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30 Robot Birthday Parties You Will Love

Table of Contents
  1. Sit back, grab some robot fuel, and enjoy.
  2. 1. Robot Dessert Table
  3. 2. Robot Party Cake Pops
  4. 3. Robot Dessert Table
  5. 4. Robot Themed Birthday Party
  6. 4. Robot Birthday Party
  7. 5. Robot Themed Baby Shower
  8. 6. Robot Party
  9. 7. Robot Popcorn Bags
  10. 8. Robot Cake
  11. 9. Robot Themed Birthday Party
  12. 10. Robot Themed Birthday
  13. 11. Robot Rules Collection
  14. 12. Build Your Own Robot
  15. 13. Robot Design Academy
  16. 14. DIY Robot Favors
  17. 15. Robot Party
  18. 16. Robot 5th Birthday
  19. 17. Robot Costumes
  20. 18. Robot Birthday Party on a Budget
  21. 19. Robot Themed Birthday Party
  22. 20. Robot Themed Second Birthday
  23. 21. Robot Party Cupcakes
  24. 22. Robot Themed Birthday
  25. 23. Eclectic Robot Themed Birthday Party
  26. 24. Robot Themed Party Tablescape
  27. 25. Fantastic Robot Themed Birthday Party
  28. 26. Robots and Rockets Party
  29. 27. Robot Cookie Pops
  30. 28. Boy's Robot Themed Birthday
  31. Looking for robot party supplies? Here are some of our favorites!
  32. Check out more great robot themed party ideas.
  33. Plus, don't miss out on 25 Alien & Space Themed Birthday Parties...

From robot dessert tables to robot favors, to robot cakes and cupcakes, enjoy a round-up of 30 of some of the best robot party ideas and supplies online.

30 robot parties you will love, from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Sit back, grab some robot fuel, and enjoy.

This amazing robot birthday dessert table will blow your guests away.

1. Robot Dessert Table

From Little Big Company

What makes this robot birthday dessert table from Little Big Company so great? It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and a high level of detail.

Robot cake pops are the perfect treat for automaton-themed birthdays.

2. Robot Party Cake Pops

From Blue Cupcake via Spaceships and Laser Beams

These robot party desserts are seriously some of the best I’ve ever seen. From the super talented Blue Cupcake, you have to check out these cake pops as well as the matching cupcakes, cake and rice crispy treats.

This incredible robot-themed cake will impress even the most emotionless of robots.

3. Robot Dessert Table

From The Couture Cakery

How great is this robot birthday party from The Couture Cakery? The red and blue really pop and set it apart from other parties with the same theme.

Robots don't have to be gray. Spice up your party with bright colors.

4. Robot Themed Birthday Party

From Mulberry Paperie via Hostess with the Mostess

Color (but with huge hits of white) also plays a big role in this adorable robot-themed party. It was thrown by Mulberry Paperie for her son’s second birthday party – and deservingly received a feature on Hostess with the Mostess.

Keep kids busy with robot-themed activities.

4. Robot Birthday Party

From Hostess with the Mostess

I consider this to be the mother of all robot parties. Three years ago, when I was looking for robot party ideas for my own son’s first birthday, this party by Hostess with the Mostess was literally the only cute party I could find. I think its little DIY robot centerpiece still sets the gold standard for adorable robots.

Adorable robot decor makes for a perfect party.

5. Robot Themed Baby Shower

From Hostess with the Mostess

If the previous party was the mother of all robot parties, then I guess this is the baby. Hostess with the Mostess recently created this robot themed baby shower and it’s beyond adorable.

Incredible, 3D robot cake!

6. Robot Party

From Bunnycakes

This robot party is so sweet. And that cake!!! Bunnycakes helped plan it for her nephew’s first birthday. The inspiration for the colors (orange and blue) and theme was an incredible robot quilt his mom sewed.

Party grab bags, filled with popcorn and stamped with robots. Cute!

7. Robot Popcorn Bags

From Melbourne Epicure

I would love to attend a party where popcorn was available in these robot popcorn bags. This heightened level of adorable was served up by Melbourne Epicure.

Incredible detail on this robot cake.

8. Robot Cake

From Ciao Annie

Speaking of robot cakes, this one from Ciao Annie is beyond awesome. Created for her son’s first birthday party, it has real working lights. ‘Nuff said.

Robot-themed snacks will make your guests all the more excited about the party's theme.

9. Robot Themed Birthday Party

From Jane of Short and Sweet via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Jane of Short and Sweet threw this robot-themed birthday party for her son and nephew – and a staggering 100 guests! She made everything herself -the decor, the signs, the labels, the favor boxes, and that cute robot cake.

Cute details will take your robot party to the next level.

10. Robot Themed Birthday

From A to Z Celebrations via Kara’s Party Ideas

There’s no end to the party inspiration that can be found on Kara’s Party Ideas and that’s where I first found this robot-themed birthday party. It was styled by A to Zebra Celebrations.

DIY dessert table with a robot theme. Cute and interactive.

