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13 Walking Dead and Zombie Birthday Parties

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I’m obsessed with the television show The Walking Dead – and these zombie and Walking Dead themed parties prove that I am not the only one.

If you’re ready to take on the un-dead, you’ll find inspiration for zombie themed party decorations and supplies in this round-up of ideas.

Cakes and cupcakes aren’t always what they appear on these dessert tables that might make you squirm…while your birthday boy (or girl) laughs!

The Walking Dead Zombie Birthday Party Ideas

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The Walking Dead & Zombie Birthday Party Ideas:

The Walking Dead Zombie Birthday Party Ideas

1. The Walking Dead Dessert Table

From Hello My Sweet

With their usual elan, HMS creates and lets you in on the how-to-do. An authentic looking table might make you think you’ve got everything you need to survive an attack.

2. Partying Zombies Boy’s Birthday

From Buttercream Bling via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Find special desserts to send everyone into a feeding frenzy. There’s enough gore in this party to satisfy a guy and enough restraint to afford parent relief.

3. Zombie Apocalypse End of the World Birthday Party

From Party Scribbles via Catch My Party

A safe house that’s been overrun with zombies is the setting for this party. The buffet of real food, but with disgusting monikers, should please any zombie.

You’ll find ideas of how to decorate with plastic sheeting and wood window frames for an authentic look.

Plants Fishing Zombies Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

4. Plants Fighting Zombies 6th Birthday Party

From Itsy Bells via Kara’s Party Ideas

Based on the video game of the same name, this party has cheerful sunflowers pitted against tie-wearing marshmallow pops! Wonder who wins? The Birthday Boy, of course.

Vintage zombie birthday party ideas

5. Vintage Zombie Themed Party

From Three Little Monkeys Studio via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Skewered eyeball cakepops , half-eaten hands and feet and zombies reaching out of the grave cupcakes send chills up the spine. Beware the feeding frenzy!

Zombie Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

6. 8th Birthday Zombie Theme

From Sunny by Design via Hostess With the Mostess

A zombie hunting guy wants a zombie apocalypse party that isn’t TOO scary or gross; mom delivers creepy zombies but no bloody body parts.

7. Plants vs Zombies

From Behar Party Designs via Catch My Party

This party has it all for the younger set: lots of color, zombie and plant suckers, growing brains, zombie eye patches and party decorations to go with the theme.

Kid Friendly Zombie Birthday Party Ideas

8. Zombie Treat Table

From Revel and Glitter

Lots of easy-to-create treats to be used for hosting a zombie friendly atmosphere, IF you want them to come.

9. From Kids Party Hub: Walking Dead Themed 12th Birthday Party – If you want gore, look no further. Severed heads and lighting effects coupled with a smoke machine make it even creepier.

Zombie Pets Birthday Party Ideas

10. Zombie Pets Birthday Party

From Zombie Pets via Kara’s Party Ideas

This is a colorful party based on a variety of eight plush toy characters. A free party pack includes invitations, thank you notes, cupcake wraps and toppers, a banner and more.

11. The Walking Dead 11th Birthday Celebration

From Tanya F via Catch My Party

Mom wanted a fun, not gruesome, gathering for her son and his friends so that’s the direction of this party. Silly string and Nerf guns ramp up the fun.

12. Halloween Zombie Party

From Three Little Monkeys Studio via Hostess With the Mostess

Enter zombie territory at your own risk! Not for the faint of heart, this room full of gore should satisfy adults with a zombie appetite.

13. Hocus Focus Halloween

From Jackie Culmer Photography via Hostess With the Mostess

A scavenger hunt, a zombie mystery and costumed guests as actors create a party to talk about long after the adventure.

Plus, if you’re a Walking Dead fan, throwing a viewing party would be the perfect excuse:

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Plus, don’t miss out on these spooky zombie party ideas.

Check out 12 Walking Dead Inspired Zombie Party Ideas

A bunch of food on a table, with Party and Zombie

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