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8 DIY LEGO Travel Cases to Keep You Organized

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What boy likes to sit still, be quiet and do nothing? Is that even possible?! Whether he’s traveling, waiting for an appointment or sitting in the car, a fella just needs something to do.
One great something is building with LEGO. What boy doesn’t like to play with LEGO?
Before you dismiss the idea of all those small pieces balancing on a squirmy lap, look at this list of eight ways to make compact LEGO travel kits. These clever moms made travel kits out of a baby wipe case, an empty cheese box, a metal lunch box, a plastic bead holder, wooden craft boxes and fabric. You can do it too! Your little guy will have something to keep him busy and you’ll have a little piece of quiet!

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DIY Lego Case from Baby Wipes Container

1. DIY Travel LEGO Case from Baby Wipes :: Mommy Testers

DIY Lego Travel Box

2. DIY LEGO Travel Box :: All for the Boys

Portable Lego Case

3. Portable LEGO Kit for Little Travelers :: Mama Papa Bubba

DIY Lego Case

4. LEGO Travel Box :: Craft Interrupted

Lego Activity Storage Box

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DIY Lego Case

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Travel Lego Box

7. Travel LEGO Box :: Cherished Bliss

Toy Bag and Play Mat in One

8. Toy Bag and Play Mat in One :: Instructables

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