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20 Charming Gender Reveal Party Ideas and Themes

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Table of Contents
  1. Can you keep a secret? If so, gender reveal parties are FUN!
  2. 1. Ties or Tutus 
  3. 2. Silly String Gender Reveal 
  4. 3. Fabric Backdrop 
  5. 4. Gender Reveal Piñata 
  6. 5. Bow Ties or Hair Bows Gender Reveal
  7. 6. Team Spirit 
  8. 7. Baby Reveal Decorations 
  9. 8. Confetti Balloons 
  10. 9. Gender Reveal Cookies
  11. 10. Clock Themed Gender Reveal
  12. 11. Box of Balloons to Review Baby's Gender
  13. 12. Scratch It Reveal DIY 
  14. 13. Interactive Card 
  15. 14. Paint Party 
  16. 15. Secret Agent 007
  17. 16. Waddle It Be? Gender Reveal Theme
  18. 17. Gender Reveal Egg Packages 
  19. 18. Pink or Blue 
  20. 19. Science Gender Reveal 
  21. 20. Countdown Gender Reveal
  22. Help plan your own gender reveal party with these great party supplies:
  23. more great themes and ideas perfect for a gender reveal party:
  24. Plus, don't miss 34 Awesome Boy Baby Shower Themes...

Can you keep a secret? If so, gender reveal parties are FUN!

This round-up of charming gender reveal party ideas includes entire party set-ups as well as suggestions for the big reveal. There are so many cool gender reveal themes and ways to announce a sweet arrival whether you say he/she, rifles/ruffles, ties/tutus, miss/mister, boots/ballet or stashes/lashes.

Say it with cake, cookies, balloons, silly string, water pistols, piñatas, clocks, cards, eggs or scratch offs. For the most delicious reveal ever, check out these gender reveal cupcakes.

Celebrate the mom to be with A Vintage Style Dessert Table.

1. Ties or Tutus 

From Laura’s Little Party

Who says a gender reveal party must be in pink and blue? This “ties or tutus” gender reveal looks gorgeous in yellow and grey.

This gender reveal features yummy desserts—including a 3-tiered cake, cupcakes, cookies, marshmallow pops, chocolate covered pretzels and cake pops, tasty appetizers, and 3 different fruit spritzer ideas.

Plus, you’ll love the idea shared for refurbishing an old dresser into the dessert table.

2. Silly String Gender Reveal 

From Front Porch Sittin’ with the Fentons

There are so many fun ideas in this gender reveal, including a vote casting station for boy or girl, complete with mustache (boy) or pink lips (girl) photo props to coordinate with your vote.

The food was divided into two areas for typical boy vs. girl cravings too. So fun. Plus, this party features such a unique way to get everyone involved in the reveal of the baby’s gender.

Each person was given a color-camouflaged can of silly string. On the signal, guests celebrated by spraying their can of silly string, revealing the baby’s gender. What fun!

3. Fabric Backdrop 

From Two Twenty One

One charming idea for your gender reveal dessert party table is to create a fabric strip backdrop featuring half pink strips and half blue strips.

The dessert table in this gender reveal party was the focal point of the party and featured pink cookies and cake pops on the pink side and matching treats in blue on the other side.

The gender reveal cake was centered in the middle, awaiting the big reveal.

4. Gender Reveal Piñata 

From Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Who says only kids like a party piñata?! A fun way to announce the gender of a baby at a gender reveal party is by stuffing a piñata (or having the piñata stuffed by a friend if the parents-to-be want to be surprised too) with colored tissue paper confetti to coordinate with the baby’s gender (blue = boy and pink = girl).

Adults and kids will have fun with the reveal! You can have the couple pull a string to unleash the colored confetti or have guests take swings at the piñata to unveil the surprise.

5. Bow Ties or Hair Bows Gender Reveal

From Suzie; via Catch My Party

Have your party guests wear their vote at the next gender reveal party you host.

This party features handmade blue bow ties or pink hair bows, which guests are invited to don after making their prediction for the baby’s gender.

Guests sporting bow ties predict a boy, while guests wearing hair bows predict a girl. The big reveal on whether the bow tie or hair bow wearers were correct comes via the icing inside the cake. So fun.

6. Team Spirit 

From Sadie James Photography

Invite family and close friends to come to your baby gender reveal party dressed in either pink (girl) or blue (boy) according to their guess of the baby’s gender!

It’s a fun way to see who is Team Pink or Team Girl from the very start! Which team will win?

Unveil the answer using cupcakes with the appropriately colored frosting inside. Then celebrate the big reveal by eating the cupcake.

7. Baby Reveal Decorations 

From A to Zebra Celebrations

Creating lovely and soft baby gender reveal party decorations can be totally affordable with some of these genius ideas.

A dessert table backdrop made from pink and blue scrapbook paper for only $5? So clever.