11. Robot Rules Collection

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

In a round-up of 30 robot parties, we couldn’t leave our own off the list, now could we? To promote our Robot Rules Collection, we styled this “Make Your Own Robot” dessert table.

Build your own edible robot! Fun, easy, and tasty.

12. Build Your Own Robot

From The Celebration Shop

This build your own robot card from The Celebration Shop is nothing short of genius. It was created as part of a fabulous robot-themed 7th birthday party.

This high-tech treat table is sure to satisfy even the most advanced of appetites.

13. Robot Design Academy

From My Insanity

From My Insanity, this robot design academy party was thrown for her six year old son. This party has the most adorable 3D robot party invitation ever.

The cutest party favors ever - robots made of treats!

14. DIY Robot Favors

From Little Bit Funky

These DIY robot favors have to be some of the best I’ve seen for a robot party. Little Bit Funky made them out of a slinky, box tick tacs, chocolates and crayons for her son’s third birthday party.

Incredible robot cake for an amazing party.

15. Robot Party

From Etincelle Creative Studio

This robot party was a labor of love for Etincelle Creative Studio. From the dessert table to the handmade favors, her client was thrilled with the results.

Robot and Party

16. Robot 5th Birthday

From Kat’s Cakes via Spaceships and Laser Beams

The characters created by Kat’s Cakes for this robot birthday party could not be any more perfect. The colors highlight the gears and matching food.

Robot costumes for the whole family

17. Robot Costumes

From My Creative Vision

And how about these robot characters? LOL! Love those robot costumes. There is so much awesomeness happening at this little boy’s robot-themed birthday – and Creative Vision captured it all!

Easy foil robot decor

18. Robot Birthday Party on a Budget

From Buttercream Bling via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Talk about a tight budget! Buttercream Bling created robot birthday party was done as part of our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge. Isn’t the DIY robot at the center of the dessert table the cutest?

Cog cupcakes and cake - robot-themed treats.

19. Robot Themed Birthday Party

From A Blissful Nest

As a party supply company, the greatest thrill is seeing a customer take your work and make it sing. We’re sure that’s how A Blissful Nest must have felt after seeing this customer’s party.

Cute cake decorations are sure to keep the birthday boy happy!

20. Robot Themed Second Birthday

From A Blissful Nest via Celebrations at Home

And using the same printable collection her customer used in the previous party, here’s how A Blissful Nest styled her own son’s robot-themed second birthday.

Robot-iced cupcakes are cute and quick!

21. Robot Party Cupcakes

From Domestic Charm

Domestic Charm threw this robot party to celebrate her son’s fourth birthday. The themed activities were fun for kids and parents alike – including the DIY robot bodies for the kids and adults to dress up in.

Robot party games will take your themed party up a notch.

22. Robot Themed Birthday

From Lily Paul Designs via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Candace of Lily Paul Designs threw this robot party in honor of her son’s first birthday. She included so many fabulous details – I’m loving the build a bot activity she had for the kids.

Electric-robot themed birthday party!

23. Eclectic Robot Themed Birthday Party

From Kinderplays

This eclectic robot-themed party from Kinderplays is chock full of ideas. And I love the light blue, red and yellow color palette. Perfect for a boy’s birthday party.

Use repetition to create an "automatic" robot party.

24. Robot Themed Party Tablescape

From Pretty Pink Tulips

The use of repetition on this robot-themed party tablescape is what sets it apart. It was planned by Pretty Pink Tulips for her son’s 6th birthday.

Beautiful photographs make sure the gorgeous details of this party are captured forever.

25. Fantastic Robot Themed Birthday Party

From Etincelle Creative

The photography alone is reason enough to take a peek at this robot-themed birthday party. But it’s the ideas that Proud Monkey Photography incorporates into her son’s fourth birthday party make it worth the visit.

Robots and rockets - every space adventures' dream birthday.

26. Robots and Rockets Party

From Sunshine Parties

Could there ever be a better combination than robots and rockets? Maybe peanut butter and jelly. Maybe. I love the ideas used in this robots and rockets party for a two year old boy, which was planned by Sunshine Parties.

Robot cookie pops are great treats, and easy to fit to your color scheme.

27. Robot Cookie Pops

From Ma’ Cake via Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas

I cannot get enough of the robot cookie pops that were part of this robot themed party Ma’ Cake and by featured on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas.

28. Boy’s Robot Themed Birthday

From Bleu Cupcakery via Spaceships and Laser Beams

I know a lot of boys who would like a retro robot-themed birthday. And even a few husbands too. LOL! This colorful version was created by Love Paper Paint for her son’s third birthday. The invitations are a definite must-see.

Looking for robot party supplies? Here are some of our favorites!

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  • Create Your Own Robot Activity Book
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  • Robot Cupcake Mold
  • Robot Party Favor Treat Bags
  • Robot Lolly Chocolate Candy Mold
  • Robot Fabric Wall Decals
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  • Robot Toys
  • Robots Candy Boxes
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  • Robots Cupcake Picks

Check out more great robot themed party ideas.

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