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23 Outdoor Party Games

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With nice summer weather comes the opportunity to take the party outside! Partying outdoors is a great way to let the kids spend their excited energy, minimize the mess, and upscale the fun. Here are our top 23 outdoor party game ideas. Don’t forget to keep sunscreen and bug spray handy!

Outdoor Party Games

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disk tic-tac-toe outdoor party game

1. Disk Tic-Tac-Toe via A Turtle’s Life for Me :: All you need for this fun twist on a classic game is a shower curtain, duct tape, and some flying disks.

outdoor twister outdoor party game

2. Outdoor Twister via Just Us Girls :: Use red, yellow, blue and green paint to create circles on your lawn for a giant outdoor Twister game.

nerf party obstacle course party game

3. Obstacle Course via Hello My Sweet :: Create an obstacle course, including this belly crawl for the kids! Add more obstacles such as walking a plank between two chairs, climbing over a picnic table or playground, etc.

giant jenga outdoor party game

4. Giant Jenga via A Beautiful Mess :: Use two-by-fours to create a giant Jenga set for the kids to set up and knock down (or try not to).

5. Silly Sack Race :: This is a classic at county fairs for a reason: it is so much fun! Decorate potato sacks with felt cut-outs for your party theme and let the kids spend their party energy trying to race their sacks to the finish line.

6. Water Relay via 7 on a Shoestring :: Add water, add fun (plus a great way to cool off on a hot day). Staci offers fun tips for a water relay, plus a few other outdoor games.

7. Hula Hoop Toss :: Draw numbers (25, 50, 100, 500 or smaller for younger kids) on balloons and tie the balloons to the ground. Have the kids toss hula hoops over the balloons to score points.

treasure dig outdoor party game

8. Treasure Dig via Parent Map :: If you already have a sandbox, simply hide a few treasures or toys in the sand for kids to hunt. Or create a sandbox with a bucket or tub, sand and whatever treasures suit your party theme (have the kids keep what they dig up to put in their goody bags).

9. Balloon Stomp via Very Well :: Every party needs balloons! In this game, kids will have fun trying to keep their own balloon safe while popping their friends’ balloons.

how to make giant bubbles outdoor party game

10. Giant Bubbles via Spaceships and Laserbeams :: Kids will have fun making or chasing these giant bubbles!

hit the can outdoor party game

11. Summer Fiesta Party Game via Paging Supermom :: Use recycled tin cans to create this fun, bowling-style game to play outside with the kids (Paging Supermom includes free printable can wraps for decorating your cans).

12. Water Balloons :: Kids love water and balloons, so put them together! If the kids are young enough that they’d get upset to have a water balloon thrown at them, have them throw the balloons at something else, such as a target or a party theme “bad guy” (e.g., the croc in Jake and the Neverland Pirates).

backyard car wash outdoor party game

13. Backyard Car Wash via No Time For Flash Cards :: Your kids are going to love washing their favorite toy trucks and cars with this fun DIY activity that only requires a few simple materials.

DIY backyard ker-plunk outdoor party game

14. DIY Backyard Ker-Plunk Game via All Parenting :: This outdoor version is a great way for kids to have fun outside. Plus, it’s colorful!

football passing practice outdoor party game

15. Passing Practice via Spoonful :: With a few basic materials, your kids will have so much fun trying to get the football through the cut-out shapes.

16. DIY Slip N Slide via Diary of a Preppy Mom :: Remember how much fun you had sliding through your backyard on a wet Slip N Slide? Give your kids the same fun experience without spending a fortune!

DIY ring toss outdoor party game

17. DIY Ring Toss Game via Mom Endeavors :: Ring Toss is a great game to encourage better hand-eye coordination.  It’s a classic game that kids and adults love!

18. 5 Summer Pool Noodle Activities via The Joys Of Boys :: Now pool noodles can be used for more than just staying afloat in the pool. Kara shares five ways to take your boring old pool noodle and turn it into a fun activity for your kids this summer.

DIY balloon dart board outdoor party game

19. Balloon Dart Board via This Is Do-Able :: This great tutorial for a Balloon Dart Board not only shows you how to make the board, but also how to turn it into a fun game where each kid can win a prize based on the balloon that they pop.

backyard carnival outdoor party games

20. Carnival Games For The Backyard via A Turtle’s Life For Me :: Bring the carnival home this summer with great ideas for your own backyard event, complete with games, activities, and prizes!

ice bowling outdoor party game

21. Ice Bowling via Learn Play Imagine :: Fill empty plastic beverage bottles with colored water. Set the “pins” up in your backyard and let your kids try to knock them down with a ball made from a frozen water balloon. Cool!

22. Water Gun Fun via The Taylor House :: With inexpensive water guns from the local dollar store and a few plastic cups, you’ll have a fun game that challenges your kids to knock ‘em down.

angry bird outdoor party game

23. Life-Sized Angry Bird Game via My 4 Misters and Their Sister :: Set up your very own life- sized, backyard Angry Birds game. This amazing DIY is sure to be a neighborhood favorite!

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