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40 Things to Put Inside Easter Eggs

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Table of Contents
  1. Don't miss more fun Easter Ideas perfect for kids.
  2. Plus, check out 50 Easter Basket Treats that aren't Candy...

Make your egg hunt extra special this year. Fill plastic Easter eggs with egg-cellent surprises kids will love! You’ll void the sugar overload when you hide cool novelties like Finger Lights, Happy Easter Stampers, and Egg-Shaped Porcupine Balls in your eggs. Or how about Rainbow Putty Balls, Mini Ninja Stealth Warriors, Superhero Stickers or Velvet Animal Finger Puppets?

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Peruse this list for more fun ideas–kids will think your surprises are the greatest!


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1. Spring Stickers

2. Glitter Easter Tattoos

3. Happy Easter Stampers

4. Velvet Animal Finger Puppets

5. Skylanders Trap Team: Mini Power Punch Pet Vack

6. Funny Bunny Finger Puppets

7. Egg Shaped Porcupine Balls

8. Grow Your Own Dinosaurs Party Accessory

9. Grow Magic Capsule Safari Animals

10. Tan vs Green TimMee Plastic Army Men

11. GGI Finger Light Pack of 40 Pieces

12. Rainbow Putty Balls

13. Whistle Party Favors

14. Easter Jelly Bean Bubbles

15. Dozen Assorted Color Paw Print Theme Mini Plastic Springs

16. 36 Toy Filled Easter Eggs

17. Mini Cubes Party Favors Puzzle Cube

18. Play-Doh

19. Mini Ninja Stealth Warriors

20. Easter Mini Erasers

21. Mini Insect Erasers

22. Yabber Stretchable Sticky Sling Shot Frog

23. Easter Paratroopers

24. Frog Squirt Toy

25. Mini Sticky Hands

26. Easter Finger Puppets

27. Superhero Mini Figures Set Lego


29. Toy Cubby Mini Pull Back and Go Fast Racing Car

30. Star Wars Stickers ~ Over 300 Stickers

31. Mining Party Favors for 12

32. Marvel Pixelated Pixel Heroes Original Minis Figure

33. Cade Professional Mini Fingerboards/ Finger Skateboard

34. Paw Patrol Shoe Charms & Wristband

35. Paw Prints Wristbands

36. WWE Wrestler ID Dog Tags

37. Amscan Grand Slammin’ WWE Party Temporary Tattoos

38. 1 Dz. Mini Easter Yo-yos – Easter & Party Favors

39. Lot of 10 LEGO minifigures

40. Superhero Sticker Roll

Don’t miss more fun Easter Ideas perfect for kids.

Plus, check out 50 Easter Basket Treats that aren’t Candy

A close up of many different types of foods, with Basket and Candy

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