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13 Backyards Designed for Entertaining Kids

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Table of Contents
  1. These kid-friendly backyard landscaping ideas are so cool, even adults will love them!
  2. 1. Handmade Hideaway 
  3. 2. Making a Play Garden
  4. 3. Music Wall 
  5. 4. A Colorful & Inspired Backyard Playground 
  6. 5. Giant Painted Wooden Blocks 
  7. 6. Backyard Skate Ramp 
  8. 7. Deluxe DIY Sandbox Tutorial 
  9. 8. Pottery Barn-Inspired Sandbox
  10. 9. DIY Wooden Roads & Ramps for Toy Cars 
  11. 10. DIY Backyard Climbing Wall 
  12. 11. Outdoor Chalkboard
  13. 12. Backyard Beach 
  14. 13. Teepee Sandbox 
  15. Check out these fun products for your kid-friendly backyard gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams...
  16. Check out more great ideas for outdoor fun...
  17. Plus, don't miss 10 Outdoor Party Ideas We Love...

These kid-friendly backyard landscaping ideas are so cool, even adults will love them!

It’s time for outdoor entertaining. Keep reading for ideas on making a handmade hideaway, a play garden, a music wall, giant, painted wooden blocks and a backyard skate ramp.

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You’ll also find inspiration for several sandbox ideas: a deluxe DIY sandbox, a Pottery Barn-inspired sandbox, a backyard beach plus a teepee sandbox.

You won’t want to miss the DIY climbing wall or the wooden ramps for toy cars. Get ready to be inspired and create a fabulous backyard entertaining area your family will enjoy this entire summer!

You might also want to check out these tents for a little inspiration.

See Also

1. Handmade Hideaway 

From The Handmade Home

This Handmade Hideaway would make THE BEST birthday present for any kid who loves outdoor play, adventures, and appreciates a dedicated space in which to do all of the above. It also makes a great creative space for learning and playing.

It’s a great DIY project if you want to level up your outdoor space to be a little more kid-friendly without costing yourself an arm and a leg.

Keep in mind that replicating this project is no small feat. You can check out the how-to-build series that is broken up into sections like: The Deck, The Walls, Railing + Shutters, and the roof.

It will walk you through the building process from start to finish. If you love DIY, and can’t wait for your kids to have a place of their own in your backyard, start saving your money.

The supply list is extensive and while DIYing it will definitely save you money, it still isn’t totally cheap.

2. Making a Play Garden

From The Imagination Tree

A Play Garden like this is a great idea if you have a bit of extra space in your yard. Kids can have fun growing plants, experiencing sensory play, and enjoying their very own digging patch.

To make your own play garden, begin by planting colorful, non-toxic plants in a free area in your yard. You can even add a low-level garden fence to separate it from the rest of your yard. T

his is an especially great backyard design for keeping toddlers and preschoolers entertained.

This kind of play garden encourages hours of healthy, everyday outdoor play! Kids would especially love having child-sized tools and watering cans to use in their play garden.

3. Music Wall 

From Filth Wizardry

A Music Wall makes for a stimulating sensory experience. Kids love to make a racket, so they’ll adore being able to go and play outside on their very own music wall!

Putting together your own musical wall is fairly simple. First, you’ll need to gather up some instruments.

Ideas could include hanging pieces of a xylophone, wind chimes, tambourines, shelves, grates, pots, pans and bowls. You can attach your instruments to a wooden fence using nails and various hardware.

All of these items create a variety of sounds, and would be fun for children. They can use wooden spoons to bang and clang on the instruments. These can be hung from hooks for easy storage.

4. A Colorful & Inspired Backyard Playground 

From Apartment Therapy

I love the bright, rainbow theme of this Backyard Playground. A little DIY magic and a few cans of spray paint can really bring a backyard to life and create a space your children will love to spend hours and hours of creative and imaginative play!

Some highlights to look for include the rainbow colored walking path created from wood slices and spray paint, as well as the swing made from rope and a repurposed wooden chair.

A fresh coat of spray paint and removed legs make it a beautiful addition to the backyard.

The colorful pennant banners hanging from the fence add to the magic feel of this backyard playground.

5. Giant Painted Wooden Blocks 

From Filth Wizardry

Having some Giant Painted Wooden Blocks in your backyard will definitely keep kids entertained.

Making these is a great DIY project to get the kids involved in too, and you can paint them whatever colors you’d like.

The creative play possibilities with these giant blocks are endless. Some ideas that come to mind include using them as stepping stones and building blocks.

