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10 Unique Non-Candy Valentines

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Table of Contents
  1. Celebrate Valentine's Day with these great craft resources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams...
  2. Want more great Valentine's inspiration? Check out these great ideas kids will love!

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Some classrooms don’t allow treats and sometimes it is just nice to have an alternative to sweets. To that end, I’ve found some unique no candy Valentine’s Day ideas. The Glow Stick Valentine, Bouncy Ball Valentine, DIY Arrow Valentines, and Valentine Sticker Toppers are great alternatives to taking candy to the classroom. What boy wouldn’t be excited to receive the “I Like How You Roll” construction truck Valentine or Hot Wheels printable Valentine? And you’ve got to check out the bubbles valentine gift, “You Rock My Socks Off” valentine, “Whoopee it’s Valentine’s Day”, and the ruler gift idea as well!

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No Sugar No Chocolate Valentines Day Ideas - Crayon Box Valentine Gift - Inexpensive and Easy

1. Free Printable Crayon Valentine :: Spaceships and Laser Beams
Young kids will especially enjoy coloring their own Valentines for family and friends. Hand out a pack of crayons with the cards for an extra-sweet, sugar free, Valentine surprise!

2. “I Like How You Roll” Construction Truck Valentine :: Thirty Handmade Days
Little boys will love handing out these “I like how you roll” construction truck valentines. Check your local discount store for inexpensive construction trucks (or substitute a car, truck, bicycle or any other toy-sized vehicle with wheels) to add to these cute printable cards.

3. Bouncy Ball Valentine :: The Crafting Chicks
What do you get when you pair a packaged bouncy ball with a cute “Valentine you make my heart bounce” topper? I’m pretty sure the answer is a happy child with one awesome bouncy ball valentine!

4. DIY Arrow Valentines :: Two Shades of Pink
Now you don’t have to wait for Cupid’s arrows to strike. You can craft your own with this darling tutorial! Would you believe that the DIY arrow valentines are made from painted wood dowels, fabric, felt, lace, and a few other craft supply odds and ends?

5. Valentines Sticker Toppers :: Lil’ Luna
Give the gift of stickers this Valentine’s Day with this fun idea! Print off the free topper which reads “thanks for sticking with me valentine” and attach the topper to a package of heart-shaped stickers.

6. Ruler Gift Idea :: Pretty Handy Girl
“Valentine you rule”. Do you know what else rules? This ruler gift idea involves cutting down yardsticks and turning them into the cutest valentine! Download the free printable tag for a valentine that really measures up!

7. Bubbles Valentine Gift :: The Girl Creative
Kids love bubbles! Add a cute “You blow me away Valentine” printable tag to those bubbles and you’ve got yourself an adorable Valentine’s Day gift.

8. You Rock My Socks Off Valentine :: Thirty Handmade Days
Tweens will especially love this fun Valentine’s Day gift idea. Package up pairs of socks and attach this printable for some rockin’ valentines your teens and preteens will be excited to hand out to friends.

9. Whoopee, its Valentine’s Day :: Paging Supermom
Whoopee—you guessed it! These printables can be paired with whoopee cushions for a funny Valentine’s Day experience!

10. Free Hot Wheels Printable Valentine :: Little Bit Funky
Toy car enthusiasts will go wild over these car-inspired valentines. Grab this free “I am wheel-y glad we’re friends” printable valentine and add your favorite toy car. Be prepared for a surge in excitement!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these great craft resources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams…

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Want more great Valentine’s inspiration? Check out these great ideas kids will love!


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