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112 Birthday Cakes for Boys Part 2

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Table of Contents
  1. 34. Monster's Inc.
  2. 35. Wall-E
  3. 36. Cat-in-the-Hat
  4. 37. Cookie Monster
  5. 38. Jungle Book
  6. 39. Good Night Moon
  7. 40. Finding Nemo
  8. 41. Frozen: Sven and Olaf
  9. 42. Hobbit Hole Cake
  10. 43. Mystery Machine
  11. 44. Wii Remote
  12. 45. Angry Bird Layers
  13. 46. Angry Bird
  14. 47. Super Mario
  15. 48. Minecraft
  16. 49. Mario Kart
  17. 50. Rubik's Cube Cake
  18. 51. Jordan Shoebox
  19. 52. Bowling
  20. 53. Basketball Court
  21. 54. Basketball Jersey
  22. 55. Lacrosse Jersey Cake
  23. 56. Skateboard
  24. 57. Ball Cap
  25. 58. Baseball
  26. 59. Camping
  27. 60. Golf Course Cake
  28. 61. Have Suitcase, Will Travel
  29. 62. Airplane
  30. 63. Car Cake
  31. 64. Boat Cake
  32. 65. Racecar
  33. 66. Vintage Race Car
  34. 67. Air Traffic Control Tower
  36. Create your own homemade birthday cake with help from these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  37. Check out more great cakes perfect for a little boys birthday party.
  38. Be sure to check out 112 Birthday Cake Ideas Boys Will Love Part 1...
  39. Don't Miss 112 Birthday Party Cake Ideas Boys Will Love Part 3...

A cake is a cake is a cake? Nah.

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A cake is a racecar, a pair of tennis shoes, a bumblebee, a fox, an owl, a Hobbit hole, a train, a boat, an Angry Bird, a sport jersey, a Wii remote, oh, a boy’s birthday cake is an awesome confection!

Find all of these theme ideas and more in this second segment of our three part post of terrific birthday cakes. It just wouldn’t be a party without cake and ice cream. You’re cordially invited to be inspired!

See Also

34. Monster’s Inc.

From Beth Kruse, Beth Kruse Custom Creations

This simple, yet fun, Monsters Inc cake would be perfect for any little monster’s party! The cake on the bottom looks great with the fur detail. The cake on top perfectly nails Mike Wazowski’s big eyeball. Keep this cake in mind for your monstrous party.

35. Wall-E

From Kara’s Couture Cakes

Wow! This Wall-E cake has the most amazing details! With all of the little buttons, lettering, and detail to make him look worn down, this cake really has it all. This would be perfect for a Wall-E party, or even a robot party.

36. Cat-in-the-Hat

From Beth Kruse, Beth Kruse Custom Creations

The infamous hat is adorably recreated in cake form here. This would be a simple, but stunning centerpiece for your party’s dessert table. Not only does it look great, but you just need some simple piping skills to put this cake together, making it all the better.

37. Cookie Monster

From Frog Prince Cake and Cookie Design via Sweetly Chic Events

If you have your very own cookie monster in your life, this cake would be perfect! I mean, how cute is this cake?! With the pastel blue and all of the tiny cookies on the cake, it truly is perfect. This would be a great cake for any young child’s party.

38. Jungle Book

From Cake Central

This cake would be perfect for any wild party you’re hosting. The sculpted figures are adorable, but you could always use some toys instead! All of the green and leafy detail work looks great, and would be super simple. Just take some fondant and cut little slits in it to look like leaves. Easy!


39. Good Night Moon

From Cake Central

This cake is absolutely amazing! It looks like an almost exact recreation of the book cover. This would be a cute cake for any toddler’s birthday party.

You could even use this cake’s pastel colors throughout your party, and you’ll have a beautiful color scheme.

40. Finding Nemo

From Zaneta Roic via Cake Central

This cake is beautiful and looks as if it’s a scene from the movie with it’s beautifully bright colors and all of the detailed characters. I love the manta ray on top carrying all of the little characters!

Any kid is positively sure to enjoy not only eating, but also looking at this cake. It will have everyone at your party talking about how cool it is!