How about a Jenga inspired game? The kids can stack them, roll them, toss them, and throw them. They can knock them down, spread them out, or leave them as colorful yard decorations.

6. Backyard Skate Ramp 

From Home Life

If someone in your home lives by the motto, “Skate or die”, this backyard skate ramp may just be the kind of thing their dreams are made of.

Now, this backyard hack is only applicable if you have a very large yard with a lot of extra space. But really, what kid (and adult) doesn’t dream of a Skate Ramp in their backyard?!! This is a fun way to play on skateboards, and makes for a really entertaining backyard.

This is definitely a great choice for keeping your children active and entertained outdoors, all summer long!

7. Deluxe DIY Sandbox Tutorial 

From Small Friendly

I love the idea of this Deluxe DIY Sandbox. It closes up, keeping the sand clean and safe. DIYing this bad boy does require some basic construction skills.

And you will need a few power tools too—particularly a saw, sander, drill and paintbrush.

Other materials include wood, plywood, screws, steel door hinges, sand paper, wood sealant, beach sand, and sand toys.

You can follow the step-by-step instructions that walk you through building the base and deck, give you help on adding the handle and hinges, and even help you prep for “the big finish” before revealing the deluxe sandbox for its big backyard debut.

Backyard and Wood

8. Pottery Barn-Inspired Sandbox

From Mommy’s Tool Belt

If you want your sandbox to be more of a feature, less of an eyesore, then this Pottery Barn Inspired Sandbox might be just what you’re looking for.

It’s great for keeping the kids entertained, is a nice enclosed area for housing sand and sand toys, plus it looks pretty chic too!

The stylish fabric awning helps provide partial protection from the elements, and lanterns and bug traps can hang from the support structure.

9. DIY Wooden Roads & Ramps for Toy Cars 

From Buggy & Buddy

This is a little more of a rustic backyard idea than the last two, which will probably suit your kids just fine. All you need for these DIY Wooden Roads and Ramps is boards or planks, paint, masking tape, and a little bit of imagination.

While an easy and quick DIY, your children will have so much fun using them to create ramps and roads on which to drive their cars.

Since they aren’t a permanent backyard fixture, you can even take them inside or transport them to a different area in your yard or even another park or yard.

10. DIY Backyard Climbing Wall 

From Impatiently Crafty

If you have really active kids who need a challenging but safe play area close to home, then try this DIY Backyard Climbing Wall.

It’s the perfect choice for smaller lots where you are short on extra space, but tall on creative vision.

This example is built right on top of an existing side garage wall. Added safety precautions include adding rubber mulch and utilizing an inflatable mattress in the climbing area as needed.

You’ll need to be a seasoned DIY-er to get this one right, but the effort is definitely outweighed by the reward!

A sign in front of a building

11. Outdoor Chalkboard

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

This DIY Outdoor Chalkboard is an awesome way to take your children’s art studio outside this summer.

It is super easy to make with a piece of plywood from your local hardware store and homemade or store-bought chalkboard paint.

Get your kids involved and let them help sand and paint the wood. Mount the chalkboard at kid height for an outdoor art station that will keep your kids busy for hours!

Your little ones will love drawing and playing pretend with this simple family DIY. Plus it is a great way to keep them occupied while you are grilling or relaxing on the porch.

12. Backyard Beach 

From Better Together

Here’s another great sandbox idea — a Backyard Beach! It’s easy to put together! You can create your own backyard beach by creating a sandbox out of railroad ties arranged in a square.

You’ll need to dig out any existing grass or dirt and make room for plenty of sand. The example featured used 20 bags of sand!

Before laying the sand, you’ll want to lay a foundation of landscaping fabric to keep weeds from growing. The addition of an awning provides a nice shaded option for those hot, sunny days.

This awning is created from painted PVC pipe and duck cloth.

To complete the backyard beach, add sand toys, miniature chairs, and even a kiddie pool. This beach inspired sandbox will offer hours and hours of fun!

13. Teepee Sandbox 

From Apartment Therapy

Finally, what about a backyard designed to entertain children in hot, shadeless areas of the world? Check out this Teepee Sandbox that offers the fun of a sandbox with the relief of some shade.

If you live in a really sunny area, then this is a great way to protect kids from the heat. It also offers a great potential hidey-hole, and would make a really fun play area.

This teepee sandbox includes a teepee cover made from patio screen material, which is said to help reduce the temperature by 15 degrees in the shade.

This is a great feature for anyone who lives in hot areas as this could help protect children from overheating.

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Check out more great ideas for outdoor fun…

Plus, don’t miss 10 Outdoor Party Ideas We Love

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