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16 Fireman Birthday Party Cake & Cupcake Ideas

Table of Contents
  2. 1. Fireman Themed Birthday Party
  3. 2. Fireman Sheet Cake
  4. 3. Firetruck Themed Birthday
  5. 4. Fun & Firey Birthday Party
  6. 5. Fire Engine Birthday Party
  7. 6. Boy's Fireman Themed Birthday Party
  8. 7. Firehouse Dalmatian Cupcakes
  9. 8. Sound the Alarm Fireman Party
  10. 9. Fire Truck Themed Birthday Party
  11. 10. Fire Truck Third Birthday
  12. 11. Firetruck Party
  13. 12. Mini "water" Buckets
  14. 13. Fireman Birthday Cake
  15. 14. Fire Truck Birthday Party
  16. 15. Fire Fighter Cookies
  17. 16. Boy's Fireman Birthday Party
  18. fireman birthday party supplies:
  19. Check out more great fireman party ideas:
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Let’s focuson that little boy birthday party favorite theme: firemen, firefighters and fire trucks. Today the spotlight is on fireman cakes, cupcakes, treats and a few themed food inspirations, too.

Enjoy looking at these dessert tables while you imagine your next party — they’re hot stuff. Later this week we will show you more ideas, including decorations and favors and more.

fire truck birthday cakes

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fire truck boy's birthday party

1. Fireman Themed Birthday Party

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Black licorice hoses, flaming cupcakes, blue water (jelly bean) buckets, Dalmatian cookies, fire truck cupcakes and a fabulous fire truck/burning building cake ought to provide inspiration for your fireman’s party.

boy's birthday party fire truck cupcakes

2. Fireman Sheet Cake

From Mrs. Griff via Catch My Party

This fireman sheet cake features a fire truck and miniature boots, hat, fire hydrant and a dog. There’s also a clever collection of individual cupcakes, which looks like a fire truck being driven by a Dalmatian fire chief.

fire truck birthday party ideas

3. Firetruck Themed Birthday

From Modern Moments Designs via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Cotton candy “flames” top the cupcakes at this party. The cake is something special and it’s topped with a fire hat and a hose, too.

A truck cake sitting on top of a car

4. Fun & Firey Birthday Party

From Styled Fete via Spaceships and Laser Beams

A fireman party is not complete without a fire truck and this fire truck cake is an amazing addition to your party.

5. Fire Engine Birthday Party

From Little Dance Invitations

The party menu included: Fire Hose Roll-Ups (sausage rolls), Flame ‘n Hot Dogs, Fire Bomb Jelly (Jello), Fire Extinguishers Party Drink, red toffee apples, raspberry/lemonade lollypops and a red birthday cake with red stripes (some recipes are included). A fun aside, guests were asked to wear red for the party.

boy's fire truck birthday party

6. Boy’s Fireman Themed Birthday Party

From Queen of Tarts via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Fire trucks race ’round an aqua, polka dotted birthday cake. Red velvet cupcakes are topped with fire truck images, too.

dalmatian cupcakes boy fireman birthday party

7. Firehouse Dalmatian Cupcakes

From Noelle J. via Catch My Party

Mini Dalmatians sit on mounds of red, swirled frosting on top of cupcakes in black and white polka dotted wrappers. There are also two cakes; each of them is darling.

fireman birthday party

8. Sound the Alarm Fireman Party

From The Pear Event Styling and Planning via Hostess With the Mostess

If you’re looking for themed monikers for your food, this party provides inspiration: Ladder High Whoopee Pies; Smoke and Soot Oreo Truffles; Dalmatian Dot Chocolate Macarons; Great Balls of Fire (gum balls and jaw breakers); and Crazy Fire Caramel Apples.

fire truck birthday party cookies

9. Fire Truck Themed Birthday Party

From Azieg via Project Nursery

A nacho bar with Alarm Chili and Firefighter Fuel (lemonade and red punch) filled tummies at this party. Themed shaped cookies, red licorice ropes, hot tamales candy, and red fire gummy bears were some of the treats. The “cake” was a cupcake takeaway topped with a large fire truck image.

10. Fire Truck Third Birthday

From Jairy N. via Catch My Party

Fire flames and a water hose top this celebratory cake.

fireman birthday party cake ideas

11. Firetruck Party

From The English Pea via Design Dazzle

A custom Dalmatian and fire hydrant from a local baker tops a simple, purchased slab cake for a budget friendly dessert that looks great.

boy's fireman birthday party food ideas

12. Mini “water” Buckets

From Jennifer W. via Catch My Party

These “bucket” are an especially cute idea. {I did it for Sam’s third birthday too} The fire truck birthday cake is a simple white round, with fire trucks circling the sides.

fireman fire truck birthday cake

13. Fireman Birthday Cake

From Blue Cupcake via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This is a marvelous cake with a dimensional fondant fire truck, polka dots and a Dalmatian topper. The coordinating cupcakes are small works of art!

A close up of a sign

14. Fire Truck Birthday Party

From The Little Cute Cake via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Here’s a party perfect for a little firefighter who loves fire trucks.

fire truck cookies boy's fireman birthday party

15. Fire Fighter Cookies

From Toni C. via Catch My Party

Cute cookies with a fire hose image and sprinkles of water are unique.

fireman birthday cake party ideas

16. Boy’s Fireman Birthday Party

From Lindsey via Spaceships and Laser Beams

You’ll see an especially winsome cake with a badge, ladder, fire hydrant and reference to a fire truck here, plus “flame” topped pretzels that look like giant matches–cute! Flaming cupcakes are especially appealing in fire truck wrap from our collection.

fireman birthday party supplies:

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