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Free Printable Valentine Cards

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  1. Plan a sweet party at home or at school with these Valentine's Day Amazon Affiliate links gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  2. Don't miss out on more great Valentine ideas.
  3. Plus, check out these Crayon Valentine Ideas...
  4. What is your favorite Valentine idea for kids?

Aren’t these printable cards perfect for showing a little love?! Although traditional red is great, I really like these watercolor images. I think the colors make them perfect far beyond February 14th—and they’re FREE. With love. From me. Just right click each image you want to save and then print!

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Of course you can use these cards as cards. I hope you will! But what else can you do with a few paper hearts? Here are 17 ways to show you care:

valentine watercolor pink (1) valentine watercolor teal valentine watercolor purple

1. Garland :: String an entire collection of hearts on a piece of twine or ribbon and zigzag it around a room.

2. Sweetheart Scavenger Hunt :: Write clues on paper hearts that lead to a special treat.

3. Bouquet :: Chenille stems, paper leaves and hearts in place of blooms would make any recipient smile.

4. Mobile :: Paint a twig or wooden dowel. Tie on strings in a variety of lengths. Attach hearts at the bottom of the strings.

5. Love Notes :: Write sweet sentiments on your hearts and leave them on a pillow, at a plate, in a lunch bag or backpack.

6. Mirror, Mirror :: Cover all but the center of the bathroom mirror with hearts. They’ll get your message.

7. Table Scatter :: Hearts, hearts everywhere.

8. Medallions :: Mount paper hearts on lollipop sticks or bamboo sticks and use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes and favorite dishes.

9. Wings :: Make their hearts flutter with heart-shaped wings for birds, bugs, and whimsical creatures. Hearts make fun feet, too.

10. Silly Animals :: Hearts can be arranged in all sorts of animal shapes.

11. Conversation Hearts :: Everybody loves the familiar candy version; why not try it with paper?

12. Wreath :: Create a seasonal wonder by gluing paper hearts on a cardboard wreath shape.

13. Candy Pouch :: Glue the outside edge of one heart but leave a blank spot on the top opening. Place a second heart on top. When it’s dry, drop a few candies inside.

14. Sweetheart Tree :: Cut out a brown cardstock (or cardboard) tree trunk with bare branches. Make all the “leaves” from hearts.

15. Heart Hunt :: Make a game of it by hiding them all over the house.

16. Straw Décor :: Add a couple slits to a heart and slide it over a straw. Instant party!

17. Affirmation Notes :: Write why you love ‘em, one trait at a time.


Plan a sweet party at home or at school with these Valentine’s Day Amazon Affiliate links gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

  • Valentine’s Day Crafts
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Wood Stamp Set Valentines Day Hearts
  • Butterflies Valentine’s Day Foam Activity Craft Kit for Kids
  • Paper Crafts for Valentine’s Day
  • Crafts/Valentine’S Day
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Stamp and Ink Set with Tags
  • All New Crafts for Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine Crafts [With Pattern(s)”] (Creative Crafts for Kids)
  • Haan Crafts Plush Heart Pillow Beginner/Kids Sewing Kit
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Mailbox Valentine Card Kit
  • Fabulous Foam DIY Valentines (Makes 12)
  • “Love Bears All Things” Sign Craft Kit (1 Dozen) Valentine Day/Craft Kits/Activities
  • Valentine Monkey Bookmark Craft Kit (Makes 12) – Crafts for Kids & Novelty Crafts
  • Happy Valentine’s Day Foam Mailbox Valentines Mailbox Kit
  • 12 Valentine Beaded Heart Ornament Craft Kits
  • Valentines Day Craft Fun Foam Kit Activity Kit. Makes 24 Value Pack
  • Fleece Valentine Heart Tied Pillow Craft Kit – Crafts for Kids & Novelty Crafts
  • Ready to Finish Set of 3 Nesting Craft Paper Mailboxes for Valentine’s
  • Make Your Own Valentine Cards
  • Magic Color Scratch Hearts

Don’t miss out on more great Valentine ideas.

Plus, check out these Crayon Valentine Ideas

Non Candy Valentines Day Card Ideas Kids

What is your favorite Valentine idea for kids?

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