41. Frozen: Sven and Olaf

From Little Cake Cupboard

For all of those Frozen fanatics out there, this cake would be ideal – even for boys! Who doesn’t love Sven the reindeer and of course the huggable Olaf? Both of these characters bring a lot of fun to this cake.

All of the snow detailing looks beautiful on this cake as well! From the snowflakes on the sides, to the snowballs all around, they really embrace the Frozen theme.

42. Hobbit Hole Cake

From Over the Apple Tree

The brightly colored cake would be perfect for any boy who loves the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit movies! Made up of not only tasty cake, but other delicious treats, this cake is wonderfully detailed. Pretzels make up the railings, the door is made of candy, and the windows are sandwich cookies!


43. Mystery Machine

From Flikr

Who doesn’t love the silly antics of Scooby-Do and the gang? This cake would be perfect for your boy who would love to be part of the mystery-solving group. With simple shapes, and some fondant, this cake comes together easily.

44. Wii Remote

From Cop Cakes via Cake Central

If your boy loves his video games, then consider this cake as a contender! This cake is a neat recreation of a gaming remote. The detail on this cake is amazing from all of the buttons on the cake and even the strap on the end of the remote!

45. Angry Bird Layers

From Ashlee Prisbrey, I’m Topsy Turvy

If you’re going with any Angry Birds theme for your party, then this cake would make a wonderful centerpiece on your dessert table! Each layer is distinct, representing a different bird in the game. This cake is clean, but still fun with bright colors, and characters that your boy is sure to recognize and love.

46. Angry Bird

From Fiona O’Neill, Olivia’s Kitchen via Spaceships and Laser Beams

If you’re looking for a smaller cake for your Angry Birds-themed party, this cake would be a great choice! Pick your favorite birds from the game to feature on top, and of course, you can’t forget those villainous green pigs! The slingshot on the side is a fun addition to the cake!


47. Super Mario

From Star Cakes via Cakes Decor

This Mario cake is definitely super! The cake has it all, from characters, to the elements from the game, and so much detail everywhere. This cake would be a great choice for a Super Mario-lover in your life.

Something that makes this cake a little easier to recreate is the plastic figures on the cake. Instead of making the figures, find some plastic toys to help you out. They would also be fun to give to the birthday boy and his friends at the party!

48. Minecraft

From Always with Cake via Cake Central

This TNT block looks like it came right out of the Minecraft world! The cube shape makes this cake super simple to create. Personalize it for your party by adding in the birthday boy’s name on the side of the cake. He’ll think it’s so cool to see his name on the side of the block!

49. Mario Kart

From Over the Top Cakes, Mud Pie Parties via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This cake is bright and cool with all of the characters and features of the game scattered throughout the cake. A fun feature is the checkered flags throughout the cake, making sure the racing theme comes across.

A lot of the elements on this cake could be made by cutting shapes out of fondant with cookie cutters, making it super simple to create so many of the elements featured!

50. Rubik’s Cube Cake

From Instructions from Asyrith via Make Zine 

If you have a boy in your life who is a Rubiks Cube master, then this cake is for him! This cake is simple, but still really cool! It looks as if the Rubiks Cube is being solved right on your dessert table.

Once the cake is covered in black fondant or frosting, simply place the squares on to finish off your cake. Simple and cool!

51. Jordan Shoebox

From Made Fresh Daily Cakes

Perfect for the sneaker-head boy in your life! This simple and shiny cake resembles a shoe box. The cool details are on the side where you can put in the birthday boy’s name and age for the information! They’re sure to love the personalized details and thought you put into this treat.

52. Bowling

From Mandie, Got What It Cakes, Styled by Got What It Cakes

This cake definitely will definitely be a strike at your party! With the pastel blue and pop of bright red against the white, the variation of patterns on the cake definitely stick out. This would be an amazing centerpiece for any dessert table. Not only is it pretty, but tasty as well, there probably won’t be any cake to spare.

53. Basketball Court

From Got What It Cakes

The detailing on this cake is fantastic! Between the floorboards and the basketball hoop perched on top, this cake meets all the criteria for a fun basketball-themed cake. This is sure to please your hoops-crazed birthday boy.

54. Basketball Jersey

From Snack’n Cake

If your birthday boy is absolutely obsessed with a particular team or player, go with this amazing basketball jersey cake! The little NBA logo in the corner of the jersey is perfect. If your basketball boy doesn’t have a favorite player, you could make the jersey to look like one of his very own, or in your party’s colors for a more personalized touch.

