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12 Walking Dead Inspired Zombie Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. The Walking Dead Themed Party round-up
  2. 2. Zombie Boogers
  3. 3. Kid Friendly Zombie Party
  4. 4. Zombie Cookies
  5. 5. Watermelon Brains
  6. 6. Chocolate Brains
  7. 7. Blood Splatter Cookies
  8. 8. Zombie Ear Cookies
  9. 9. Zombie Flesh Cupcakes
  10. 10. Brains in a Jar Cupcakes
  11. 11. Crunchy Zombie Eyes
  12. 12. Boarded up Fire Place Decoration
  13. Want more scary Halloween party ideas? Check out these parties for some great inspiration!
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Love a zombie movie scare? Dressed up as brain seeking zombies for Halloween? The internet is filled with zombie party ideas for your next undead bash, and I want to share some of my theme favorites from across the web. What makes a great zombie party? How about The Walking Dead theme party? Or if you are looking for a great party favor, how about Zombie boogers? There are also party snacks like Zombie Cookies, Watermelon Brains, Chocolate Brains, Zombie Ears, Zombie Flesh Cupcakes, Brains in a Jar, and Crunchy Zombie Eyes! You can’t forget the fun party decorations like a boarded up fire place!

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1. The Walking Dead Themed Party round-up

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

I’m obsessed with the television show The Walking Dead and these zombie themed parties prove that I am not the only one. If you are ready to take on the undead, you will find inspiration for zombie themed party decorations and supplies in this awesome round up of ideas. Cakes and cupcakes aren’t always what they seem on these dessert tables that might make you squirm while your birthday kid laughs!

2. Zombie Boogers

From Paper and Parcel

This recipe for Zombie Boogers is super, duper easy and is sure to make your guests shriek with delight. You can buy the adorable little treat bags online and stuff the bags with the green popcorn for a fun themed treat. The popcorn is made with a sweet coating dyed green for visual zombie effect. Little packs are perfect for party favors!

3. Kid Friendly Zombie Party

From Buttercream Bling via Spaceships and Laser Beams

What is better for little zombies than a couple of eye ball cake pops and a brain cupcake or two? This party is not your average bash. The party host created a great balance of zombie gore that boys will love with just the right amount of humour. I Heart Zombies decals and zombie marshmallow heads make the party super fun.

4. Zombie Cookies

From A Beautiful Mess

Add some adorable zombie cookies to your ghoulish dessert table! Plain sugar cookies are decorated with colorful icing and all kinds of candy decorations to look like funny zombie faces. These would also be super fun to decorate with all of the kids at the party as a party activity! Bake the cookies ahead of time and then let the kids’ imaginations run wild.

5. Watermelon Brains

From WonderHowTo inspired by connormashman

If you have ever played Plants vs. Zombies then you already know that brains are a delightful treat for our undead brethren. For those of us still living, we can indulge in some brain-related dining with this crazy cool DIY watermelon brain. In order to create this delicious dish all you will need is a peeler, sharp knife, cutting board, watermelon, and a brain!

6. Chocolate Brains

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

When I created my mad science party themed dessert table, I tried to get really creative with some of the food ideas. These chocolate brains were one of the easiest and most fun treats on the dessert table. I simply used a brain freeze ice cube tray as a chocolate mold to make the chocolates and then popped them in the freezer until ready to serve.

7. Blood Splatter Cookies

From Annie’s Eats, inspired by Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

A spookier option for adult zombie themed parties, these blood splatter cookies are a creepy addition to your party’s dessert table. These cookies are very easy to make too, even for those who are less than confident in their decorating skills. All you do is flood plain sugar cookies with royal icing, and then fling red icing around over top.

8. Zombie Ear Cookies

From Semi Sweet

Fans of The Walking Dead are sure to remember Daryl Dixon’s infamous ear necklace. Turn the gross prop into a creepy edible treat with this fun recipe! The Walking Dead ear necklace cookies are made with a refashioned skull cookie cutter, iced for texture, and splattered with red coloring for a real bloody effect. Lace a leather string through the ears for an instant zombie killing souvenir.

A group of colorful balloons

9. Zombie Flesh Cupcakes

From The Spiffy Cookie

Zombies have been feasting on humanity for decades and now it is time to strike back. Let the undead menace discover what it’s like to be gnawed on by whipping up a batch of these Horror Show Pistachio Zombie Cupcakes. Green, delicious and shockingly easy to make, they are sure to be a hit at your zombie themed party.

10. Brains in a Jar Cupcakes

From Living Locurto, with Kristan Roland

An amazing party calls for spooky treats, which means you have to whip up a batch of these Brains in a Jar Cakes. This creepy Halloween cake in a jar treat is so gross but so fun. Even though this looks like a yucky Halloween treat, the cake really does taste great! Make them ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator before serving.

A close up of food, with Party and Cookie

11. Crunchy Zombie Eyes

From Princess Pinky Girl

My favorite party treats are the ones that are super easy to make but liven up a dessert table. These Zombie Eyeballs are the epitome of easy and fun. Small waffle pretzels are decorated with a green melting candy, candy eyeball, and some red sugar sprinkles. The end result is a creepy and bloody looking treat that adds a whole level of fun to your dessert table.

12. Boarded up Fire Place Decoration

From A Thousand Phases

Keep the zombies out of the house! Board up your fireplace, doors, and windows using strips of cardboard with wood grain and nails drawn on them and then add some black poster board hands clawing their way inside. This super easy decoration adds a creepy and fun touch to the party space. Just make sure none of your party guests get scratched.

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A bunch of different types of food, with Zombie and Party

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