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15 Robot Birthday Cakes (And Cupcakes!) You Will Love

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I’m in love with every robot birthday party cake idea in this post!

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a robot birthday cake? And we have compiled 15 themed cakes and cupcakes that you will love. Whether the color palette is blue, green, orange or classic grey, these robot cakes are the perfect complement to any boy’s robot themed birthday party.

Cake and Robot

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If you have a favorite cake maker or are fantastic with fondant, check out these great robot cakes. If you want to go a more simple route, we also have listed a ton of great robot cake supplies at the end of the post that will have you whipping up your little boy’s birthday cake in no time.

Cake and Birthday

1. Robot Party Cake

From Etincelle Creative Studio

This adorable robot cake is bright and cheery, with the sweetest edible letter blocks spelling out the birthday boy’s name! I love the orange and blue color theme, and setting the cake on foam cubes adds so much dimension and interest to the dessert table. On top of being an amazing decoration, this robot cake also doubles as a delicious treat.

Cake and Robot

2. Robot Academy Birthday Cake

From My Insanity

Adorable and delectable, this standing robot cake is the perfect do it yourself dessert for a robot themed birthday celebration. Four layers of your favorite flavored cake get layered on top of a simple stand, and iced to look like a robot’s body. Decorate the arms and legs with powdered donuts and then create a robot head with some creative cake carving and a layer of fondant. Any kid would go crazy for this impressive cake!


3. Robot first birthday cake

From Bunnycakes

Create a life-sized duplication of your favorite adorable robot cartoon! A wooden cake stand with robot legs makes it incredibly easy to stack layers of birthday cake to create the robot body and head. Go crazy and decorate with fondant to make the details. This cute little robot cake is sure to win the heart of your guests and birthday kids.

A colorful toy on a table

4. Robot Cake Stands

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Gather up a bunch of household items like metal cans, cookie sheets, cake pants, bottle caps, and aluminum foil to craft these awesome robot cupcake stands. Collect all of the silver items you can then get creative by stacking different items to make multi-tiered trays for your dessert display. Use round cookie sheets or pizza trays to hold the cupcakes and make an adorable robot face with permanent marker or black tape.

A birthday cake

5. Robot birthday cake

From Ciao Annie

Beep boop beep! Add some extra excitement to your child’s robot themed birthday party with this impressive robot cake complete with working lights! A delicious layered cake decorated with sweet fondant and royal icing is topped with a working light box. Cover the simple, DIY light box with fondant and add it to the top of the cake. The end result is the best robot cake you could ever imagine.


6. Robot birthday cake

From Blue Cupcake via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Talk about great things coming in small packages. This little cake is perfectly decorated with cut out robots and spaceships made of fondant. It is simple to recreate, too. Cover a small layered cake with fondant, then decorate to your hearts content. For small birthday parties this cake is the perfect size. IF you love this cake, you will also want to check out the cupcakes below.


7. Robot cupcake toppers

From Blue Cupcake via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Complimenting cupcakes to the adorable cake featured above! These little guys are completely out of this world. Fondant cupcake toppers with adorable robot faces, rocket ships, and the birthday child’s initials or age are the perfect way to spice up plain old cupcakes. If you are short on baking time, it is also a great way to add a personal touch to store-bought cupcakes!

Cake and Robot

8. Make your own robot party birthday cake

From Spaceships and Laser Beams
Make this fun and colorful birthday cake with Skittles, gumballs, M&Ms, and an adorable set of fondant robot cake toppers. The colors are bright and fun, and you don’t even have to roll out fondant to create it. Stick the candies to the side of a homemade cake to create stripes, then sprinkle the leftovers over the top. Two little robot figures nest right on top.

A cake sitting on top of a table

9. Budget-friendly robot party cupcakes

From Buttercream Bling via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Part of our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge series from a few years ago, these robot cupcake toppers were made to match a super cute robot themed birthday party. The green and orange robot heads are an adorable addition to home baked cupcakes, and they are surprisingly easy to create. Make or buy a few different colors of fondant, then cut out a few simple shapes to build the robots’ faces.

Cake and Robot

10. Robot birthday party cake + dessert table

From Ma’ Cake via Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas
It’s the beautiful white, grey and turquoise color palette that make me love this birthday cake. Plus the fondant robots perched on the cake plate are beyond sweet.


11. Tiny fondant robot cake

From Yuma Couture Cakes via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Sometimes you don’t need a giant, over the top cake for children’s birthday parties. Given the teeny tiny scale of this cake, it would be perfect for smaller birthday parties or even a smash cake for a robot themed first birthday. The tiny cake that he is carrying is extra adorable and easily makes this cake one of the most original robot birthday cakes we have ever seen. Your birthday boy is sure to love this wonderful cake!

Cake and Robot

12. Space robots birthday cake

From Nina’s Cupcakery

This space robot birthday cake is out of this world! A giant, over-size space ship is the main focus of this space robot cake. Made with great detail that resemble a rocket that’s ready to take-off on a great adventure. Four different space robot characters are hand crafted and gathered up front. Even a robot wind up mouse is perfectly placed and ready to head out on a mission to space with the birthday child.

A close up of a toy

13. Robot cake for 100 people

From Short and Sweets via Spaceships and Laser Beams

How incredible is this giant robot cake? Instead of a small figurine on top of an otherwise boring cake, this edible robot is bright, cheery, and his tummy lights up with the birthday boy’s name! The fondant details are fantastic, and I love that the robot is holding two cupcakes – it’s the perfect spot to put the birthday candles. Check out the awesome robot head cake pops, too.

Cake and Robot

14. Awesome robot cake and topper

From My Creative Vision

This custom robot cake is so amazing. It is bright and cheery, with colorful frosting in blue, green, and orange. The sides of the two-tiered cake are decorated with the cutest robots and gears made from fondant! The birthday boy’s name was also spelled out in bright red fondant for an extra special touch.

A little boy that is standing in a room

15. Robot birthday party

From A Blissful Nest via Celebrations at Home

This cheerful robot themed party is full of fun patterns, bright colors, and the most adorable robot decorations. The star of the show is a beautiful layered cake decorated with fondant gears, friendly robots, and brightly colored dots. Not too big and not too small, it is the perfect cake for a family party with a robot theme that everyone is sure to love.

Cake and Robot

Still want more robot birthday cake ideas? Check out these great supply ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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