55. Lacrosse Jersey Cake

From Cake Clicks

Turn a jersey into a cake for an amazingly personalized cake that’s sure to not only wow the birthday boy, but party guests as well. This lacrosse cake recreates the jersey perfectly, and also includes the lacrosse stick. You could also do a basketball, baseball glove, or hockey puck depending on what sport your child plays. They’ll think it’s super cool that their jersey is the star of the dessert table.

56. Skateboard

From Cakes Decor

Have a skating star in your home? No worries, try out this sweet skateboard cake for his birthday! Deck out this board in the party’s color scheme, or the birthday boy’s favorite colors. On top, add on the birthday boy’s name or maybe some cool logos to make it look just like a real skateboard.

57. Ball Cap

From The Little Epicurean

Hats seem to be a fashion statement for boys these days. So, why not make your boy’s favorite hat into his birthday cake? He’ll love the thought you put into it and it’ll be a cool addition to your dessert table.

58. Baseball

From Beki Cooks Cake Blog

These cakes definitely won’t strike out at your boy’s party! Whether you opt for the baseball pattern on the numbers, the simple round shape, or both, you’ll have some winning cakes on your dessert table. They’re simple, but still look clean and stunning.

59. Camping

From Sweet and Saucy Shop via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Maybe you have a boy scout, or simply and outdoors lover in your family. This simple, but sweet camping cake is fun and sure to please! The pattern on the brown fondant is similar to tree bark for an outdoor feel and the tent with the fire on top are adorable.

60. Golf Course Cake

From Confection Perfection

Recreate your little golfer in his favorite game with this cake. The argyle pattern going all the way around the cake is a cute detail, but I’m not sure that anything tops the golfer figure on the top! All of the features your would find at the golf course are on this cake such as a sand trap and water features. Everyone will love the amount of thought you’ve put into this cake!

61. Have Suitcase, Will Travel

From Roni’s Sugar Creations via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This is for the one who has big dreams to see the world. Create a little suitcase, perfect for your little traveler. Add on some logos of places he has been or wants to go to for some extra detail and personalization! It will look great as a centerpiece.

62. Airplane

From Maegan Romanello, Maegs Bakes Cakes

While this cake is adorable, the idea lies within the cake stand! With the cupcakes serving as the wings, and the actual cake resting on top of the propellors, this cake creates a plane shape. This simple cake stand can be created with small boxes and some wrapping paper. You’ll be able to put this cake stand together in no time.

63. Car Cake

From She Who Bakes

Your boy is sure to ooh and ahh when he sees this cool car cake. This convertible is neat with it’s metal detailing on the front and it’s shiny red exterior. This would be perfect for any boy who is into cars, new or old.

64. Boat Cake

From The Bake More

This cake is sure to please the boater boy in your life! Create the cake using his favorite colors and maybe even place his name on the side to make it more special for him. He’s sure to think that this looks sweet and will be wowed.

65. Racecar

From From Party Rite via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This cake is for the boy who is in that toy car phase in his life. They all have one, right? Whether he loves racing, or just loves to collect the little cars, this cake would be a cool addition to his party. Use a few cars right on top that the birthday boy can keep for some extra fun!

66. Vintage Race Car

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

If you’re looking for something simple for your party, check this dessert table out. This cute party has a simple and small cake, but it still looks beautiful on the dessert table. The cupcakes take it up a notch with small vintage race cars on top, but still remain simple with white frosting. Sometimes less is more!

67. Air Traffic Control Tower

From Ashlee Prisbrey, I’m Topsy Turvy via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This amazing air traffic control tower is made out of not only cake, but also rice krispie treats! So not only is it cool to look at, and makes for an amazing and unique centerpiece, but it also tastes good.

The cloud cake pops are an extra treat, but are also adorable. Any kid who’s ready to take to the skies would appreciate this cake and treats!


Create your own homemade birthday cake with help from these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Check out more great cakes perfect for a little boys birthday party.

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Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

This recipe was developed, tested, cooked and photographed by the Spaceships Kitchen. From our dinner table to yours, we hope you think it's out of this world!

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