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Make Your Own Robot Party and Dessert Table

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  1. Here's a unique spin on the classic robot birthday party theme!
  2. Want Some More Easy Robot Ideas?

Here’s a unique spin on the classic robot birthday party theme!

Around here, we love a good robot themed birthday party. We’ve featured several awesome ones with tons of great ideas that can be recreated. This one is a “make your own robot” party that was created here at Spaceships and Laser Beams using Jodene’s Robot Rules Collection!

The concept of making your own robot was meant to elevate an ordinary dessert table and create a fun and hands on party for your birthday boy and his friends! Plus, there is lots of room for creativity as well!

I have my friend Catherine to thank for the idea of doing a “Make Your Own Robot” dessert table. She’s a foodie and I’m not. When we were discussing Jodene‘s Robots Rule Collection, Catherine threw out the idea of a make your own robot dessert because she loved doing it as a kid. Perfect I thought. Let’s do a whole table around it. This photo shoot is the result. Check out more of my husband Mike’s photos below.

These fondant cake toppers were purchased months ago from LC Cakes. Since I actually paid for them, I am under no obligation to say anything nice but I will because they were perfect. When I received them, I was shocked at how perfect a replica they were of Jodene‘s robot characters. So awesome.

This cake was so easy to make. I pinned lots of inspiration online, but  really anyone could do this version.

What could be simpler than some bright bowls to display some colorful candy in?! You could serve a wide variety of candies easily this way!

The cupcake wrappers and party hats also feature our robot friend characters.

A simple green tray lined with our character paper is an easy display spot for the robot bodies. It’s easy for guests to choose their “robot parts” from the plastic shot glasses, which were purchased from the dollar store. I thought the chevron paper printed bags around the “robot bodies” gave a fun pop to the table.

Juice boxes are wrapped in silver wrapping paper with eyes added to look like robots! I cut a new hole for the straw in the middle of the top of the box so that they would look more robot like. Green glass bottles for drinks are a simple way to bring another pop of color to your table.

Want Some More Easy Robot Ideas?

Here are some of my favorite robot themed products that will make your party even better!

  • These Wind Up Futuristic Robots would make fantastic party favors!
  • How cute are these darling Robot Rubber Duckiess?
  • These Wooden Robot Toy are unique and cute!
  • If you are trying to find a cute cupcake kit, these Meri Meri Space Cadets Robot Cupcake Kit really cute!
  • This Create Your Own Robot Sticker Activity Book is the perfect activity to keep little ones busy during the party!

Check out more great robot party ideas here on our blog as well!

  • 30 Robot Birthday Parties You’ll Love
  • Robot Birthday DIY Cupcake Stand
  • Robot 5th Birthday Party Dessert Table

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