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6 Healthy Halloween Treats

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There’s so much candy around for Halloween that I wanted to do a Halloween party post that offered some healthier alternatives. From ghosts made out of bananas and chocolate chips to a mummy made out of pizza sauce, cheese, olives and toast to clementine and celery pumpkins and spiders made out of black olives and cheese, there are so many cute ways to bring the Halloween spirit into party food yet still incorporate fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Check out all this Halloween goodness below!

Healthy Halloween Treats

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Mummy Toast Healthy Halloween Snack

1. Mummy Toast: This is so easy! I would toast the bread first and then assemble the mummy. Spread on a layer of pizza sauce, arrange hard cheese so that it resembles mummy bandages and hide in some black olive slices for the eyes. If your little ones would like the cheese melted, pop it under the broiler.

Spiders on a Log Healthy Halloween Snack

2. Spiders on a Log: Slice washed celery sticks lengthwise and then smear on some smooth peanut butter. I like all natural but any brand would do. Here it has been styled with plastic spiders but you could certainly add raisins for the classic ants on a log.

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Banana Ghosts Healthy Halloween Snack

3. Banana Ghosts: These treats are so flipping adorable for a Halloween party. Just press chocolate chips into half of a peeled banana so that they resemble a ghost face. Love it.

Clementine and Celery Pumpkins A Healthy Halloween Treat

4. Clementine and Celery Pumpkins: Just peel little clementines or small oranges if that is all you have. Insert a one inch piece of celery into the top so that it looks like a pumpkin stalk.

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5. Olive Spider Cheese Balls: Source your favorite cheese ball recipe for this one. On top of the foundation layer (for instance a piece of toasted baguette) scoop a dollop of your cheese ball recipe. Top with a black olive. Cut another olive into thin slices for the legs. If you would like eyes on your spider, pipe on some of the cheese.

Butterscotch Pudding for Halloween

6. Butterspider Pudding: You could use any pudding flavor, really. But I do love that creepy crawly look given by the homemade butterscotch pudding. (A tiny bit of black food coloring would make it look even swampier.) Throw on a few plastic bugs and you have a gross out treat that is on the healthier side.

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