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DIY Mason Jar Lego Guy

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Don’t you just love Mason jars?  Since 1858, when they were invented by Philadelphian tinsmith John Landis Mason, they have been appreciated for canning, for storage, for drinking, as vases, as candle holders, as snow globes, as lightning bug catchers—and that’s just a few of their uses. The newest incarnation that I want to tell you about today is a Mason jar as a Lego Head! It would look great decorating a boy’s Lego themed party dessert table or it could serve as an awesome take home favor, filled with Lego candy and small treats. It would also be a cute piggy bank or maybe use it for storing the tiny Lego pieces. This DIY idea comes from Candy Galaxy.  It’s easy–my favorite kind of craft.

DIY Lego Head with Mason Jar Birthday Party Craft

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Supplies for a DIY Lego Head

Boy's DIY Lego Head Supplies

  • yellow spray paint
  • black sharpie
  • Mason jar
  • stickers: 2 dots for eyes; a square one to cut up for the mouth shape

Here’s How to Make a DIY Lego Head

1. Prepare to spray; put down newspaper or cardboard to protect the surrounding area.

2. Put the lid on the Mason jar. Set it upside down.

Boy's DIY Lego Head Project

3. Spray paint the entire thing, using the even stroke technique. If you opt to add a second coat, wait 1-2 hours before even touching it. If it’s still wet you’ll leave smeary fingerprints which do not work for a Lego head!

Boy's DIY Lego Head Birthday Party Ideas

4. The stickers can be any color because you’re going to color them black with your sharpie. While the jar is drying is a good time to do that, but it won’t take long.

5. Color 2 dots for eyes.

Boy's DIY Lego Birthday Idea

Boy's DIY Lego Head Birthday Party Favor

6. For the mouth, draw a 1 ½ -2” smile shape. Color it with the sharpie. Let it dry for a couple of minutes before cutting it out.

Lego Head DIY Idea

7. When everything is totally dry, remove the sticker backings. Place the eye dots right above the middle of the jar. The smile goes slightly below the middle of the jar.  You’re finished—isn’t it cute?

boy's finished diy lego head birthday party ideas

boy's lego birthday party table ideas

Thanks to Candy Galaxy…and John Landis Mason.

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