Or how about DIYing your own onesie shaped party banner using glitter, scrapbook paper and letters? Printable decorations such as bottle wrappers and party logos attached to sucker sticks can tie the look together.

8. Confetti Balloons 

From Gender Reveal

Shower guests at your gender reveal party with the sweet news of your baby’s gender.

Fill large 36” balloons with a festive confetti mix in shades of pink or blue. When it’s time for the big reveal, grab a pin, pop the balloon and let the fluttering confetti do the talking. What a festive way to share the sweet news.

9. Gender Reveal Cookies

From Montreal Confections

Add gender reveal cookies to your creative list of gender reveal party ideas! You’ve seen cakes and cupcakes with interior cake or frosting in pink or blue—now there’s a cookie version too.

Dispatch the good news with a bite of something sweet. A colored cookie within a cookie reveals the surprise. It’s like two treats in one—double the fun!

10. Clock Themed Gender Reveal

From Lulu’s via Kara’s Party Ideas

A lot of patient waiting is required when it comes to the big reveal of a baby’s gender, making a clock theme a fun gender reveal party theme.

You’ll love the details of this celebration which includes plenty of clock decorations and desserts and references to time.

The actual reveal is genius—a DIY’d mock cuckoo clock that trumpets the announcement.

11. Box of Balloons to Review Baby’s Gender

From Inspired By This

Blue or pink? What do you think? Always a fun way to telegraph the exciting news, fill a decorated box with pink or blue balloons and let the happy parents-to-be send the balloon news sky-high.

12. Scratch It Reveal DIY 

From Burlap and Babies

Want to get all of your guests in on the action for your gender reveal? This DIY scratch card reveal is so fun and clever.

At just the right moment, present one of these cards to the guests and let each recipient make the discovery.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of making your own scratch cards using clear contact paper, metallic acrylic paint, liquid dish soap, paper, round circle punch, paint brush and plenty of time. Plan ahead for this cool gender reveal idea.

13. Interactive Card 

From Here’s Looking at Me Kid

Want to surprise your out-of-town friends and family with your fun gender reveal news? Don’t fret! This interactive gender reveal card is a fun way to spill the beans on your exciting news.

And, best of all, you can create these inexpensive cards yourself, personalized with your information. Your loved ones will enjoy getting your sweet surprise in their mailbox.

14. Paint Party 

From Macon Photography

Ready. Aim. Fire! This paint party gender reveal is so fun! Happy parents-in-waiting make great targets for guests with water pistols filled with paint.

You’ll want to allow plenty of time to fill water pistols with watered down paint.

And, you’ll want to be sure that if any water pistols are leaking the reveal color that you disguise this by splattering both sets of colors all over the exterior of each guest’s gun so that the surprise isn’t revealed before intended.

15. Secret Agent 007

From Tim Duncan Events via The Celebration Society

Party guests love solving a mystery! This time, how about inviting guests to come to your Secret Agent 007 themed gender reveal, dressed as secret agents? Then put them to work solving clues that lead to the big gender reveal.

16. Waddle It Be? Gender Reveal Theme

From Kate Landers Events

Soft shades of yellow and white paired with sweet little duck details make wonderful décor at a gender reveal party where guests are asked “Waddle it be?”.

This adorable theme is inspired by the book, Make Way for Ducklings. Guests were given the opportunity to make their best “quack” at predicting the gender before the big cake reveal.

17. Gender Reveal Egg Packages 

From Style Me Pretty Living

The best gifts come in small packages, or so it’s said. Share the news with friends and family by gifting them their own small package! Send prepared eggs in paper shred-filled boxes with the fun news inserted.

18. Pink or Blue 

From The TomKat Studio 

Need help planning your own gender reveal party? Incorporating blue and pink party products and treats can help set the stage for a fun reveal.

Here are some tips and free printables to help you plan a precious gender reveal party.

19. Science Gender Reveal 

From The 1st Hundred

Want to concoct a gender reveal party that is different from the balloon boxes and gender reveal cakes that are so common?

Go check out this science gender reveal to see how they cleverly announced their secret concoction, including the Big Sister Prototype and The Latest Model.

Guests made their own hypotheses about the baby’s gender before the ultimate party experiment revealed the fun news.

20. Countdown Gender Reveal

From Indianapoluxe via Hostess with the Mostess

Counting the votes for boy and girl was just a small portion of this fun gender reveal party.

This hip countdown theme ended when the announcement came in a bang of fireworks. The clock décor was an easy choice to help reinforce the countdown theme.

Help plan your own gender reveal party with these great party supplies:

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  • Team Pink or Team Blue Voting Tally Board
  • Gender Reveal Foil Banner
  • Bow or Bowtie Dangling Cutouts
  • Little Man or Little Miss Cupcake Picks
  • Gender Reveal Scratch Off Game
  • Baby Gender Reveal – Photo Booth Props

more great themes and ideas perfect for a gender reveal party:

Plus, don’t miss 34 Awesome Boy Baby Shower Themes

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