poster board as necessary and use it as part of an annual tradition to mark the height of your child on the first day of school each year. It would be easy to fold or roll up for storage.

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